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Confused or used - could this be the next generation?

Updated on June 26, 2009

can they endure the next storm?

Generation X

In places diversely divided by politics and show business like where I reside, I wonder what is the collective pulse of the people regarding policies on education, public service, entrepreneurship, even religion and the like; of which more focus and attention should be spent in improving these areas. But this is not confined to my country. It seems that this is rather a global phenomenon. Politics and showbiz are prevalent themes in the news these days. I can see that people have become numb; the real issues are ignored and most just don’t care anymore. We have expanded our neighbourhoods via the web. We even have overcome our racial divide with our networks and social clubs, or did we? The influx of information on the internet seems to promote destructive rather than constructive awareness to sensitive issues that demands concern. It was said that ‘knowledge is power’. The bible even stated that ‘the people perish due to lack of knowledge’ to that I say amen. Nonetheless, too much information as we know today does not necessarily empower people. Instead, it creates a sub-culture who is just sitting in the side-lines; who do not care nor listen to the real issues within their environment, except to their inner circles. The system that supposedly should create an all-inclusive society seems to create a new diverse society that is anti-social and exclusive. Some end up more confused rather than well informed. The web enabled us to connect to the other side of the globe, a lot faster and easier. People have made friends, even virtual friends, with the convenience of laptop or pc and you don’t even need to endanger yourself travelling to distant unknown places. That is a plus! Something that is unknown just a few decades ago. You can shop, swap, chat, share a photo or joke, join a club, do business, or even meet a hard-to-find lover via the net. The almost impossible has become the new reality.

But I am concerned mostly of the youth; the X or Y generation as they are now called. For example: Games; which were an awful lot in the net, were no longer ascribed to those who can physically or mentally excel in sports, it’s now available to anyone to enjoy without feeling like losers. Everybody can win with a flick of a finger within the safety of your own room. But notice; it is becoming more of a virtual world. Kids are not as sociable as in the past – in many occasions. Indoor games are preferred than outdoor ones, which is vital to muscle growth, coordination and social development of our children. Parents even encourage their kids to stay indoors, watch TV or play video instead of them playing in the sun, running or climbing trees, getting physical, etc. Though it is true that knowledge is disseminated faster with these tools available, kids tend to be more confused when it comes to role-modelling. Heroes are no longer those who attained a worthy achievement, rather, those who were beautiful, sexy, or making a lot of money, whether famous or infamous. There is where politics and showbiz come. Worse, even cartoon characters became heroes/heroines to the young mind. These in turn may grow up into a world of make-believe; that will be their reality. Not the real world the older generation knew. This is just one aspect of my argument.

However, we may be looking at the product of this emerging youth culture. The incidents of youth crime and violence that can be attested to anti-social behaviour and some other unexplained root-causes, suggests that there is more confusion in the young minds than ever before. The youth is exposed to a lot of garbage, or shall I say – mental pollution, that some do not have the capability to distinguish right and wrong anymore. Some have been synthesized by too much unfiltered or bad information that they have grown numb to the real issues a young mind should know. We now live in a world that seems to be closer together yet so far from each other. We have expanded our circle of friends globally but we neglect our physical neighbours, often than not – we don’t even know who they were. So close yet so far. Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbours? You see, it is so hard to love someone you don’t even know, don’t you think so?

There is a saying “someone’s trash is another man’s treasure” or you may reverse it as you wish – I think it will still be relevant. In this information age – there is more trash than treasure circling around. And there is no sure-cure on how to treat the trash because to a confused mind; a trash and a treasure doesn’t make much difference. Could it be that this is a sinister plan to sow confusion by too much information? A form of mental conditioning if you will; and even propagated by the very learning institutions we highly esteemed. Is it possible that this whole scenario is wide conspiracy to keep people fragmented and easier to manipulate or control? Yet my point here is – knowledge does not necessarily mean progress. Rather, let’s be selective and more reflective in processing information. Nobody in his right mind will denounce progress. We aim for it, we embrace it, we work hard for it, and we promote its virtue. We crave for new things; even complicated things. The more complex, the more desirable it becomes. Simple life is no longer the sought-after trend. We sway where the wind blows without knowing what or who is blowing the wind. We are beings geared for progress, or at least that’s how we want to think. Governments work to promote progress but instead of evolving into a greater culture, we devolve into a mess what we have today. We want to conform, yet we desire to be unique without realizing that those two can not co-exist evenly. Can you feel the pinch? The family; which is the core of any social structure once was close-knit and bonded by real love. Now it has become an institution of diversified individuals and the love has grown cold due to harsh realities. We can not afford to stay on the side lines and allow this to degenerate further.

If we can only teach the youth values that can disengage them from politics and showbiz; we may able to reverse this trend. Then perhaps the next generation will have a bright future. This is not impossible but it will be rough. It will demand a real ‘change in men’ and a lot of ‘change of men’ in the forefront. This demands active participation in all social sectors without personal interests and with due regard to the real issues dissecting families. Another is to set aside politics and showbiz and place them on proper perspective. This will also call for role reversal or re-modelling, timeless family values will be embraced and encouraged once again; where parental leadership will be put to high esteem again. Let’s help foster community values to enrich our cultures and allow others to thrive, though they do not share our interests. Let other people develop their own identity; this is achievable for the willing. If only governments would stop pretending to know the answers of social problems; even meddling with other governments and other peoples’ lives. If only we can carve out a better definition of good governance. Of course, tough consistent leadership is needed for a change, but it should not be confined to the will and wiles of politicians or the famous. It should be integrated even to the lowest core of our society – the family. What have we been doing as a family? Let’s work to recapture what has been lost, and the time is now!


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      9 years ago

      good point, be more specific with your argument though


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