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Condom Makes Good Water-Proofing Material for Mobile Phones

Updated on March 22, 2015

Condom cellphone case

The Playa is condom case for cellpgones
The Playa is condom case for cellpgones | Source


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What's condom?

FOR the information of the uninitiated- condom is a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible sheath, usually made of rubber or latex. This is used by married couples during sex to help prevent pregnancy and to protect them from contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

A perfect waterproof container

However- in some places in the Philippines- especially in some towns of Bulacan where rampaging floodwaters caused river banks to swell brought about by typhoons Ondoy and Peping last September 26 and September 30, respectively- residents have discovered a novel way of using the condom. Its use during those crucial hours of danger was popularized not for sex- but for something else. Survival was foremost in their minds and so they must establish and maintain communication with rescue teams outside. Thanks to the Lord! Their cellphones were with them. They must think and look for ways to protect the cellphones from getting wet or soaked in floodwaters to maintain their normal operations. And so they came to think of condom. They tried and found it perfectly suitable for use during the occasion. Then and there they made a startling discovery that condom makes good water-proofing material for mobile phones.

Best cellphone cover from getting wet ever

Last October 13- DZBB radio announced that lots of residents including rescue workers in Calumpit, Bulacan were taking advantage of condoms for protection of cellular phones from getting wet by floodwaters. Cellphone owners gave testimonies that the rubber in condoms protects their cellphones from getting wet, most especially when walking or wading through the flood. Even if you fall or stumble onto the floodwaters by accident- your cellphone is well protected from getting soaked in water by the condom as long as the condom is tightly secured.

Include cellphome with condom in emergency kit

Let's bear in mind that our country is constantly visited by low pressure areas, inter-tropical convergence zones, landslides, flashfloods and typhoons. So let's make it a habit to always place in tact in a safe place our emergency kit and tools, including medicine, flashlight with batteries, lifeguards, raincoats, and don't forget cellphone with its condom. The last 2 should come together to assure you of uninterrupted communication line during bad and calamitous times.

Source: Use of condoms rises ...


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