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Conflict In Mali

Updated on January 10, 2015

The rise of Islamist rebels on north African soil is a serious threat to the country governance which might lead to unprecedented economic and security crisis.With the French troops being continuously pushing against the Islamist rebels its high time that some stringent and comprehensive strategy should be made to deal with the rise of jihadi insurgent and Al-Qaeda affiliates across the Sahara and Sahel regions of northern Africa. The French Military intervention in Mali called for an ordinance by the UN Security Council to look after the security and humanitarian crisis in northern Mali.The Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and its affiliate Ansar dine took advantages of the French troops to establish and expand their base in the country.They took advantages of the nomadic Tuareg and preyed on their grievances who inhibited the northern part of the country.They imposed their puritanical version of Islam as throughout the city invading town after town on their drive to south city .As the alarm bells rang they advanced towards the capital of the city , Bamako.

The attack on an Algerian gas plant shows that Islamist Terrorism is clearly on the rise in north Africa.Whether it is the Boko Haram or the Sons of Sahara,the rise of Islamic Militancy is slowly and steadily taking over northern Africa.The latest attack being the abduction of innocent school girls in Nigeria and the Massacre of innocent lives.Boko Haram, an extremist militant group in Nigeria kidnapped nearly 300 students from a rural secondary school. A few days after April 14 kidnapping, 57 of the girls managed to escape.The attack brought widespread protest and outraged around the world bringing out online activism against the extremist militant group.The national leaders of many countries condemned this action of terrorism. Muslim leader of various countries slammed Boko Haram for using Islam to justify the kidnapping of innocent school girls.They state that it a shameful act in the name of Holy Islam.

The Al-Qaeda and its affiliates from Iraq and Afghanistan are increasingly making their way into this region in conjunction with a thriving illegal trade in arms, drugs, money and weak local governance providing a dangerous and horrific outcome in future.The region is a major producer of oil and gas which further enhances the chances of potential threat to global security and economy.It is pretty clear that north Africa is on the verge of becoming another Afghanistan and it might soon fall into the turmoil of brutality and massacre with an apt display of terror threat in Global platform.

Now its time for the African people to take the stand condemning such actions and if necessary fight the battle against the militants and strengthen their economic and democratic institution.The international community must strengthens its efforts and laid support till the end of this act of atrocity,providing aid and material support to the people of Mali and other north African nations to fight the menace of terrorism.


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