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Conflict of Interest: Trump's Presidency

Updated on November 21, 2016

The year 2016 has proven to be unprecedented for the American presidency. The stunning win certainly caught Hillary and the Democrats off balance and remain in shock or disarray. Those who hate him are demonstrating in many cities acting like brats or afraid of the unknown, as if, this demonstrating will alter the course. The Democrats hope that Obama will be their spear into Trump's presidency should Trump dismantle Obama's legacy. One can just see how this will play out- a back and forth bantering dialogue.

Another distraction and steady drumbeat will be the from media focusing on his vast business dealings involving over 100 properties in 18 countries and how he may benefit much like the Clinton Foundation did. The media has already started honing in on just how Trump is going avoid a conflict of interest. Even if he creates a true Blind Trust where Trump truly knows nothing about the business dealings, information that he could make decisions on, would seep through. A real Blind Trust would even shut out his kids from operating them, and it is hard to believe this will ever happen. With that reality, one can see one controversy after another dogging Trump's presidency. Even if his kids do not get a Top Secret clearance, Trump, through conversations with his wife or kids, can choose to allow certain information through. Untangling Trump's vast network of businesses across the globe to prevent a conflict of interest or monetary gains for Trump will be near impossible. This issue will haunt him during the next four years.

Domestic and international relations will be volatile. Since Trump did not win the popular vote, there is opposition led by Obama. It will not go away. Already, Trump's position on Sanctuary Cities that harbor illegals is facing stiff reaction from many city mayors who state they will not comply. While the election was a rebellion in one sense, it has spawned another, ironically, against what Trump stands for! It is truly a divided nation.

Trump will take the USA in a more direct manner with international relations. In the Middle East, ISIS will feel the brunt of American force but the mess will continue in Syria. The reset with Russia, if that happens, Trump, who has many economic connections, will benefit his dynasty. It will come back to what does Trump Inc. gain from this insider deal. One can see how any sort of reset will be scrutinized for a conflict of interest that Trump Inc. prospers from. How do you separate the Trump presidency for America from Trump Inc.? It seems like a never ending no-win situation. It will always be food for the opposition and rightly so. This issue will arise anytime there is a economic deal and Trump Inc.has economic ties to that country.

Once ISIS is gone, Trump could remove the USA from NATO if foreign countries do not pay their fare share of defense costs. This would be to Putin's liking. It could embolden Russia further to seize all of the Ukraine or Baltic. Trump's dealing with North Korea and Iran will be brash, especially if either take provocative actions. Trump's actions may elevate the tension leading to unforeseen events.

The Trump presidency will be filled with controversy. Instead of the humdrum of the Obama presidency we have endured for eight years, Trump will at least provide serious entertainment.


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