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Congress Averts A National Debt Crisis on Aug.2,2011

Updated on October 12, 2015

‘’National Debt Crisis ‘’legislation

On Mon. Aug 1,2011 the House passed the ‘’National Debt Crisis ‘’legislation and immediately forwarded it over to the Senate. The leaders of both parties announced on Sunday that an agreement was reached and the agreement would be presented to members of Congress for voting for an approval of the legislation.

On Aug 2,2011, the Senate passed S.365 ‘’ Budget Control Act of 2011 ‘’ by a vote of 74 yeas- 26 nays.

A deficit reduction bill was first introduced in the Senate on Feb. 2, 2011 by Senator Harkin. House Speaker Boehner has previously said that he was in discussions with President Barak ’’ I ’’ Obama in Feb. regarding the national debt limits problems .One must wonder as to why the legislation took so long to finalize.

Shortly after the Senate voted to approve the House‘s third house approved bill , President Obama spoke to the public. The President announced that Congress averted a government default by meeting the Aug 2nd deadline. President Obama said that Congress still has more work to do. Now that the crisis was averted, the number one goal for Congress and President Obama is to direct their efforts to help the economy and the private sector to create job opportunities to reduce unemployment.

The signing of the ‘’ Budget Control Act of 2011 ‘’ legislation into law took place in the oval office. Normally when the President signs an important bill, he is surrounded by leaders of both parties of Congress. For whatever reasons President Obama did his photo op, signing the document, giving the impression that only he was the important party to the success of getting Congress to act. It appeared as just another Hollywood production for President Barak ‘’ I ‘’ Obama. Sad to say that the President never came forth with a deficit plan of his own before Congress finally acted.

Under the leadership of the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Senate, one must wonder why the promise of a 72 hour time frame to review and debate a bill prior to voting on the legislation wasn’t enforced. All the behind door meetings trying to coming to an agreement don’t seem appropriate if government wants to be transparent to the citizens.

Now that the legislation (S.365) has been approved, many Republican and Democrat party members were not happy with the results. Tea Party elected members of the House and Senate were a visible force to be reckoned with by the Congressional leadership. Tea Party member’s actions and involvement in negotiating terms had an impact ON NEGOTIATING the final settlement. The country is experiencing a new kind of fresh air in Washington and Congress.

According to the mainstream media there were no outright winners and or losers. The Tea Party members of Congress were being labeled as terrorist by the media and some members of Congress. We the people who elected them now have a voice and true representation. New blood has been injected in the US Government and change has come to Congress.

Is the battle over for now, very unlikely. The next challenge for the leadership is to select and appoint the 12 man committee to review and agree on the so called cuts in the agreement . Senator Reid claims there will be tax increases, Senator Mc Connell claims there are no tax increases. The ink has hardly dried and different aspects of the bill seem to differ.

The House has approved a 2012 budget ( Ryan Budget ) which was sent to the Senate back in Feb. The Senate promptly voted down the House’s budget upon it’s arrival in the Senate. The Senate has yet to present a 2012 budget some 360+ days late according to the rules of Congress. The CBO projected that the 2011 budget ending Sept 31,2011 will have a $1.25 trillion deficit. The 2011 budget was not approved until a majority Republican house was elected in Nov 2010.

Where does the country go from here now that the national debt limits have been increased? The first 2012 budget presented by President Obama in Feb to the Congress had a $2.5 trillion deficit. The Senate voted the Obama budget down 97-0. President Obama has not presented a revised 2012 budget, the Senate has no 2012 budget. Two thirds of our government is not working, wonder why? One half of congress is not doing it’s job. President Obama ‘s statements ‘’that Congress needs to do their job‘’ is only half the truth.

The House of Representatives sent two’’ deficit reduction ’’ bills to the Senate that were not allowed to be placed on the Senate floor for debate, amendments or a vote denying our elected representatives, who represent the people, their right to a vote.

With the national debt limit situation resolved, will the 2012 budget battle begin or will Obama and company stall out the year as President Obama and the Democrats did with the debt crisis? The battle will begin when Congress returns from the break in Sept. In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama made the creation of jobs, a number one issue in the 2008 election. Jan.2009 , the newly elected President again spoke of the need to create jobs to reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy, the result was the $858 billion stimulus package. Today unemployment remains over 9% and the economy has not improved as expected in the past 2.5 years that the Obama Administration and a majority controlled Democrat Senate has been in office.

On Aug 3,2011, President Obama urged Congress to approve the FAA budget that expired putting government employees on furlough. The facts are that Congress is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Obama is calling for the Republicans and Democrats to come back to Washington and approve the FAA bill. The fact is that the House has already approved the BILL and sent it to the Senate where Senator Reid did not take up the bill. Apparently the Senate needs to get back to work and take care of business. President Obama NEEDS TO BE MORE ACCURATE IN HIS STATEMENTS.

It was announced by Senator Reid on Aug . 5, 2011 that the Senate has approved a short term extension of the FAA bill .It is expected to be signed by President Obama on Sat. Aug 6,2011.

Today, Standard and Poor announced that the credit rating for the US Government has been lower one point. The reason for the downgrade was that the ‘’deficit reduction ‘’ bill did not provide sufficient cuts to keep the highest rating.

When Congress returns to Washington, will Congress take immediate actions as to Senator Coburn’s exposure of government waste of billions of dollars in our government? It’s time for the government to put some skin in the game! A living wage is not an unemployment check as some in Congress believe.

The Senator Coburn Report


Your Author Jon Ewall

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    • junko profile image

      junko 5 years ago

      All I have to say is Blue and Yellow dog Dixiecrats allow Republicans to control both houses of Congress.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


      4/8/13 an update on the 2014 budget process. The Senate and the House have passed a budget.


      House and Senate budget proposals compare?

      Senate Democratic and House Republican budget proposals

      The President has yet to submit his budget to Congress, the budget was due on 2/5/13.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


      ''I and most American don't understand all that political mumbo jumbo '' That is so true, part of the problem is the mainstream media and reporting the true facts without distortions.

      AP article in local newspaper wrote about the difference in the Ryan budget and the Senate budget. what I watched last nite and what the article said was true but not the whole truth which if I did not witness the Senate hearing would make a difference in the true facts. FOR EXAMPLE On medicare and Ryans medicare plan, is not the press reporting a slightly different version?Ryan and Van Hollen Debate Medicare Proposals 6/3/11

      The tape, uncut and not altered! ABC,NBC and CBS has been recently caught altering news tapes.

    • junko profile image

      junko 5 years ago

      Cut Cap and Balance is a very vague concept to me and many others including lawmaker on Capital Hill. Wasteful spending and duplicate spending is self-evident and witnessed by all Americans. I am sure that if wasteful spending, fraud, and corruption is addressed in congress there would be no debt problems. I and most American don't understand all that political mumbo jumbo but we know right from wrong.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


      OF 2011''.

      S.627 July 29, 2011 112th Congress


      TITLE.—This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Budget Control

      Act of 2011’’.

      (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS.—The table of contents for this Act

      C-Span broadcasted a Senate Budget Committee meeting on April 18, 2012 , the meeting was chaired by Senator Conrad. The Ryan/ Republican 2013 House budget was discussed in a BI-PARTISAN attempt to force Senator Reid to allow the bill to be discussed on the Senate floor. In closing the meeting ,Chairman Senator Conrad stated that the '' budget control act of 2011'' sufficed as a 2013,2014 and 2015 budget. The Senator 's statement was incorrectly stated. Budgets produce line item expenses and require Congress to pass a budget and forward to the President for his signature to be official. Senator Reid refuses to allow a vote on the President’s 2013 budget and the House’s budget passed by the House as required by Congressional rules. The Democrats game plan is not to do anything on the 2013 budget until after the Nov. 2012 general elections. The CBO estimated that the 2012 budget year is projected to show a $1.56 deficit. Since 2009 and each year of the Obama Administration, the total deficits are well over $5 trillion.

      Obama says that he needs another 4 years to fix the mess that he inherited from the previous administration. REALLY, should the American people be fooled again.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa


      The House passed a 2013 budget and sent it over to the Senate. Senator Reid again will not put the House Budget bill on the floor for debate, amend or pass/reject.

      Check these links for an update.

      1.TITLE.—This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Budget Control

      Act of 2011’’.

      (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS.—The table of contents for this Act

      2.27 House Jobs bills in the Senate waiting for approval by the Senate.

      What’s the hold-up, Obama or Reid?


      Obama chief strategist David Axelrod

      Live and uncut, scare tactics?

      4. 4/03/12

      President Obama comments on the Ryan budget, the TRUTH

      5.The President's Speech Distorts the Truth to Distract From His Failed Record

      THE PRESIDENT continues to blame the Republicans for delaying approval of his jobs bills.

      Oct 12,2011

      Obama Misleads on Opposition to Jobs Bill

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa



      The Senate under the leadership of Senator Reid has yet to pass a 2012 budget ( 1022 days and counting ) since President Obama took office. IN NOV.2012, WE THE PEOPLE must consider a change in Washington .One must wonder where are the jobs promised by the Democrat majority party in 2008? Since Jan. 2007, the government has been ( 2/3's ) controlled by the Democrat party members. It is hard to understand why President Obama always refers to what his administration was left with when he took the office of the Presidency. Senator Obama, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi were controlling the purse strings of the government, that‘s a fact. It’s all about ‘’ smoke and mirrors’’ and the mainstream media are not reporting.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

      Today is Jan. 30,1012. The Democrat majority controlled Senate has yet to present a 2012 budget as yet. It's been 1,005 days and counting that the Senate has yet to pass a budget. In the first 3 years of the Obama administration, the President has yet to present a budget that Congress can approve. In Dec., President ’’I’’ Obama requested Congress for the 2nd time to increase the National Debt limits another $1.2 trillion on top of last years $1.25 trillion. If Congress approves the President's request, the National Debt will be over $16 trillion. In November 2012, it is evident that the country desperately needs new leadership when the citizens go to the polls this year..

    • profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago

      REALLY, how much is enough! Sad and sorry to say that the Oath of Office taken by some of our elected Representatives in Government is just a bunch of words with little or no meaning to them. Many times President Obama and members of his administration have ignored the US Constitution and disregarded the Laws of the land.

      When the hypocrites say '' we are a nation of the rule of law'', they believe that they are truly above the law. The people should speak out when their representatives ignore the law by contacting them at every opportunity.

    • profile image 6 years ago from upstate, NY

      Jon Ewall- Congratuations on a well written and informative Hub! The things going on in government these days are unsettling indeed! While I always have believed in respecting the offices of our elected leaders, thier actions seem blatantly dishonest and self-serving.

      Sometimes we all have to do whats unpopular to do the right thing! The president needs to tell the truth that we have to cut entitlement spending, real changes must happen now because of course its not sustainable. The fact that our creditors have to tell us the bad news is disgraceful! As far as I'm concerned cap, cut and balance was the only halfway sane plan to get spending under control!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 6 years ago from usa

      The Senator Coburn Report July 21, 2011


      Black in the black, the SOLUTION


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