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Compare the best Echo-Friendly products on the market.

Updated on December 3, 2012


After receiving my first copy of Hubpages Weekly I discovered the section on unanswered requests. I took a look at a few and thought yikes, I can help out here so in the interests of community sprit here we go!

The original request was: "Compare the best Echo-Friendly products on the market."

Now I probably, like so many others, immediately chortled to myself thinking that was a typo and the person actually meant to write "eco-friendly."

But then I! This nice person is brilliant! A visionary who can...envision...stuff and who has pinpointed for attention an oft overlooked and enigmatic subject.

So... Here are the best echo friendly products on the market...

One of my favourite scenes in any movie is from Ice Age where the goats are on a cliff dealing with echoes... I forget how it starts but it ends as the sun sinks slowly in the west with the goat exhausted from the battle, saying "No, you shut up!" and the echo comes back... ‘No, you shut up!’

It was good to see echoes getting proper exposure, after all they are one of nature’s miracles and deserve all the attention they can get...can get...can get...

There are several excellent echo-friendly products on the market today, but I’ve narrowed them down to just two.

#1. The Halliburton All Tile and Steel Public urinal.

#2. The Congressman’s Skull Cavity (portable).

The Halliburton All Tile and Steel Public Urinal.

Unfortunately these are only available in Iraq right now where they are being built side by side across the landscape. According to one estimate there are now enough of these in Iraq for every man woman and child to ...well you don’t need to know that.

What’s really important here is that these are so perfectly designed acoustically that you can hear an entire country being raped and pillaged...pillaged...pillaged...

The Congressman’s Skull Cavity (portable)

This product is available wherever you find elected officials gathered together in the name of dismantling the Constitution. Almost any sound will echo eerily in this portable chamber, but echoes here work best with this phonetic arrangement: Bailout...bailout...bailout...

But hey don’t take my word for it. There are plenty of other echo-friendly products out there.

Go visit your local cave, check out your local church, attend a meeting of the George Bush Society For Better And Less Misunderestimated Public Speaking. Splurge on echoes!

It’s one thing they can’t take away from you - and they’re free!!!...


Amazonian stuff for buying stuff...and stuff.


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