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Confessions of A Crasher

Updated on July 26, 2011

Reading The Leaves

I don't know if Glenn Beck chose today, the day Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream Speech", to hold his rally. I'd find a bit odd that someone like Beck who sees "community organizers" as a threat to his vision of America would be so concerned with honoring King's memory.

The controversy though shows that there may be a growing, or more vocal, number of people trying to crash or at least challenge the Tea Party. I am among them, as my handle indicates. A hubber who sympathizes with the Tea Party posted a critique of these activists. To the writer, the crashers are basically young, college students. The writer probably sees the crashers as similar to the 'hippies' from the 1960s who stood against the Vietnam War.

I can understand this view. One does not need Beck or Limbaugh to tell someone that Obama did draw tremendous support from younger people, who also became an integral part of his 'ground team'. A major problem in this election has been getting these people re-activated and active again. Of course, the idea that young people would support a member of a conservative "outgroup" could be a sign that the movement that Martin Luther King was a leader of, and would inspire other groups to follow in the footsteps of, has succeeded. The notion of White, Male, Fundamentalist Protestant, dominance of America may be a few generations from fading.

The disdain for college students is a sign of another trait of the American Right, and many other totalitarian movements of both the left and right. A fear of the educated; one need only look at the folksy style of Palin or GW Bush to see that the American Right draws much of its support from those who see the educated as intimidating. The attacks on NPR, PBS and the arts that come from any rightward shift in America are a further example. The attacks from religious fundamentalists on secular education; from vouchers to textbooks show the desire to make it so that people are ignorant.

This may have to do with where I come in to crash the party. I'm far from young; at 35 as of my writing this piece, I'd say I'm younger. I am though fairly well-educated, and can see the Tea Party as a corporate creation. I also see the elements of fear and perhaps even hate that make up so much of the Tea Party.

My fellow crashers may be like me, they may not. They may be members of those conservative "outgroups"; women, Hispanics, homosexuals, or Muslims. They may be anti-corporate activists, union activists, or other people working towards economic equality. We all have one thing in common, we see the Tea Party as people who are resisting progress, who wish to see America go back to the failed polices of GW Bush, and perhaps even the policies of Reagan, who may actually be responsible for a lot of the mess that Obama is trying to get us out of, both here and abroad.

That though, is for another hub and another time. . .


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    • Ken Crow profile image

      Ken Crow 7 years ago from Iowa, USA

      Crasher: Your arrogance is incredible, not to mention your lack of knowledge of the " Tea Party ". I am not going to get into a " peeing " contest wih you, but suffice it to say " Nobody purchases Master Degrees " from Harvard or Yale. Remember, they flunked little JFK several times and threw Teddy out as well ? Remember ?

      At anyrate, your condescention toward millions is just another testiment of the elitist attitude that this country is currently suffering from. Thus the rise of the Tea Party. In closing, my friend. It was Barack Obama who gave birth to the Tea Party. Had he not trampled upon the Constitution and governed the way he did or does, you would have never seen the birth transpire. Might want to think about that.

    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 7 years ago from New York

      Well the uneducated need to become educated and stop wearing their lack of education like some badge. It's not hard to educate themselves, G.W. Bush was educated, for heaven's sake rich daddy sent him to college of course. But Bush was too lazy to learn how to pronounce words. Now I know the conservatives hate lazy people by their dislike of those darned welfare recipients. :0)

    • profile image

      American Tiger 7 years ago

      TPC. While perusing stevie8stevie's hubs to see what baseless, inane, insupportable crap he would next be accusing me of saying, I stumbled into your nic again. So I felt in incumbent upon myself to really come read your stuff.

      Happily, you're very well written, and not given to too many flights of fancy or over-indulgences of self aggrandizement (I'll let you guess who lead me to believe most liberals were illiterate). This not to say that you aren't gullible to the extreme, and absolutely the product of a deep leftist indoctrination campaign. I simply find reading your assumptions and opinions far less painful than I'd expected. Thank you.

      I want to like you, Crasher. I want to believe that someone who can express themselves that clearly, is also capable of understanding things outside their dogmatic belief-system clearly, too.

      To that end, I will engage you with simple questions, and offer you verifiable facts in response to the erroneous statements you include in your Hubs. I want you to step away from the "feelings" based mentality, and view things in the cold hard light of Truth.

      Truths are verifiable, testable, and repeatable. "Beliefs" are not.

      At the very least, you now have the opportunity to show me to be the brainwashed gullible goober all Conservatives must be.