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Compelling Argument for Auditory Nerve Implants

Updated on July 16, 2011

Compelling Evidence for Auditory Implants

This week, I did everything possible to "Poke the (invisible) Bear". I did and thought the things that had caused me to experience extreme levels of Electronic Harassment in the form of "Electrical Tinnitus" (ear-ringing). This "war" allowed me to make numerous discoveries about how electronic harassment works.

My first day of "bad behavior" caused a severe attack just as I lay down to sleep. The intensity was higher than I'd ever experienced before. I popped a 200 mg. Trazodone, turned on my I-Pod and shielded my head with microwave-absorbing material. This NEVER FAILS at giving me perfectly normal sleep with NO SUBLIMINALLY-INDUCED NIGHTMARES. Anytime I try to sleep un-protected, I am assaulted with horrifying nightmares and/or an inability to sleep. But I digress.

The IMPORTANT DISCOVERY came the very next morning. I learned that the lower-frequency spectrum (including the Salvation Code) could be controlled by me simply by will alone. I was even able to play this thing like a musical instrument just by willing the lower-pitched ear-ringing syllables to go up and down. This disrupted the disturbing ideation and mind-control, but it wasn't enough when it came to sitting in front of the television with some friends of mine. I WILLED the tones to become lower and slower. I didn't flex my jaw muscles to accomplish this, it was entirely controlled by my will alone. This "Salvation Code" is not only protective, it is extremely empowering. If you can convince yourself that you have infinite power while making yourself hear "Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh", your performance at just about anything is markedly enhanced!

You gain an ability to perceive rapidly-occurring events so precisely that it is like seeing time as a frame-by-frame phenomenon. You are moving incredibly fast and making split-second decisions based on an ENHANCED AWARENESS. Each minute space of time is visible (where normally it would go un-noticed). These minute "time-frames" are perceived with incredible detail, giving you an ability to make much more informed decisions with a rapidity that is truly amazing. You cannot experience it unless you believe that you have unlimited power. You can only squeeze out that intellectual/hand-eye coordination ENHANCEMENT if you believe in yourself with 100% certitude. Not only are you free, you are ENHANCED.

Now, how can this be? By sheer will alone, I can cause myself to actually hear different tones at different frequencies of my choosing which have a direct effect upon me, neurologically-speaking. I'm scheduled to see an audiologist. When I do, I'm going to see if this audible, will-created, neurologically-enhancing frequency (Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh) can be detected by the instruments they use. As a child, I was able to make crude noises by flexing my jaw-muscles which caused the needle on the Audiologists instruments to go up and down when I wanted them to. He asked me: "How are you doing that?" He referred to these internally-created sounds as "Impedance". Could it be possible to pick up the clearly audible tones I create by WILL alone? Could the "Disturbing Frequency" (which is DEFINITELY audible) be detected? Simultaneous use of an electroencephalograph(EEG) could then be used to LINK the "disturbing frequency" with altered brainwave-patterns, thus PROVING a connection between what we hear/choose to hear and how we THINK!

It's just like having a musical instrument attached to our tympanic membrane/auditory nerve! Clearly, this isn't normal. Most people are "in"(ESPECIALLY PEOPLE IN HOSPITALS) and thus it would be very hard to find someone with both the expertise and desire to detect such auditory implants. He/She would have to be a targeted individual like us AND have MRI/CT scanning expertise. I'm an Ultrasonographer. Unfortunately, this modality is unlikely to detect an "Auditory Implant". However, we could pool our funds to purchase a highly-sensitive microphone which could be placed in the subject's ear (these tones definitely make my tympanic membrane vibrate - I can most definitely HEAR them). If we also purchased an EEG device (it detects brain-wave patterns), we could link these sounds to changes in neurological activity.

Yesterday, they "beamed" me so hard that I had to make myself hear "The Salvation Frequency" for the entirety of the day. I COULD have simply put in my earphones and literally "jammed" the signal, but I was curious. I had also become aware that I could now CONTROL what frequency I heard. You really have to beef up your multi-tasking ability to do things while concentrating to hear this "Salvation Code". I decided to go out in public places without earphone protection. When I was waiting in line (usually this is VERY stressful), I willed myself to hear (Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) NOT THE FRANTIC EE-EE-EE!. A nearby gangstalker called me a "free-loader" (last time I used this frequency for protection, another gangstalker called me a "crook").

So these people seem to be aware of when we are shutting them out. This all makes sense in light of the fact that gangstalkers are capable of a synchrony that is FLAWLESS. They say that they are all connected. The difference between us and them is that they passively obey the ultra-fast and highly disturbing EE-EE-EE! frequency and we are fighting it, struggling to do what we WANT to do. This disturbing sound-pattern becomes LOUDER just by being NEAR someone who is "in". It is intensified near the television and it is also intensified in every commercial establishment (often combined with music that is highly disturbing to us). I've also noticed that "in" people are repelled by the (Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh) frequency and un-programmed people are actually drawn to you because they feel less stressed-out.

In conclusion: my personal experiences indicate the possibility that we may very well have some kind of auditory implant. If you do not learn how to control this "musical instrument" linked to your ears, you will be very stressed-out. This is because if you don't know that you can control it, you will hear the mentally-disturbing "stress frequency" (EE-EE-EE!, EE-EE-EE!). Most people were un-aware of their ability to CREATE the "Salvation Frequency" and thus were sucked down into a break with reality. In such a state, the mind will grasp at ANYTHING that has any structure. In this case, they are given voice-to-skull messages which INDOCTRINATE them with an entirely different reality........the same reality shared by everyone else who has been "trained". We the un-programmed MUST learn to generate the "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" or eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when we get "Beamed" NOT EE-EE-EE!, EE-EE-EE! This will protect your mind from becoming addled into a state vulnerable to "high-tech-brainwashing". In addition, this "Salvation Code" seems to ENHANCE MENTAL ABILITY and REPEL GANGSTALKERS.


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    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      By the way I'm from Europe, precisely Portugal, a gathering hub will be London or other european country, presencial gatherings in Europe then at the same time online, real time contacts with other hubs. If we could get something like this in a seen scale, with the right ajustments, coordenating time zones and other things, we can give a pinpoint of the picture and send a message to the status operating behind the veil of contained information and do a stronger path in this subject, people of world count with me, and european list me. :)

      They loved to change my texts, jumping around in text, delete it, they particulary loved this two! :) So cute aren't they!! ;)

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Enhanced awareness... interesting...

      For what I know getting much of pointers of probability underlines a picture but I really don't know if it's determinative enough, nevertheless it's a honorable way to indicate by available means what is going on since some people are getting some probability in detection of ear implants and some few others are getting them removed.

      I think we, citizens of the world, need to organize, in particular we that are in this situation. Perhaps doing something like,in some area of globe organize local hubs online with others at the same time, and put specialized people talking about the real state of science and technology and get too, a pool of resources to detection, as you say,and know what everyone can do with their resources to the common goal. I do think like you that we need to get our hands on material evidences, hope that more people see your hubs and we can do more in this way. The way is up ;)