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Conceptual Invincibility Wins Mind-War

Updated on May 24, 2010

Conceptual Invincibility Wins Mind-War

      We, the imperfect are going to make many mistakes that may jeapordize our ability to think for ourselves.  The Group we face has the equipment to stimulate: fear, sex, pain and every temptation that exists for your mind and body.  Things that protect us can't be over-used, otherwise they DESTABILIZE the mind, making it easier to influence/knock out/"possess".

     I got knocked-out a night ago by a blast of sonic energy after a night of excessive partying.  True fun is to be found in the subtle cracks between what we normally do and stuff we don't normally do/think. The tiniest variant in activity/neurological chemistry can bring ecstatic release and hours of mental/physical bliss.............PUSHING for this free-feeling will bring you WEAKNESS to this ubiquitous electrical force.  The day that they did this to me, a car had driven by me with the words "Rest in Peace" on the windshield.  I did have to get 11 stitches to fix my face, but today (a day later), I was in the gym performing BETTER than I normally do.

      The point is that when these people tell us we are "over", "done", "dead" or about to's a MIND-GAME.  It's been PROVEN that IF YOU CAN CONVINCE SOMEONE THAT THEY ARE ABOUT TO DIE/LOSE THEIR MIND..........they WILL.  They catch you during moments of weakness and present you with the illusion that you are dying/losing control.  At these times you can be made to feel AWFUL, get temporarily knocked-out, not be able to sleep or feel like something is trying to possess you.  But YOU have to BELIEVE that you can be: killed, controlled, possessed by this "energy" for it to BECOME ACTUAL REALITY.  I know that I am STRONGER than this force........because it's prescence is constant, I know how to take breaks from it.  Also, don't think you've lost if you experienced something awful.  IF you are still running things mindwise - YOU won!!! 

     As soon as I regained consciousness, I was up and planning what to do next.  There is no time to sit around and wring your hands in a situation like this - either you TAKE CONTROL or the situation will control you.  These are all simply illusions and tricks taken from the practice of Voudoun and Brainwashing textbooks + non-lethal weaponry.  I felt great relief after the fall when the ear-ringing stopped.  I was pretty stupid to have allowed myself to become so compromised.  Just remember these people can tempt your body/mind DIRECTLY.  Saying "NO" to their good feelings is what it is to face the Devil himself and resist his power.  There will be many falls on our voyage to MASTERING THE GAME of electronic harassment/gangstalking!  The KEY is never to stop BELIEVING in YOUR POWER!!!  Don't forget to pray...........God has personally saved my life FOR SURE one time.     


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