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3 Steps to Change for America and Other unconventional Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2012

Hard look in the mirror

I find it amazing how many Americans are out-raged with the current situation concerning our new healthcare tax, which is by the way unconstitutional based on one thing alone, the constitution was written with the belief that we are all equal. Although, Congress at this time believes that they are so far above us, because they are getting fat off of our taxes, however if you are reading this and getting angry let me please make this clear as a country we did it to ourselves. Stop playing the blame game, and ask yourself this, do you research each candidate for any elected office's stance on the current issues, their voting history, and their income figures? I can almost guarantee you don't. Did you, when noticing that certain congressman were getting fat off of your taxes, and were failing to balance their books correctly, vote them out of office? Again I can almost assume no.

It is due to our laziness as voters that American government has gotten away with certain actions, such as: bankrupting our social security fund, an increasing national deficit, throwing good money in after the bad, and this latest healthcare tax, that will supposedly create 800,000 jobs. Truthfully No One In Congress can created a job. I don't get how everyone can point a finger at Obama, try pointing a finger at the person that is staring back at you in the mirror. It is all of us who have let down our nation. You want things to change?

I will give 3 very easy steps to fixing America that everyone can do.

1. Research the candidates.

This does not mean watching the slanted, mudslinging, and unevenly stacked commercials. You most likely are always on Facebook or your email everyday. Look up who the candidates are for the next election. After you have found a list, research each person on that list, even if that means you google their names. Base your opinions about the candidates by what you learn not what they tell you.

2. Vote!

This means unplug yourself from the computer or the T.V. take the time to drive to the local voting station in your area and vote. Stop the malarkey about my opinion, my vote, or my voice isn't heard. It isn't heard because you aren't voting. The government wants you to feel that way so that you never oppose them.

3. Encourage Others to Vote!

I don't care who you vote for during the election. The only thing that I care about is that you utilize this right that so many died to protect. Encourage your friends and family to vote. Make sure that they know that if we want change we have to put in the effort to change things.

This is not an attack on the government but a scolding for the Americans that can sit there and say I want change, but do not want to put any effort in for it. To me, that is like saying I want to lose weight but then sitting on the couch watching TV and eating only junk food, the only progress you will see is that your waistline will grow.

We need less Deficit and more Jobs?

This is my personal stance on these two issues. I do suggest that you form your own opinions. That you do the research to support your opinions. Then you need to get loud!

This is my opinion, which is based off of the philosophy that History repeats itself. The key is to learn from the first time around so you know what to expect when life hits you a second time.

We are currently in a recession, they want you to believe that we are coming out of it. Albeit, the pace is certainly slow. I can remember looking back at the history of the United States of America in High School and noticing a pattern to the cycle of our finances. However, we are currently at what seems to be the second coming of the Great Depression.

The Prohibition of Alcohol was introduce in the 1920's after the first World War (I), and it lasted through 1933. Seven years later America was coming out of the Great Depression, by 1954 things were healthy financially. Well now is there a coincidence? I think not. In combination, with Legalizing Alcohol and World War II bringing American Factories back to life, Our economy turned around.

Due to these above statements, I have come to the conclusion that the American government should legalize Marijuana to bring us out of the recession. Why should we legalize it? Well, you will need farmers. The Farmers will need farm hands as the crops are to fragile to use combines on. Then once the crops are farmed and brought in, they will need sent to factories for processing. Process it just like tobacco, have it formed into filtered cigarettes, into the bags that they can roll themselves, or in bags of pipe-like-tobacco products. Now you have farm jobs and factory jobs. Plus you have a product that you can tax and people will willingly pay.

Now let's look at these drug dealers, that you might see as a problem. I see them as another tax opportunity. Make these illegal drug dealers, that can get state and federal assistance because they do not have a legal form of income that can reported to any association, into ssmall business owners. They will now have to file for a license of distribution and a business license. Oh wait, is that another job opportunity? Yes it is. Also that money that Americans are spending on such a frivolous but easily bought up products is going back into the economy. People can also invest in a Marijuana Stock or purchase stock in specific Marijuana farms.

Don't worry the whole country won't be high, there are some of us with enough sense to stay away from drugs. However, there are people who aren't, so why not fix our economy with their money?

(Just some information: there are over 2001 chemicals in Marijuana and 30% of them effect the brain. Just figured if you do it you should know what you are inhaling.)

One last Unconventional Idea about things everyone complains about.

I am constantly hearing people complain about immigration. I want you think about this, where did your family come from? You came from immigrants too, unless you are Native American.

However, the reason people are complain is that the people from Mexico are taking their jobs...This also was a previous issue in America, but when it happened originally it was the Irish everyone was complaining about. Right now, though there is a slight advantage to having the immigrants that are currently invading our nation walking across borders from a neighboring country, we are complaining about Mexican citizens. One advantage is they could walk back across if they wanted to. How do you get them to walk back across?

Easy, we buy their country and turn it into an extension of America. Divided it up into states. Why would we do this? The answer is the question why do they want to come to America? Well they cross the border in hopes of finding jobs with an income to support their families. What benefits would there be for Americans and the Citizens of Mexico?

1. Well the Health Standards in Mexico would raise to the America Expectation, creating more jobs in the Health industry that would be part of the America economy, because Mexico will be part of our government.

2. It would raise the pay wages in Mexico, making it so that the citizens no longer have to leave their families to support them, which means the states in the northern area of the United States (which now includes what was considered the South) will continue to have their jobs because people from the new southern states won't want to travel north for jobs that pay the same.

3. This will give the Mexican citizens relief from what they feel is a corrupt, over-bearing, and violent government and its officials. (let's face it we complain about our government, but it is not as harsh as it could be). They now have the same rights as us!!

4. Think about the revenue that can be generated within our bigger government from tourism, to places where most Americans like to go to visit anyways?

Say Good-bye National Deficit and Hello to the Money!

Also another thing that will benefit America, and stop so many of us from complaining about this new tax, Raise the federal minimum wage to an amount people can actually live off of, realistically. Give the Elected officials a pay cut and keep the government hands out of the social security fund.


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    • Erin Boggs1 profile image

      Erin Boggs1 5 years ago from Western Maryland

      Well if the deficit was down and the economy was up the small business owners wouldn't be in the tight-belt-situations that they are in now and then some of us would have the ability to pay our bills and still buy groceries. But food gets put at the bottom of our priority list.

      I personally am hoping for an up turn in the economy soon

    • profile image

      Jayfort 5 years ago

      Raising the minimum wage will force some smaller businesses to stop hiring or maybe even start letting people go.


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