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Congratulations Fearful Whites

Updated on July 15, 2013

Congratulations fearful whites for supporting murder and getting your acquittal. Congratulations for supporting a stalker and killer. Congratulations for supporting death and murder because you are afraid. I can’t wait until the next person is murdered because someone is afraid of a black man. Well done.

It has happened before, in Selma, in Birmingham, in Detroit, New York, Chicago, in urban areas with black youth, in rural areas with poor black families. Cowards unable to deal with an unsatisfying life, or just outright racists, kill and use self defense to justify murder. Many others have gotten away with killing black men in the past. And yes, black men kill black men out of fear. I am, however, discussing the killing of black men, with impunity, by white man.

Our society shows our fear through incarceration rates of black men, through representations of black men in the media and through exclusion of black men from many areas of society. We use legal codes to justify racial profiling, which is what “stand your ground” laws make acceptable. However, standing your ground isn’t okay if you are a black man.

Black men are presumed guilty by much of society. And black women aren’t immune to this selective justice. Marissa Alexander fired warning shots to hold off her abusive husband, Rico Gray. Nobody was hurt, but the police quickly arrest her and prosecute her. She has been sentenced to twenty years in prison. Kill a black man, go free, shoot a bullet as a black woman, go to jail.

There is implicit bias in our society to find black men guilty. It differs from explicit bias, for most of us find racism outwardly abhorrent. It is the less obvious bias that leads a defense attorney to question why Trayvon was in the neighborhood and why was he dresses like “that”. It is this implicit racism that leads the police to not only let Zimmerman go after the shooting but drug test the dead black man and not the man with the gun who did the shooting.

The media trumps up the fear of the black man and that leads to unequal justice for blacks. Certainly, there are many causes of this, inequality in educational and economic opportunities among them. Many people learn to fear the other in our families, from the media, and from society.

Majority white juries have let killers of black men and women free before. This is not new. Many whites are so afraid that they understand why others are afraid and would act to defend themselves against the fear inducing black man. And because they identify with the fear, they excuse murder. Why would a mostly white jury identify with a dead black man, he’s dead and he’s black.

A fearful person who knows few if any blacks can easily identify with someone who kills a black man. Aren’t most if not all whites afraid of black men? We have all seen on television, in newspapers, in magazines and elsewhere what black men are capable of. And if you’ve seen one black man, you’ve seen them all. Yes, it has happened before.

So today you can celebrate, fearful whites. Just as white men, and others, did during the good old days of slavery and the days of the post reconstruction South. Cheer your victory. For now, frightey whitey can kill black men again with impunity. Congratulations.

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Up to this point, I have read every word you have written.


    • profile image

      Mklow1 4 years ago

      Tex said: "I am not even sure what your point is except the denial of racism."

      Undoubtedly you have not taken the time to actually read what I wrote. When have I denied racism? I am saying your view on racism is naive and blatantly one sided. There is racism, but it is not solely a burden of the “white man”.

      You said: "Seeing the racism that exists is not extremists"

      I see the racism that exists, but it is not a one way street like you present it. I never said “seeing” racism makes you extremist. It is your one sided view on racism that makes you an extremist. I see racism in the world every day, but it is not just the "white man's burden" to solve it. That is why I disagree with your point of view and also why I am saying you are an extremist in this matter.

      I have also read every article and piece of information, and to call them “facts” is using that word kind of loosely.

      As for your “proof”. The first article US has the Highest Incarceration Rate. I am not sure how this bolsters your claim. It shows that Black and Hispanic males make up most of the prison population in the US, and that most of these males are uneducated. The blame is put on low education levels, which contributes to poverty, which in turn leads to them committing more crimes. To say that this is the fault of the white man’s racist perception is assumed by you because there is no mention if the jury was white, the police were white, and the judges were white. When I see this article, it makes me think that black and Hispanic males are more likely to commit a crime because they are poor. You have given not “stats” to back up your article, which is very misleading to say.

      Your article White Juries Black Victims, first and foremost was written by The Root, which is blatantly biased website. They have one agenda and one agenda only. Not surprisingly, they too did not offer up any statistics to back up their claim, yet still felt compelled to write “it turns out there is plenty already known about the way that white and nearly all-white juries tend to respond to cases involving a black victim and a nonblack defendant. They tend to acquit or offer lighter sentences, deliberate for shorter periods of time, cling to a goal of reaching consensus and have a more difficult time empathizing with black victims.” Where are their numbers or these amazing facts that should make me believe them or you?

      That is their extent. Just like you, they offer up no statistics to back their claims.

      In the article When Stand Your Ground Fails the fact is that this is showing one case and it is sounds oddly, for a lack of better words “too good to be true”. I did not follow this case or watch the trial, so I am sure there is a lot out there that you or I don’t know about. It is especially odd that they didn’t mention the race of the jury. Actually, I don’t think it is odd because if a reporter left that important information out, it is probably because it was not a “white” jury and would not give the story so much pizzazz. Wouldn’t you agree that is an odd fact to leave out? Maybe because they know that it would lead people to assume the worst.

      You still haven’t shown any ground breaking evidence.


      The article Implicit Bias and Social Justice was actually the worst one of all and had no bearing whatsoever on whether or not the white man is racist. This was complete waste of time in your article and for me or anyone to read. Here is one excerpt;

      “White jurors recommended higher sentences for the black man than the white man in the first scenario, but not the fourth. In the fourth, race was an explicit issue, and the White jurors clearly wanted to be fair. In the first, it was more subtle, so their implicit biases affected their decision-making.”

      Again, they are assuming “why” the fake jury did it, they give no other reasons except that it could only be racism. They give no scientific facts of how they came to this conclusion.

      Another excerpt;

      “To begin with the positive: White people appear to want to be fair and non-discriminatory when they are aware that they may be influenced by race.”

      So are they not aware there is someone of a different race on trial? I mean, do you think that white people aren’t aware there is a black person on the stand? And furthermore, do you think the jury in the Zimmerman trial was not aware of the race issue in this trial???

      Not to mention, they don’t say how the black jury members voted! Completely one sided, just like all of your other “proof”.

      The last article hardly needs mentioning because it is about a murder from 1955, which is before the civil rights movement and has no bearing on what you or I are talking about.

      All in all, if you are attempting to write an article to inform someone of facts, I suggest you go out and find some, because none of this backs up your claim. It only shows a one sided point of view, which is what I think racism in America is today. I would not say there is anything groundbreaking that we will see on MSNBC any time soon.

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      The stats on perception are telling. I am not even sure what your point is except the denial of racism.


      I was being hyperbolic about your world view.

      Seeing the racism that exists is not extremists, and you have provided zero evidence for your denial of racism. I guess zero facts wins for you.

      Again, fine.


    • profile image

      Mklow1 4 years ago

      No "shattering" of my world view. Again you are putting emotions that are not there and assuming you know how I feel, just like you assumed you knew how that jury felt and why they made the decision they did. You make it seem as if race is the only factor in someone's psyche, but you are dead wrong.

      You said "Moreover, it is clear you didn't look at the links at the evidence. "

      I have looked at your links, I have looked at other people's links. There are stats that confirm both sides of the argument. My point is that racism is an issue that cannot be explained by numbers on a piece of paper.

      You, my friend, are the one in denial. But most extremists are.

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Moreover, it is clear you didn't look at the links at the evidence. They weren't polls. But fine, stay in denial about racism.


    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      And anyone can ignore facts that shatter their world view.



    • profile image

      Mklow1 4 years ago

      "Racism exists in this nation; to bad you can't see it. Your logic eludes me. How does interpreting the juries results nullify racism? It doesn't."

      My friend. You had my attention up until this last statement, but your true colors shined through there.

      You ask me to look at the "statistics posted", but the fact is that any pollster can construe numbers to get any result that they want and there are those, like yourself that take advantage of that. For every person like you that has one political agenda, there is another at the opposite end of the political spectrum that gives statistics that prove you wrong. But the fact is that no one is mind readers and nothing is as simple as black and white stats.

      Racism is not the problem, it is fringe extremists like yourself that ruin it for the rest of the country which is moderate.

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      If you look at the studies and statistics posted, White juries or mostly white juries are far more like to acquit white men for killing black men and more likely to find black men guilty of killing whites when the crimes are the same.

      I am interpreting how the jury could find Zimmerman innocent based on their statements and facts of the case.

      Racism exists in this nation; to bad you can't see it. Your logic eludes me. How does interpreting the juries results nullify racism? It doesn't.



    • profile image

      Mklow1 4 years ago

      "It was about how Zimmerman killed Martin out of fear and how Zimmerman got off because the MOSTLY white jury could identify with his fear,"

      That statement gives the impression that you are putting words in the jury's mouth, which actually gives weight to the thought that much of the racism in this country is fabricated.

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      "censuring of "whites." " I am not sure where you got that one. I was not targeting whites as a group, just those that use fear to stereotype and act with malus toward African-Americans because of their race. The statistic on this is clear. Whites are much more likely to be acquitted for killing a black man.

      So blacks use the stand your ground law as well. So? That's not what this article was about. It was about how Zimmerman killed Martin out of fear and how Zimmerman got off because the MOSTLY white jury could identify with his fear, and I link to articles that show the racial bias in the system.



    • profile image

      Eli Moore 4 years ago


      Headline from The Daily Caller: "Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate."

      Read more:

      That's what's deluded about your assertions.

      What's bizarre about your assertions is your censuring of "whites." Seriously? How unbelievably hypocritical and self-defeating is your entire tirade about racism when the entire thing itself is an irrational singling-out of another racial group? It just makes no sense and is blatantly contemptible, as it isn't just wrong in itself, but self-contradicting in a petty way.

      Not to mention that it fails even as a real argument because you never address any kind of antithesis, such as that--maybe--black communities just have an astronomically higher crime rate than white and asian communities.

      Or how about the fact that, concerning interracial violence, blacks commit more crimes (violent crimes) against whites that the other way around?

      How about the fact that in San Francisco, 85 percent of all assaults are black-on-asian?

      And, lastly, if your purpose is to persuade any white person, you have utterly failed with your antagonistic tone. You tone says, "Hey you random white person! I'm hounding you for no apparent reason except that I blame everything on you! But, it isn't racist because you're white."

      Do you honestly think that any neutral white person would be persuaded by this?

      I'll tell you, I have seen more racism created out of thin air from the Trayvon Martin hype than I have EVER seen in my entire life.

      I have seen probably 5 people I know, young men in college, gay and straight, who never uttered a peep about race, boil over from this persistent, uncalled-for attack on whites because of the George Zimmerman case.

      In other words, it is having the opposite effect that the whiners and accusers wish for.

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      If the man killed had been white, as the statistics that you apparently failed to read (the links) Zimmerman would have been more likely for guilty, and if the killer had been black, the chances of a guilty verdict would have doubled.

      I wasn't trying to be funny here, so I am not sure where you get that. You need to read the other evidence linked to understand it fully.

      There is clearly racism in our justice system and implicit racism in much of our society, the facts bear it out.

      Thanks for reading and responding.

      And, if you can tell me which arguments are still bizarre, after you look at the evidence, it might help me understand where you are coming from. But you don't even give me an example, so, as many people do, they state things without evidence, and thus, it's not credible.


    • profile image

      Eli Moore 4 years ago

      *Correction: John Harris White murdered the teenager in New York, not New Jersey.

    • profile image

      Eli Moore 4 years ago

      Watch the video. Enough said. If Zimmerman was black, he'd be let off too. John Harris White (black man) murdered a 17-year-old white teenager in New Jersey. The teenager DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH WHITE like Trayvon did to Zimmerman. Still White got let off.

      You cannot attack people. Every day people die from vicious beatings. It is unacceptable. Period.

      End the sarcasm. End the whining.

      A jury of 5 mothers and one Hispanic woman unanimously acquitted Zimmerman after looking at the evidence. Did you even watch the case? I suspect not.

      This article is incredibly over the top to the point that it isn't even funny. It isn't even good sarcasm. Why? Because sarcasm makes fun of reality. This article is from outer space and has noting to do with reality.

      NOW I COULD attempt to refute all the bizarre arguments in this article. But, frankly, they are made with a combination of hyperbole and irrelevant facts to the point where it wouldn't even be worth it.

      It's frankly just a propaganda piece. Blown out of proportion. Distorting reality -- just like the Trayvon Martin case.

      And don't get me wrong. I agree that blacks are disadvantaged by education. And I do agree that they are more likely to be treated unfairly by the police.

      But frankly, texshelters, it has nothing to do with Zimmerman ... or even the majority of whites.

      Like I said, just propaganda. You take loose facts, loose arguments, and piece them together into this bizarre tale that just has nothing to do with Zimmerman or Trayvon.


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