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Confession Of A Bus Rider

Updated on November 14, 2014

Waiting In Line to Board Bus

When one arrives at the bus stop, it is customary to walk and stand at the end of the line. Yet there are some riders who ignore this rule.They cut in line, pretending they are unaware where the line begins and where it ends. When you call their attention, they are quick to snap back at you at you. "Excuse me,I didn't notice there is a line." That "excuse me" does not even sound like an apology. The tone hits you as if you should be the one to apologize for pointing out the cheater's misbehavior. He (or She) walks to the end of the line but punishes you with killer eyes and inaudible mumbling (curses, what else?).

Boarding The Bus

The bus arrives and you are now ready to board. You walk in line towards the bus, waiting for your turn. Suddenly someone pushes you from behind, urging you to hurry up. You turn around and before you can open your mouth, he opens his with piercing eyes. "Keep moving, keep moving!". And without thinking you just proceed to board the bus -- unable to yell back at this brute.You want to smack him on the head, but decency restraints you.

Walking Down The Aisle

You now are on the bus and look around to pick a seat. You see an aisle seat on the right and you take a couple of steps forward to take it. You noticed however there is a hand bag and other stuff on it. You look at the rider occupying the adjacent window seat. She pretends not seeing you, ignoring your presence. Obviously she does not want you to get that seat. She thinks she owns two seats although she paid for only one.

You decide to give up, and move forward to the next vacant seat two rows farther ahead. It's a window seat this time. You move closer to take it. The occupant doe not attempt to stand up or even move his wide open legs so you could pass through. He obviously is not willing to give up that space for you. So what do you do? You think of crashing in through the narrow space and step on his toes but you are too scared to make a scene. You end up grabbing the next vacant seat three rows behind him. Gee, you are exasperated and ready scream.

At Last You Got Your Seat

At last you are seated, and got a two-seater too. You decide to stay by the window seat. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, to ease your nerves and shake off your anger. You try to ignore the noise around you as new passengers walk in to find vacant seats. But not long before you can relax, you are distracted by screaming voices. You open your eyes and see a passenger arguing with another over a seat.

"I want to sit right there," said the one standing on the aisle, pointing to the vacant seat near the window.

"There are more seats in the back," says the one seated next to the window seat. "Go sit there. I have my stuff on this seat."

"Take your stuff and you go to the back" the standing passengers defiantly orders. "You can't occupy two seats when you paid for just one."

They kept on arguing in spite of the driver's interference and warning. You shrug your shoulders and close your eyes again, wondering why some people can be that selfish, and display such rude behavior in public. Then, you remember that just a while ago, you too were ready to explode. You lean on the back of your seat and close your eyes again. Now you just want to enjoy the rest of this ride.

Getting Off The Bus

You have reached your destination. You pulled the string above you to alert the driver to pull up. Thank you mister, for the ride, you whisper to the driver as you step down the ramp and breath in the fresh air rushing in through the door.


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