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Concepts Behind Unisic Ways

Updated on July 23, 2011

Concepts Behind Unisic Ways - A General Outline Of A Unisic Way Of Life

Concepts Behind Unisic Ways is a first attempt of working on creating a system of individual, social, communal, industrial, and economic values that could be applied in a unified world-wide acceptable medium applicable to anyone and everyone in any and every situation. The Concepts Behind Unisic Ways begins with an understanding of exactly what the term "Unisic" means. Unisic stands for United Society, Industry, and Community, although the term also covers much more than just those basic terms. The following information is primarily a basic line-up of ideas and concepts that could be applied under the Unisic definition explained above. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in helping to shape the concepts behind Unisic ways of life.

Basic Principals Outlining Unisic Concepts

The basic principals that outline the Unisic concepts here begin at the individual level and the social level and meet relatively in the middle to address any and all associated concerns within each concept. This Unisic Medium is the common goal behind the Unisic way of life we should be focused on creating. This Unisic Medium limitlessly includes:

  • The Individual Perception - in relation to the concept and it's effect on the individual person as well as an individual's effect in co-relation to the concept.
  • The Social Perception - relating to the social acceptance and possible unacceptance in co-relation to the concept.
  • The Economic co-relation, if any, relative to the concept.
  • The Communal co-relation relative to the concept.
  • Any other co-relations that should or may need to be addressed that are relative to the concept.

This is all to essentially diagnose and address all possibilities in relation to any matter a concept may relate to and to acknowledge the conjoining possibilities and effects of each concept, including leaving room for any new possibilities that may be included or otherwise coincide with a concept or conjunction of concepts, to further construct the Unisic Concept.

A Poll Of Individual Concerns

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Workforce Overhauling - A Primary Unisic Concept

Workforce Overhauling (WO for short) is a Unisic Concept that focuses on furthering the economy with both the individual and business in mind by leveling on an employment powering structure that benefits all in an entirely constructive way while creating full-time employment opportunities relative to any individual business medium and at the same time eliminating poverty.

- Tax Incentive -

First off, since they will be helping decrease crime, poverty, and unemployment in their surrounding communities, businesses should receive a rewarding tax incentive in return for offering a WO program. A first year tax bonus should also be rewarded to any person who successfully enters an offered WO program and achieves an actual position with that company.

- Trial Work Periods, Pay Packages, and Appropriated Personnel -

The WO program that a company offers will be in the form of Trial Work Periods that pay in Pay Packages suitable to the business and end in positions filled by Appropriated Personnel.

Trial work periods are offered on a monthly basis in exchange for a reasonable amount of products or services the business already offers as their custom pay package. The Pay Package itself will be readily available as if it were a prepaid tab with the company that they can use towards the products and/or services available.

The idea behind the pay packages over monetary gain are for a few reasons. First, this can allow a company to eliminate any overstocked merchandise or products they would otherwise be forced to toss out. Second, services offered can also be used as training sessions. Another good reason is to accommodate less fortunate individuals who are in the process of rehabilitating during their trial period - either from crime or poverty, or, in the case of substance abusers, preventing them from being able to more readily purchase drugs or alcohol and help them kick their habits.

The concept behind working during the trial periods should be flexible as well. Each week during the trial period, the prospective employee works an amount of shifts equal to a part-time job. Both employee and supervisor will agree on which shifts the employee will be readily available to work and the employee will be at the supervisor's discretion during those shifts. The supervisor will be allowed to test the employee in different areas of work during different shifts to determine where the employee is most effective, with each week tuning those shifts and work areas more effectively to hone in on that prospective employee's effectiveness.

This will be done with multiple WO workers present per shift so that all may be trained and tested to the best of their abilities in order to determine the most effective workers. The concept behind having many WO workers at a time will also serve to make sure there is always help available and customers can focus on enjoying their business experience without worrying about service issues.

At the end of the monthly trial period, positions with the company are awarded to proven employees, meanwhile, the other WO workers have completed earning their pay package and have the option to move on or continue working under the WO program for another pay package and chance to land a position.

This concept allows one to work many different WO jobs with different companies at the same time as well. As an example, let us pretend Joe and Jane are prospective WO workers. Joe was homeless and an alcoholic, meanwhile Jane has 6 kids and is a single mom who has little time for school.

Joe comes across a Homes for Humanity social worker who explains about a WO program offered by a local construction agency. Joe checks into this not expecting much and finds out that they not only have a WO program, but they offer one that more specifically tends to his needs with a very useful pay package that offers 1 month of rent-free, all utility-paid shelter as well as a WO position with a local supermarket that will provide him with an account to purchase $300.00 in specified food products during his trial period. In return, Joe must agree to work a reasonable amount of hours for both companies to account for his costs.

Joe now sits down with the supervisor of the construction agency and they agree to work him 5 shifts during week 1 for a total of 35 hrs. of work for that week. His first shift is a 5 hr. afternoon shift where he will do mostly cleanup duties, though they agree he can spend two half hour sessions learning construction trades he's shown interest in - carpentry and welding. They agree on his next shift being a morning shift that lasts 7 hrs. long with two of those hours focusing on his trades of interest. They plot out the rest of this first week in similar fashion before deciding to meet up with his new landlord later on that day after he's completed the setup session with his supermarket supervisor.

Jane has met up with the same supermarket supervisor about the WO program they're offering as well. Part of her pay package accounts for the childcare services she'll need in order to work each week as well as provide her time to go to school. She decides to focus on bakery and deli specializations while working for the supermarket as well as serving as a part-time librarian's helper at her school's library in order to accommodate for the remainder of the childcare costs.

Now, without going further, we can see that the economy has moved upwards for all parties involved in helping these two previously unemployed individuals overcome their situations. Joe is off the street and is being provided with food without allowing him easy access to continue drinking. Jane and her kids are also being provided with food and services that will allow Jane time to educate herself towards a career. They are also learning new trades along their ways. Meanwhile, business is being conducted amongst all the companies involved - both those with WO programs and those without (like the utility and childcare service companies who are being paid as part of the pay packages). Even the trainers involved are making out with more work and pay in their individual areas of expertise. In all, most of the parties directly associated with the WO programs are also receiving tax incentives and, in the case of our two workers, a tax bonus should they continue in the right direction and earn actual positions with the companies.

In any case, there may also be concerns with pitfalls, and solutions can be put into action to help limit or prevent these obstructions as well. Joe, for instance, could be automatically enrolled in AAA meetings to help with his alcoholism. Psychiatric evaluations could even be part of the WO programs offered in order to further each workers' situations.

More Unisic Concepts will address these situations along the way as we explore new, more constructive ways of everyone, not just being alive, but living successful lives.


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    • Christopher Dapo profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Dapo and S. 

      6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      Very interesting paper, Chris57, I must thank you - before I've even read this paper you've provided, I've already developed a business plan of sorts that is quite comparable to what is described in that. In fact, I'm just putting a questionair about it up today to help me iron out the plan.

      In referance to the paper you provided, the portion titled "A self-regulating ranking system" is, ironicly, pretty close to what I'm working to achieve in the business plan I'm working on, though I take the idea much further, fusing a co-interdependancy with both business and individual, while limitless with those roles of the individual, from internal management to worker to customer to investor and beyond.

      I'll continue to inform you on it if you like, but this subject is deriving the hub here from it's focus, so I won't continue further about it here.

      As for the paper's relevancy with the hub here, it is very spot on. In the context of the paper, the trade off of individual incentive for an inheritant one, as well as that incentive to be more provisional as per the company itself, could encourage lower class workers to reach further while still allowing the "past methods" like those described in the paper you've shared, without compromising the overall business structer of current business models - yet still grant incentive to that business for using it.

      In a more general description...

      Anyone has a shot at a job like this, and companies providing this "shot" can do it cheaply while still bringing in a bunch of workers to test their potential. On the company's side of things, they get to evaluate "test employees" on a "beyond as-needed basis" affordably, with the possibility of more streamlined personel down the road, meanwhile with further incentive of a tax break for providing the opportunity to help their communities. From the worker's perspective, they get an immediate job, without discrimination, that helps to provide for their cost of living without it costing them instead of steady pay, meanwhile they are tested on their abilities and devotion to the company for the incentive of gaining a paid position in the company.

      I really appreciate the comments, Chris57, no matter if it may seem controversial or not, I still see it as constructive towards the ultimate goal, which is getting us somewhere further than where we are, especially when, as it is, we're normally just getting nowhere fast.

      - Christopher

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      6 years ago from Northern Germany

      Christopher - you are quite right. Treat my comments to be void, because they are written from a perspective of someone not living in the US, someone inside an economy that does things completely different than the US/UK. There is no economic "laissez faire" and that is why i didn´t even mention that good economic conditions don´t just materialize out of thin air.

      There would be more to say, but i believe it would be interesting for you to read through this paper:

      May be that is not so far off from your thinking. On a micro-economic level (leadership and management of corporations) it works, at least creates visible benefits for companies and employees. On a macro-economic level i am not sure it works. To some extent however it helps to explain the mindset of northern European economies.


    • Christopher Dapo profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Dapo and S. 

      6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      Chris57, foremost, you have my most sincerest respect, due in fact to your persistance on supporting your views. I in turn also applaud you for such, yet I must conclude that you indeed have much to learn of your fellow man.

      These jobs which you consider lacking in skill, make up for themselves, not only in labor, but also in adequacy - I don't imagine we would ever see you doing such things like sweeping and mopping, taking out the trash, doing dishes, or cleaning toilets. But you see, there in lies that very same flaw you've failed to grasp in such a plan as this - someone has to do it, right? Don't underestimate the labor force - without them, you would have to pick up the slack.

      In light of this though, you've also failed to notice that, like you yourself stated, jobs requiring actual skills are the prefered avenue, and in this plan, I've addressed that those climbing out of their situation could work towards these positions. What this plan does is provide those people that opportunity, meanwhile labor costs on these "simple jobs" are significantly lowered, thus reducing overall business costs. In turn, the "poor individuals" not only get a way out of poverty, but also a chance at bettering their lives, and also the opportunity to rise past that point of being mere laborers as they learn the skills required on-the-job. This again also supports the business itself with a supply of readily available, eager-to-learn laborers that the company has already been being accustomed to, to fill the desirable positions with, instead of putting trust in some outside person who may seem adequate but ends up just being a shot in the dark in the long run and costing what should be considered very valuable time, money, and effort.

      On the other hand, what you've proposed is absurd - that problems with the economy just "go away" like magic, then things may be in order to attempt such an idea. On the contrary, the major point of this idea is to help stabilize the economy, it just so happens that part of the solution to the problem with the economy I'm proposing here, in effect, kills two birds with one stone, supporting relief from the ever-growing poverty that the economic problem is already responsible for.

      As for reality, I hope you see that bus coming before it hits you - the reality being that you yourself are blind, that the same life of poverty could hit you, without warning, and you find yourself in a situation deprived of the opportunities you now state you have taken for granted. It can be a long fall off that high horse and you could hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down. That bum on the street could be you. Try a slice of humble pie and put yourself in their shoes. Nobody wants to be "in the hole" and they really don't enjoy trying to climb out of it, either. This plan gives them at least a choice, a makeshift ladder with which to climb, indiscriminate of their fallen state of affairs.

      Think about it.

      - Christopher

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      6 years ago from Northern Germany

      Christopher, i read your workforce overhauling abstract.

      First, you don´t get economy going by giving some unemployed persons a job they fill half time or so. It is the other way around. If economy is running smoothly, then job situation like you mention may be possible.

      It may appear offensive, but it is my personal view that jobs which require little skills, jobs that can be traded on a weekly or monthly basis are not worth to be filled by people. Better leave those poor individuals at home, pay welfare and give the job to an automat. Otherwise we end up in middle age or ancient situations of peons and day laborers.

      We live in the 21th century. Better concentrate on qualification, on creating skills. Don´t try to manage the lack of qualification.

      You have a very idealistic approach to handly economic problems. My respect, i have to applaud, but at the same time i think reality is very much different.

    • Christopher Dapo profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Dapo and S. 

      6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      I am completely serious when it comes to doing something positive to change the world for the better. I appreciate the compliment and I only hope I can get the ball moving in the right direction, we could all use it, especially now.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well Done Chris....A comprehensive response..It gave me goosebumps....

    • Christopher Dapo profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Dapo and S. 

      6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      Reiterating my comment to CHRIS57 -

      You deserve a much better response.

      First off, also to those reading this, Chris57 had left their comment before I had the first concept - Workforce Overhauling - up here to read; I had just published the main outline of Unisic Conceptualization, a little hurriedly, might I add (my internet time was very limited the day I published it so my message wasn't as clear due to the barely budget-able time frame I had to work with). My sincerest apologies with this.

      You stated -

      People are like stubborn donkeys. They only move if they get hit on their back or they see food in front of them.

      True in so many ways, which is why my concept addresses everyone - Everyone is hitting themselves and each other on the back, and everyone sees food in front of them, they just can't have at it outright without monetary compensation.

      The problem is, not only have people become numb to the 'slap on the back' you mention, but, with the overflow of media, the internet and such, the pain is partially suppressed - which is why nobody moves. It's like my friend had put it, it's the 'let someone else do it' mentality. In essence, it's how the U.S. is being run into the ground by self-absorbed, wealthy bigot con-artist politicians who serve only to line their own pockets with gold. Mutiny at it's finest, and at the center of a country founded on abolishing such tyranny - ironic is it not?

      You see though, my plans even appeal to them! They are also stubborn donkeys, just with more presence and power, but they still resort to slapping themselves and each other on the backs, just like the rest of society, all in the everlasting fight for the proverbial slice of pie.

      Pink Floyd said it best in their song, Money - better keep your hands off of my stack! The bigger the slice, the happier we think we are, but it just means we kill ourselves more to get and keep that slice at a satisfactory level. What happens to us, in this respect, is something we share in common with the animals - eventually, even the king of the jungle has to step down, or be thrown down, from his throne, by the next, younger and hungrier upstart in line.

      Personally, I'm sick of the proverbial fight for the bigger slice of pie. I found out how to make cake instead! The cake I make is huge, more than enough for me, so I have plenty to share. What's more, I can show you how to make this cake. Then, we can both have more cake than we know what to do with, making it and sharing it alike, and before long, we can all have our cake - and eat it, too! This is the foundation of my Unisic Concepts.

      Is that a big enough carrot, now? ;)

      I hope you enjoy reading, feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me anytime.

      - Christopher

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting approach, but as chris57 implied; its practical application will exist if, and only if, we have the same mindset. You mentioned that the Unisic medium is what we should be focusing on; I completely agree with you. But, for a community to truly embrace a neutral system which seeks gain for all who abide by it, one needs to change how people think, unify their mindsets by focusing on their common denominator, which could be the simple fact that we are all "human" or we all want to live a blissful, successful, peaceful life. But even though unifying our mindsets may seem as a reasonable solution, it is almost impossible...I am not trying to be pessimistic.

      Yet, there is a way; TO CREATE A COMMON ENEMY....that will eventually unite us to the extent that we no longer focus on our differences.....

      Regardless....a very thought provoking approach.


    • Christopher Dapo profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Dapo and S. 

      7 years ago from Havelock, NC

      There are many, many carrots to be explored here! Thank you for the post and feel free to share your ideas to help any way you think possible.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Germany

      I am sorry, but i don´t get the message.

      What are you talking about? Where is the incentive for people to live and work according to those concepts?

      People are like stubborn donkeys. They only move if they get hit on their back or they see food in front of them.

      The slap on the back thing was done by socialist, Marxist approaches. Showing people food or the sweet carrot is for democracies and great leadership.

      Where is the carrot in your concept?


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