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Political Compost

Updated on February 10, 2017
Compliments of Wikipedia
Compliments of Wikipedia

Littered among the piles of thought, beneath layers of dried rice and rotting vegetables, are the 'concept composters'.

You might wonder – just what on earth is a composter of concepts?

A composter of concepts is one who regurgitates. One who takes ancient tried and died ideas, repackages them, somewhat like those repackaged mortgages, and attempts to sell them as new concepts – fresh ideas.

The idea of the 'Demo-Publican' or a 'Republicrat' comes to mind.

The 'New Socialist' is another oxymoronic anti-concept. Bernie Sanders' style.

The end game is the race to the Zero Idea. That's right: nothing.

Mixing these negatives and positives ends not in the big fat rotten nothing, but some new anti-mathematical positive or better yet, a non-mathematical reality of mankind - according to concept composters. They hate math anyway. It always gets them in trouble.

The idea of mixing systems, such as Socialism combined with a freer system of Laissez Faire Capitalism is also in vogue. These ideas are near opposites, but the composter will advise that these ideas are complimentary. Mixing "freedom" and "slavery" just works for them. We're all just one big family, they say.


The question is often answered this way: "It is for the good of the people".

The next question which then comes to mind is "Which people are you talking about?"

Slaves? Halfwits? Or free people? Make up your mind.

Why does one need to make a stand anyway? Who cares, you say? For the same reason slavery was outlawed. It is immoral. No matter the form, financial or physical chains attached to the hold of some bygone ship, the act is the same.

The 'people' are not cloned rats, all with the exact same DNA, all wanting a cozy nest, a nice partner, ample food, and the skittering sound of little rat feet about the den.

All rats are not the same, just as people are very different and all want different things.

Sure, they, the people I mean, all need some basics. These are food, water, and shelter – and a handgun. But some people want castles and others settle for Mobile Homes or RV's. Some just want a tent and a fishing pole.

Each desire is the choice of the desirer. One cannot set rules against desires. One can only – should only – make laws against those who wish the take from others, in order to obtain their desires.

In other words, no 'dog eat dog' rather, 'dog trade bones for bones' rules. Even so, if you trade bones for bones you are considered a heathen or a greedy little dog. Why?

Ever turn that one around? Dog just take the bones – law of the jungle – sort of like how Social Security works.

Do you just sit there and take it? You are such a little elitist. Wipe your chin. You are drooling.

But you have your bones don't you? Check again. Your bones are shrinking. It's called government mandated currency devaluation.

Today, delivered in part by Capitalistic ramrods, many question the value of choice. Many question the need for privacy and property. Many argue against the right to live not as a slaves to one another, but as a free men and women, with each other.

Be the challenge from the far right religious altruism-composters or the far left slavery-composters, the end game, the soil they produce, is either sand or liquid poison.

One ties slavery to their God, but the other ties slavery to their system, their flavor of Socialism. Both require this: unquestioning loyalty and brains turned off.

Turn thy brain off and set it upon the altar of chains. They know better. Or do they?

They are old school. Really old, as in Caveman Style.

"Caveman see river. Must be God. (Far Right.)

Or, Caveman like you woman, must beat you and take. Where is club? Where is big rock?" (Far Left.)

They call us the elitists, if we dare to fight for our freedom.

"Please" and "please" again.

We are slaves breaking your shackles. Your shackles are the hatred of 'thinking' and the hatred of 'living'.

We 'Think' because we have the audacity to do it and 'live' because we are alive. We do not dwell upon the hereafter, but the 'living now'. We hold these truths, so the speak: that life is precious and death is unknowable.

The idea that we are the elitists is just another excuse to tie us down with false guilt. Spare me the diatribe. Please go off, under the bushes and bite the heads off of some snakes – as you pray.

They do it here in Florida. One preacher recently died. Snake bit him. He is with God now or the other guy. No not Allah, but close.

Take another example. There are those who belittle the Tea Party. Great. Speak your mind, but use it.

The Tea Party is conglomeration of opinions, but with one common denominator. They want smaller government. Alt least most of them.

The other aspect, which appears to be a majority of them, are the religious beliefs. So they are not perfect. What is the alternative? Socialism? Financial collapse?

Are there any political parties with all the right answers? No.

I have yet to find one. Well, one with any popularity anyway.

Not the Democrats (US) who want to spend your money without your permission.

Not the Republicans (US), who would like you to keep more of your money, but always talk about their God. Bless Him or Them. You must give of your heart, voluntarily, but should you not give, you just might be a sinner. And you shall be belittled and shunned. What a racket.

Not the Socialist Party with a captial "S." (Democrats.)

Not the socialist party with the little "s." (Republicans.)

It's all about the 'team' to those drawing these lines. My team is better. Your team sucks. Why?

Heck, just shut up and vote. Vote for the Golden Dawn Party in Greece. Nazis are in vogue there. Just kill the Jews? Where is the love? I think I misplaced my Mein Kampf. Must be next to my copy of the Koran in the bathroom, next to the toilet paper. No – that's the King James.

Oh – I think I just sinned in several religions. Will I be killed? Depends where I am. Thank your Gods and Allahs I live in a partially free country.

Actually, many teams suck, when you think about it.

So the idea is to move the ball away from the teams and away from the front lines. Away from all the fighting.

Then, at some point, if at all possible, move the ball into the neutral zone. No, not the Star Trek Neutral Zone. The people-are-humans Neutral Zone. Just leave us alone. We'll be just fine.

Some of us will pray, others will prey and us remaining few humans will attempt to remain in the Neutral Zone with our guns. Maybe we'll have the butter too, but that is fattening.

In any event, we just want to be left in peace – and we'll insist. We have always insisted. It just takes us awhile to wake up sometimes. When we do, we love to hunt the scoundrels. We use our flashlights then. Light does a scoundrel bad, hence the howling about Jesus in the US and the love of Hitler (yes I'm talking to you Greece).

And if it's not about team, it's about composting or bipartisanship - agreeableness.

This is this idea that the ranting across the isle, any isle of government, that either side is blockading the other, is utter noise.

Divided and conquered we now are, but this division, under the circumstances, this 'non-law-issuing' gridlock, is a good thing - for now. A stalemate. If the grid-lock is removed, the parties stand the chance of uniting and we don't want this.

Gridlock is good in a decaying system. It slows the decay, but it also prevents the cure. Then some Glorious Leader starts issuing Executive Orders. Go figure. Or a Nazi starts thumping his copy of Mein Kampf.

"Thump, thump, thump." Such a pretty sound, they think. Reminds them of the golden years of hatred. Like the "Golden Age of Piracy," when thugs roamed the seas and killed for fun and gold. Such a lovely time with lovely ash-blended sunsets, from the burning corpses. Maybe ISIS, ISIL or is it Daesh? - should take a page from history.

Again, these Golden Dawn Nazis need to be watched closely and we need to ready some prison cells. I'm thinking we should reopen Alcatraz.

Think about it. You could look out over San Francisco Bay and tell your children that is where the world houses all the Nazi's. Right there, where they all belong. We could even paint a giant swastika on the side of the rocky island. If you felt hateful, you could just stare at Alcatraz, sort of release all of your emotional baggage there and get on with your day. Just a thought. (We could put the Daesh in the little boxy unlit cells - forever - with the Golden Nazis.)


Ronald Reagan may have said it best when he remarked that governments exist in order to protect us from each other. Governments go beyond these limits, Reagan explained, when they decide to protect us from "ourselves."



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