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Conduct Unbecoming Of Republican Christian Candidates...

Updated on October 17, 2011

Conduct Unbecoming Of Republican Christian Candidates…

One of the greatest compliments I was ever paid in authoring blogs was when someone responded to one by opining that he seldom agreed with my take on the issues, but that I, Verily Prime, tried to be measured and objective. This is such a time whereby I again have to be fair in light of the travesty that took place during the last Republican debate. It is true that I did not watch the live debate, but came to be privy to the travesty late: apparently, a gay soldier asked a legitimate question, as is the wont for such debates, the soldier was cowardly booed, compounded by the fact that none of the would-be Republican Presidential contenders chastised the audience for such a display of craven disrespect. That kind of uncivil behavior suffered by the soldier I expected from those who are advocates of the Far-Left, but not a Republican audience and definitely not those vying for the seat of America’s power who wear their Christianity on their respective sleeves.

Let us supposed that I was stationed with that gay soldier and we were in some war theatre - does anyone in that audience that booed that soldier believed that were I in trouble… that the gay soldier would have abandoned me or that I would have done the same to him if the scenario was reversed because of his sexual orientation? That soldier signed up to die for his country and should, at least, be allowed and afforded a question to one of those Republican candidates… who will probably be sending men/women, like that soldier, into harm’s way. I am not saying that the rebuke, expected of the contenders, to the audience had to be harsh, but it could have been conveyed by telling them that their reaction to the soldier’s query (the booing) was unbecoming and anathema to who most Republicans say that they are.

Those who read this blog know that Verily Prime is a Traditional Christian and that he lets everyone know it; my siding with the gay soldier on this issue is not to curry favor with my gay brothers and sisters, per se, but only to apply my Christian principles objectively. It is true, from a religious point of view, that I cannot support and will never support the gay lifestyle because I am told and have read that this behavior is diametrically opposed to Biblical teachings, which I believe in and adhere to – but the Bible also has the same moral take on those of us, including myself, who have engaged in Fornication and Adultery too… so if a soldier was sowing his proverbial seeds among the Army female soldiers and he was permitted to ask a question during the debate, I dare say that there would have been no issue of booing.

There is an apt parable told by the Christ that ties into the subject matter of this blog: two men went into the Temple to pray, one had many sins and told God that he was not even worthy to be there in the Temple to ask for prayer and forgiveness. The other worshipper, in his arrogance, while genuflecting, pointed to the other worshipper mentioned above, and said to God, basically, at least, I am not like that sinner with all those sins. In conveying the facts of the parable, Jesus then asked the rhetorical question: which worshipper’s prayers did God heard and answered…. That soldier, during the Republican debate, was not being disruptive and the salient fact that he signed up to give his life for country makes him deserving a modicum of respect from the audience and the Republican contenders who, like I, have feet of clay….


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