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United States' House is Falling Down

Updated on October 3, 2013

Dear 113th U.S. Congress,

A lot of Americans are not happy with you guys. We’re specifically and extremely disappointed in our House of Representatives. I know you’re all just trying to keep us entertained, like the British Parliament when they heatedly debate issues, or a good game of Pong, but I think some folks are growing weary of your silly, but selfish, short-sightedness.

See, you’ve got a really poor voting record, along with physically working only about 4 months so far this year. You’ve had 5 weeks paid vacation and have cost the American taxpayers nearly 9 million dollars in salary. And some folks just don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth.

Yes, the Republicans want to save their lifestyle and the Democrats want to save the rest of the world. Both those ambitions sound great and, when working together, will necessitate compromise but can effectively work wonders.

Outrage OverSandy Relief

Congress Suffers Congenital Insensitivity to Pain

You guys have already shown us how insensitive you can be when disaster visits the general public in geographical locations outside your area and not immediately affecting you. Lives were blown apart and homes and businesses lost but you kind of dragged your feet after Hurricane Sandy. If Sandy had hit Washington D.C., I’ll bet you would have been all over it, huh?

And it’s been obvious to many of us for a long time that the essence of representation in today’s politics has been bastardized. It used to be that a candidate would achieve election, that’s election, by honestly and vigorously representing the concerns of his constituency. Now, it’s more a matter of prioritizing the party platform first and foremost over any other interests.

For instance, Democrats in Missouri recently misplaced their brains and huevos during a gun-law vote (see link), and the Republican National Committee is afraid of Hillary. The Associated Press reported back on August 17, 2013, that the RNC is threatening to exclude CNN and NBC from hosting upcoming GOP presidential primary debates because the networks are planning to broadcast programs about Hillary Clinton.

Guys, unclamp your cheeks and get your heads out of there! You are insulated, out of touch, out of order, and nearly out of time.

Linda Douglass, Office of Health Reform

My Country 'tis of Me

The impression out here is that, no matter what misfortunes may face us regular folks, you congressmen will continue to manage living a lifestyle like that of a privileged private country club denizen. Of course you are working for the U.S. citizenry and should be accorded the respect and support accompanying that responsibility. However, it’s possible you’ve taken things a little too far.

Let’s look at your congressional medical plans and health services. Oh, that’s right, you have your own coverage, unlike the rest of us, but prefer we don’t get upset about it. True, it wasn’t often discussed, but check out this video in which Linda Davis exemplifies “vague” in her answer about health plan similarities.

Oh, and what about those silly insider trading restrictions? You guys looked pretty good when you regulated against yourselves receiving any benefits from insider info. But you were shrewd and sneaky enough to exempt those working for you in Congress, leaving nearby conduits for that same restricted information. Hey, whatever it takes to keep you golden, right? Well, here’s a list of a few things we can expect now.

October 2, ABC News Report on Shutdown's Ripple Effects

What's In Store for the Good 'Ol USA

  1. Lapses or slowdowns in public programs of all types across the U.S.
  2. 800,000 furloughed government employees who will NOT be working efficiently for you, and will not receive any paychecks
  3. Deferred maintenance on military equipment (look out for loose nuts on troop transports)
  4. Health and nuclear inspectors will not be inspecting, at all
  5. Major cuts at the FBI, agent training postponed, new-agent hiring for next year on hold, new investigations not opened
  6. Federal security agencies, even when staffed with essential personnel, will experience a slow-down and possible compromises in processing security information, undertaking investigations, following-up on important time-sensitive leads, and planning and executing security activities
  7. Shutdown leaves the U.S. more vulnerable and many of its citizens without humane assistance

Remember Sequestration? Not long ago you congressmen had the opportunity to avoid mandatory across-the-board budget cuts, and you didn’t. You led the American people to the edge of the looming cliff and watched us fall over, making those hard decisions for our own good. Oh, except when you remembered you all still needed to fly home for your break and could not depend on airline schedules unless you mandated special appropriations for Air Traffic Controllers to maintain full-staffing so as to avoid delays and cancelations. That was very considerate.

Now that you’ve shut down the government, we’ll get to experience lapses and slowdowns regularly, no matter how much you’re tough love hurts us. You know, you guys are pretty lucky; if us regular folks in the private sector consistently missed budget deadlines and argued amongst ourselves constantly instead of solving our problems, we’d all have been fired by now…and, rightly so.

Send In the Clowns…Oh, Don’t Bother

Oh, one more thing that has become way too obvious. You representatives have been exhibiting a serious lack of respect…for the rest of us, for yourselves, and for the American President. Yes, it appears that you no longer have any respect for the office of President of the United States, and you look really petty because of it.

Hopefully you haven’t conjured up this bad attitude, purposeful stubbornness, and lack of respect because Obama is America’s first black president and you jokers want to make sure that black presidents are never perceived as effective as a white man in the white house. Your lack of respect is emphasized so proudly by all of you in public that it’s no wonder kids across the country (and the world) observe, learn from, and emulate your behavior. You’re being selfish, and you’re teaching others how to be equally unsociable.

The good news is that we are thankfully fortunate at the moment to have the distraction of the U.S. and Iran corresponding through a positive dialogue. America can use all the international friends we can get and Iran could prove, in time, to be a strong casual ally in the area, as long as we proceed cautiously and openly.

And it is fabulous that Congress is absolutely not involved in these talks at all. Really, it would be better if you guys just stay out of this one. You can stay busy addressing the debt ceiling extension and the Social Security-related “chained CPI” issue, among others awaiting attention. Heck, there’s plenty of selfish damage you guys can do.

The Idiocratic Candidate

By the way, can you please send Ted Cruz to his room? What a prima donna, obviously conceited and oblivious to any concerns but his own. He’s like the spoiled brat who doesn’t like the family vacation destination so he sabotages the gas tank with sugar and ruins the adventure for everyone.

Hey, did you guys remind him that his Tea Party comrades had already tried 40 times to have the Affordable Health Care Act rescinded? 40 times…where each and every instance of wasted time and energy could have been more usefully spent on other bills pending for this session.

Cruz must be proud of the company he keeps. His recent 22-hour rant puts him right up there with former Senator Strom Thurmond who got jiggy for 24 hours just decades ago with his mean-spirited whining against the Civil Rights Act vote. Cruz and Thurmond, like minds.

This Tea Party hides its Earl Grey from guests. These people lack manners and any concern about, or interest in, how others are harmed by their legislative efforts. They employ isolationist tactics on those living below the Tea Party lifestyle standard, to “lock them out” from essential health/medical and community support services that should be provided in a sophisticated, caring culture.

Tea Partiers appear to ultimately hope for a successful and complete political genocide. They are dangerous and their representatives must be denied public office in the future, or the future will be a class society in turmoil and eventual peril. That is not an overly-dramatic statement; it just makes sense.

Several Issues Remain Though Time Is Running Short...Again

Grants to high-unemployment cities for job training and public works
Amendments to the tax code
Raise the debt ceiling
Use of pesticides in agriculture
Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") & the Safe Water Drinking Act
Modifications to various rules & records in specific ways
There are many issues pending aside from these, most involving state-level legislation.

And That's Not All, Folks!

OK, time to wrap up. Seems like a lot of you congressmen are OK with your lowest approval ratings ever and have decided to not be bothered with what the general American public thinks. But remember that your approval rating is tied in with the amount of respect the American people feel for you. Right now, it aint’ a lot. We don’t trust you, either, so we’ll be watching over the next few weeks.

At this very moment, you guys are again allowing the American people to stumble deeper into self-destruction with the looming possible government default. Given recent experience, it’s easy to believe that Congress, or at least the House, will allow us to reach the brink and then, instead of making some rational realistic concessions, you’ll allow our country to go into default despite the unavoidable financial backlash that will stall our economy and hurt this nation again.

So, to wrap it up, you, the American Congress, has led us to sequestration with your brattiness, to a government shutdown with your snottiness, and will very likely , through your stupidity and inconsideration, allow us to default with a debt more serious than ever while probably stalling, or even crashing again, our still –recovering economy.

Gee, all of this excitement in the very seat of our government, the town named for our first United States President, George Washington. It’s ironic that our modern House of Representatives has lost all sight of, and seems absolutely clueless to, Washington’s own ideals, as expressed in his hope that “mankind will reverse the absurd position that the many were made for the few...”.

Amen, George. Good luck, America.

Sign to Hang on the House Door



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  • John Frawley profile imageAUTHOR

    John Frawley 

    5 years ago from Southern California

    Retief and Jaye,

    Thank you both for your comments and interest. About two decades ago there was a fella named David Duke who had, for some time, been allied with the KKK and was then running for public office (at the state level, I believe). What garnered much press and national interest was that Duke was obviously "cleaning up his act" to tone down from his KKK ethic and seem more appealing to the "moderate" voter. Cruz, like KKK member Duke, is working a much more involved and deep agenda, this time based in "economic segregation" and forwarding more Tea Party separatist crud. This country does NOT need more division, and any politician who supports economic genocide by heartlessly wiping out assistance for millions of our citizens in several ways everywhere because of a smaller group of constituents who don't care about the rest of America...there is no room for this kind of perversion and I honestly believe our society is better off and will grow more strong without it. These kind of people have led us to where we are now in the world with their "we're better than everyone else" attitude; are you happy about how we deal with the middle east, how our support abroad has weakened, how Wall Street tore this country apart financially, how the middle class has faded, how the economy crashed, how many kids are growing up in the U.S. just stupid, and how many go to bed hungry and wake up the same? I don't know about you but none of that brings me an iota of satisfaction. I'd bet Cruz doesn't agree at all with me.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    That filibuster of the Civil Rights Act was lead by the former Grand Cyclops of the KKK , lauded and feted Democrat Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd.

    "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negr0 by my side... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds." -- Robert Byrd

    What equally outrageous and racist thing was uttered by Ted Cruz?

    There is ample information on campaign funding on line and it shows that Republicans are not the only recipients of contributions from people or organizations that raise some people's emotional objections.

  • JayeWisdom profile image

    Jaye Denman 

    5 years ago from Deep South, USA

    John - This one is superb and right on the mark! Here's hoping that everyone of these insensitive boors gets voted out by Americans in the next Congressional election no matter how much big-dollar campaigning they do (funded, of course, by the deep-pocket corporations whose interests always come before those of American citizens--real PEOPLE--when these representatives cast votes in the House).

    Voted Up, Useful, Awesome and Interesting



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