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Congressman John Lewis: speaking his mind just like Mr. Trump

Updated on January 17, 2017

Life and Death Matters come First.

Politicians argue and fight over issues. Any issues. This is what politicians do. Politicians know how to fight over issues. They have their own methods for fighting. Their methods are dirty, "hitting below the belt," sometimes. But that is politics. It is a game that Mr. Trump has not learning how to play very well yet. But he will be President on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Having said the above I need to attempt to explain where I am trying to go with my discourse. My readers may notice that I write on politics a lot. This is a bit unusual for a person who practiced medicine for more than 20 years, operates an Organic, education and training farm, and writes about "Theology in Nature as an Approach to Healthy Living." I am a Spiritual Person, by Nature, so everything I say and do have Spiritual underpinnings.

I am hoping that a number of the young people who read my writings on a regular basis will take a liking to History or Political Science and decide to study either or both of the topics seriously. I mean, working as a Historian or as a Political Scientist, at the professional level, that is, at the University level, is an exciting way to make a living during these troubled times. Teaching history at the high school level can be fun also, for those who do not want to earn a doctorate in History.

I dabble around in history and politics because I happen to enjoy both, but I am not that good at it. I am not a professional in history or politics by any stretch of one's imagination. I attended a high school, back when I was a young person, during Segregation, in the 1960's, that would have been labelled as a sub-standard institution by today's standards. However, the history teacher that I had there, an old African-American man, named Professor Myers, had earned a Master's degree in History. He was able to instill within me a love for History. Looking back, I am very surprised that I did not on to earn a PhD. in History. I loved History just that much, thanks to Professor Myer's excellent work with me during the time that he had my attention. Anyway, now that is "water under the bridge." I still take this time to encourage any young person who reads my writings to consider the colorful and exciting careers of History or Political Science. There is no better time in the history of our great country, the United States of America, (and if you are citizens in other countries in our Great Global Community, I am encouraging you also), to consider a career in one of these professions.

Getting back to John Lewis and Donald Trump. I mentioned above how we have very big problems on the horizon concerning the future of the United States of America and the greater global community. I am not trying to undermine Congressman Lewis' concern about Mr. Trump and his election to the highest office in the Land, the United States of America. All Congressman Lewis is saying is President Elect Trump got to be President of the United States of America "by using any means necessary." He is saying that Mr. Trump did not get to be President in an "Ethical Manner." Sometimes I forget that we are now living is a country where Ethics does not matter anymore. "Winning by any means necessary" is the rule of the day, in today's America. Moral behavior and thinking takes second seat to winning!

Having said what I said in the above paragraph, it is important to acknowledge that Mr. Trump did win the election given the rules that say that the Electoral College numbers decides the winner. Hilary Clinton got the most votes, when we count up all the people who voted, but winning the most voted does not matter in the United States of America.

Mr. Trump won the election. More than half the people in the United States of America don't like this fact because they hate Mr. Trump. But hate him or not, he won. This is way it is. Half the people living within the United States of America, including Congressman John Lewis, refuses to except what they see as "fowl play" within a Presidential Election process and outcome. Cheating got Mr. Trump elected. People living within the United States of America have a right to think, to believe and to speak their minds. This is what makes America a Great Country.

There is no "Making America Great Again." America is already Great. We can only go down hill from here is we fail to get our acts together.


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