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Concerned about My Country - The USA - Are We Steamrolling into Socialism and More?

Updated on December 11, 2011
George Washington.  100% different philosophy than we see today in our leadership.
George Washington. 100% different philosophy than we see today in our leadership. | Source
President Abraham Lincoln, in 1862 during the Civil War. Standing between his body guard and General John A. McClernand.  We have diametrically opposed ideas to Lincoln's, today in America.
President Abraham Lincoln, in 1862 during the Civil War. Standing between his body guard and General John A. McClernand. We have diametrically opposed ideas to Lincoln's, today in America. | Source

Deeply Concerned for My Country

I have lived in the United States as a legal citizen for over 40 years. I was born and raised in Southern California, under hard working, patriotic parents and grandparents. I enjoy history, I find it fascinating. I love my country, at least what it has stood for in the past. We all worked hard, but had a good life for the most part, even during hard times. I don't ever recall being overly disturbed by what I saw going on around me to the degree I see it now.

Coming so far from our Roots as a Nation

I never expected the America I know and love, and her people, to turn out to be what I see today. I know nothing is cut and dry, black and white, but you can see general trends happening, you can see how people are voting, how the decline continues.

My grandparents would be horrified like I am if they could see today what I see going on. My grandfather, before his death saw the beginnings of the decline, and tried to keep positive. As rotten as the government has become, I think I am actually even more discouraged by the people in America. When did everyone get so selfish, and "easy" to convince with just simple words that turn out to be lies? Also, its like people don't care about even thinking about things, or researching things before they vote. They act and get on bandwagons, so to speak, based purely on emotional decisions.

Our System is Broken - Broken things don't last long. Our Philosophies Matter.

When something is so broken, as I see our economy and government, you have to either take sharp measures to fix it fast, or let it decline as we observe. Ideas DO matter. Philosophies, how we look at life and think about things, DO matter. We have broken, failing philosophies that are predominant now. This doesn't work, the idea that you can live out bad ideas, and expect great results, and all for free. The core philosophies that people are embracing are failing.

The philosophies, the thinking, that our country was built on, are OPPOSITE of what we see now. Does anyone care anymore? Does anyone have the guts to stand up for what is proven to be good, moral and right, EVEN for fear of being ridiculed and shamed for it? That is what we see. When I see someone going for what I have see as good ideas, the first thing they experience is put downs, and ridicule.

We Seem to be Headed towards Socialism.

Socialism is something I am very much against. It used to be nearly a bad word. Now people are already living it to some degree in their lives, not all of course. Those who are not, and believe in good, old fashioned hard work, are paying for everything. What I mean is they are paying for their own needs, and through their taxes paying for the needs and now wants of others as well. Roosevelt began the idea long ago, but now, Obama has really seemed to seal the idea for many people. Pelosi and many others are right on board with these ideas. I did not vote for Obama, I didn't want this kind of change. Really, I can leave names out of this whole thing, because its the ideas in the minds of the people that matter more to me than anything. They are buying up bad ideas that sound good right now, that are very appealing to them in the immediate sense. We now have over 44% on some kind of government assistance. This is up from 29% or so in the 1980's. Once this level reaches over 50%, we have lost this fight. People will be locked in, owing a government that was created to serve them. Changed ideas and philosophies.

The idea that I can live off the backs of others hard work, is not an idea I support. I support it absolutely in cases like supporting widows and orphans, and truly handicapped people that are unable to work. I think they SHOULD be allowed to live off the backs of others hard work. Its not a gift from the government, they need to get the money from somewhere. I don't think people really feel a deep sense of satisfaction anyway for just taking money because it can be taken from others. In some instances, those that abuse the system, do hurt those that could really benefit from it also. This is heartbreaking.

We are headed toward socialism. Each American here, legally or illegally is being tested, their morals and integrity are being tested daily, if you think about it. More than ever, its harder to stick to ideas that cost us more, like hard work, cutting back government spending, etc.

All I ask of each of us, no matter who we are or what side we are on, is to ask if the ideas we embrace are good ones that can last long term. Will our ideas fail us in the long run, or benefit everyone in the long run? By benefit all in the long run, I don't mean giving handouts to everyone that wants them over working hard. I challenge anyone reading this, to consider if you are supporting broken ideas, or good ideas that if fleshed out in your own families life, would fail or work. We seem to think the government has some other reality to which it answers to, when we KNOW in our own lives, if we did the same we would utterly fail.

Unreasonable ideas, illogical ways of being, are hurting our country. Money doesn't grow on trees, yet we act like it is. This is what I mean that one day in our future, if not now, we will wake up and say, "Wow, when did everything go so wrong?" It is happening now.

Let us never forget to seek out history, non revised history of other peoples and places that tried things that failed miserably. I could go on about this as well. Its getting difficult to know what to believe anymore, even things being taught by professors with masters degrees and doctorates.

The flip side, is maybe all of these things are meant to be, and meant to happen anyway. In other words, America made her bed..... We were once an amazing nation, teetering now, in my opinion. Now, is kind of a critical time. What changed? What changed from the USA being an amazing superpower, to what we see now? Ideas, beliefs and philosophies changed. Ideas DO matter. What are yours?

I can think of a handful of people right now off the top of my head, that are mentally and or physically disabled. Two in wheelchairs, and some that are over 75 that don't want to ever retire. They are working hard, paying their taxes, and proud and happy to do so. These people are an incredible inspiration to me, a symbol of goodness. These kinds of shining star examples that I have to keep my eye on in a time of incredible greed and wrong and lazy ideas that are really worrisome.

What are kids to do that are growing up seeing the extreme dichotomy going on around them? Why should they ever work hard when you can get things for free? Are they told that nothing is ever really free anyway, including all the handouts they are seeing tossed out left and right? Is there a price to pay for all of us not challenging our own ideas, and challenging those around us? How do we change the sense of entitlement that is seeping through society? Its not that I am just personally against it, I think its an idea that literally doesn't work. Getting something for nothing, has never worked out long term for the greater good for all people in a society. Its a broken idea, it fails on its face, even before it can "get out of the gate." If you think otherwise, and can show me how it works out, I welcome your ideas below. I have never seen it in all of history that I know of.

What is lost? Our America....... This is what I observe, and it is my opinion, based on my studies and personal ideas and philosophy. I just want to encourage others to fight for America too. She is worth fighting for.

One last thought. We can't expect to remain a great nation, if we abandon the very things that made us great. That is illogical and that is what is happening, in my opinion and observation. We can't live and vote opposite of the ideas that made this country great, AND still have a great country at the same time. It doesn't work. What we for sure have, is the living with the reality of our choices. That is what we have to live with. This has been a standing truth from the beginning of humanity.


Do you think we should be concerned for our country, the USA?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Josak, can you share with us a country and a time when everyone contributed equally, and also receives equally? I think the idea may be nice, but isn't reality as we know and observe reality to be in this world. If it were possible, then perhaps I would have less problem with it. What we see instead is that those that do harder jobs, that take a lot of education (say a brain surgeon), who saves lives and contributes more to the community, get the same as a person who didn't want to contribute to their own education and to society. What that then produces in people, turns out to not be better societies over time, as I have observed.

      I think its been proven time and again, even in the US (in the beginning, they tried out a more socialistic society, everything went downhill until they went back to every man working hard on their own land for themselves..)

      People who exploit welfare, are immoral. So you are right that we agree on those that exploit welfare. You mention polar opposites, but I see a decline in my country currently where socialism (the ideas behind socialism, and liberalism) are gaining a lot of ground. It especially appeals to those that exploit it, as it turns out. It also appeals to those that want to control people by making them indebted to them for the handouts. I am not sure where you are from, but I am sure you have reasons for being a socialist. I would love to know more how it has worked out in societies where you are impressed with the results. Curious where you are from as well. True socialists, people that call themselves "socialis"t, are people I want to learn more about. Ideas play out, and work or not. I have tried to be fair to all sides, and stick to my observations and history though also.

      Thanks so much for your comment and visit to the hub. Would I love a society where all had to work to get money? Sure... That seems totally fair to me.

    • Josak profile image


      7 years ago from variable

      I have no problem with socialism but a socilaist (like me) has a huge problem with people living off welfare, you see socialist systems are all about ensuring that everyone contributes equally and so receives equally, everyone has to work, so while i disagree with your ideology, you should know that we share the same concerns associating socialism with people who exploit welfare is incorrect they are infact polar opposites.


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