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Community health care

Updated on December 12, 2015

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community health care service


The community health care services

Community health and personal health, both are important. In fact, the health of the whole community depends on the personal habits of various individual who constitute the community. So, dirty and unhygienic habits of individual persons can create problems for the whole community. This is because dirty habits of some of the individual persons make it difficult to keep a clean and healthy environment. This point will come become more clean from the following example. A person may be perfectly healthy, always eating a balanced food; having clean personal habits; and neat and clean house.

Now,if the neighbourhood of this healthy person is made dirty or unclean, then this person cannot keep good health for a long time. In other words, a person cannot stay well (Stay healthy) if his home is clean but his neighbourhood is not clean. This is because of the following reasons. If other people living in the neighbourhood of a healthy person dump garbage in open space, then flies, mosquitoes and other disease causing germs will grow there and spoil the neat and clean surroundings. This will ultimately lead to diseases in the healthy person living nearby. Also, if a healthy person is given polluted water infected with bacteria, etc., then in spite of all other favourable conditions, the person cannot stay well. An important cause for the greater incidence of water-borne diseases in rural areas is that village people take their drinking water supply from ponds and also take bath in same ponds which have been infected by disease causing organisms like bacteria. People cannot stay health under these conditions, so they fall ill.

Community health care services are being provided in many of our country. These services are provided by the Municipal Corporation or Municipal Committee in cities and by Panchayats in villages. The various elements of community health care services are -

A) The community health care services provide clean drinking water to the people and provide good sewage disposal systems (through under ground pipes called sewer).

B) The community health care services provide medical aid to people and vaccination to the children and provide health education to people so that they can prevent some of the diseases from occurring and control the health problems before they go out of hand.

C) The community health care services provide green open space in the form of garden and play grounds. These green open spaces provide a lot of clean air to the people. And at some of the places, the community health care services provide nutritious food and milk little children to keep off malnutrition.

All the above mentioned conditions are necessary for maintaining the health of the whole community. The chairman of the local community is supposed to take all the above mentioned measures to ensure good health to the whole community.

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