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Republican Patriotism

Updated on March 17, 2010
Conservative Patriotism
Conservative Patriotism

Country First?

Senator John McCain and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin Presidential campaign slogan was "Country First."  At every rally for the Republican presidential and vice presidential candidate giants signs were everywhere claiming that Republicans put the country first.  Of course, McCain and Palin lost.

And apparently because the Republican candidates lost the Presidential election, conservatives now no longer feel a need to put the Country first.  Instead they now cheer for the Country to fail.  They cheer when bad things happens to Americans.  They now put solely their self interest before that of the nation.  Or as they put, they are patriots.

To Conservatives Praying For The President To Die Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives Praying For The President To Die Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives Hoping, Praying And Helping The Country To Fail Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives Hoping, Praying And Helping The Country To Fail Is An Act Of Patriotism

The "Religious" Right

Nothing says Patriotism like praying for the President of the United States to be killed. Yet, this is exactly what the Reverend Wiley Drake of the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park prays for every night before he goes to sleep. Drake stated on Fox News that he is only repeating what God has told him; that Barack Obama should die. And yet another preacher also shares in Drake's prayers. Pastor Steven Anderson said he prays for Barack Obama to die and go to hell. Preachers praying for the President of the United States to die; that is putting the Country first.

Wiley and Anderson are not the only conservatives praying or wishing for bad things to happen to President Obama. Conservative talk show Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly expressed his desire that President Obama fail and as a result the Country fail as well. Why you may ask; because his side lost. Plain and simple. After eight years of conservative failure under George Bush, the economy failing, America's loss of respect around the world, terror attacks, the destruction of Louisiana and people losing their jobs, homes and spirit, wouldn't the "Country First" party want a little success if only to ease the pain of so many Americans.

Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and others said the hell with that. I hope he takes the nation down and everything fails. That is putting the Country first.

To Conservatives, ignoring John McCain And Hoping The Country Fails Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, ignoring John McCain And Hoping The Country Fails Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, Doing Everything To Undermine Something Good For The Country On A World Scale Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, Doing Everything To Undermine Something Good For The Country On A World Scale Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, Cheering And Gloating When America Loses Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, Cheering And Gloating When America Loses Is An Act Of Patriotism

Yeah, We Lost

Senator John McCain is a good man and a real American hero. When he lost the Presidential election his speech was both gracious and moving. McCain stated, "I urge all Americans … I urge all Americans who supported me to join me in not just congratulating him, but offering our next president our good will and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity, defend our security in a dangerous world, and leave our children and grandchildren a stronger, better country than we inherited."

But the conservatives have not heeded John McCain's words. From day one that have been on a calculated mission to destroy anything Obama tries. From Health care, to the economy, to the cash for clunkers program, conservatives have been united to watch Obama fail, even if the country loses as well. And that is putting the country first.

Take for example the 2016 Olympic Games. Chicago, a city within the United States, had a serious bid to host the games. The Olympic Games would bring prestige, money and visitors to one of America's biggest cities. But solely because President Obama put his name on the project, conservatives began railing against the President because he was going to go make a personal pitch for the games. Conservative pundits argued it was a waste of the President's time and effort to get the games for his home city. They claimed that bribery and corruption were amiss, without every showing any facts. Never mind the fact that one of the beloved sons, Mitt Romney, claims that he is qualified to be President because he ran the organization that brought the Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City in 2002.

Much of the world watches CNN, NBC and Fox News. At the very least, they all are told what American news is saying about certain situations. And what does it tell the world when the Conservatives spend hours on television and on the radio stating how the Olympics are not a priority? What does it tell them that Conservative Americans believe the President is part of corruption involving the Olympics? It tells them they are not really wanted.

And when the Olympic Committee announced that Chicago would not host the 2016 games, conservatives in this Country rejoiced. The Conservative Website the Drudge Report, who worked for weeks to weaken the Olympic bid, rejoiced with its headline: "World Rejects Obama." John McCormick of the Weekly Standard wrote "Cheers erupt at WEEKLY STANDARD world headquarters." Rush, Glenn and Sean all had celebrations.

But did Obama lose, or did the Country lose? The 2016 Olympics were an opportunity to show the world that the United States was a welcoming nation again. It was a chance to be on the world stage again for two straight weeks. It was a chance to once again show America strength and endurance on American soil. It was a chance to teach, to learn and to gain. But the conservative rejoice because they only see that Obama was beat, not that the Country lost out and was snubbed by the rest of the world. And this was putting country first.

To Conservatives, Standing In Solidarity With Hamas And The Taliban Is An Act Of Patriotism
To Conservatives, Standing In Solidarity With Hamas And The Taliban Is An Act Of Patriotism
Patriotism Is More Than Celebrating When Your Side Wins
Patriotism Is More Than Celebrating When Your Side Wins

How Dare You?

On October 9, 2009 President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the will of Alfred Nobel, the Peace Prize should be awarded to "the person who shall have done the more or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Apparently, the people who decide who gets this believed the American President was worthy of this distinction this year. This is a great honor for the President personally but even a bigger win for the United States. After years of alienating the rest of the world, engaging in war on two fronts, and pitting country against country, the United States is once again viewed as a nation of peace. As a nation of statesman. A nation that still stands as a beacon on a hill.

Of course, the Conservatives do not view it this way. They are on the airwaves claiming that the President is not worthy of this honor. Rush Limbaugh called the decision a "bigger embarrassment than losing the Olympic bid." RNC Chairman Michael Steele stated that it was unfortunate that the president's star power has out shined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights." Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin stated that if Obama had an ounce of humanity he would give it back.

And the right is not alone in bashing Obama's awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Taliban has come out against it as well stating "We have seen no change in his strategy for peace. He has done nothing for peace in Afghanistan." Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh stated "Unless real and deep-rooted change is made in American policy toward recognizing the rights of the Palestinian people. I would think such a prize would be useless." So Obama should get credit here, when last year conservatives would not be in the same room with Muslims of any stripe, today Conservatives, the Taliban and Hamasstand in solidarity in bashing the President. Odd a true conservative, Mike Huckabee, believes the conservative outrage is odd and stated, "There will be an outcry from those on the right who will say that Obama's nomination, made two weeks into his Presidency, is impossible to justify, but I think such an outcry will sound like right-wing whining."

To Conservatives, It Is An Act Of Patriotism To Destory The Country To Get "Their" Country Back
To Conservatives, It Is An Act Of Patriotism To Destory The Country To Get "Their" Country Back

What Country Do They Want?

Many conservatives argue that they "want their country back." Which country are they referring to? Do they want back the years of George Bush? Do they hearken for the days of IKE? The only thing that is clear is that they hate Obama.

Conservatives hate President Obama because they feel he is too liberal, despite the fact that Liberals don't think he is liberal. They hate him because he is an academic, even though we want our children to go to college. They hate them because his proposed reforms will hurt the established corporate interests that run the Republican Party. And yes, some hate him because he is black.

But Conservatives claim to love America. But is it patriotic to claim you love America when it it obvious that you really can't stand Americans?


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    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Sacramento, California


      I appreciate you sharing your views, although I disagree with almost everything you wrote. As for the birther movement, I don't understand how anyone with common sense could follow this. Hawaii produced a birth certificate, what more do you want? As for McCain, nobody questioned his citizenship and he wasn't born in the United States. I don't question it, but I am just saying. The argument is ridiculous.

      What evidence is there that Obama is a Socialist? Healthcare? There is no public option. Socialist is a term that is easy to label without actually knowing what it means.

      Yes the left hated Bush. But they didn't bring guns to his appearences. They didn't openly pray for his death. They argued against his policies. And yes, they called him stupid. I think the movie W did a good job of portraying him and it didn't say he was stupid. Just not very curious.

      I agree Bill Clinton dropped the ball a bit on terrorism. But lets not forget that it was the Republicans who tried to destroy him because of an extra marital affair. To blame the left, or the right, for 911 is simply ridiculous. The people to blame are the ones who did it. Although, do I have to point out that Bush was warnted of the threat and went of vacation.

      There has been no terrorist action against the United States since Obama has taken office. Bush cannot make the same claim. And to really argue against rights endowed by our creator based on the individual is a violation of the very principles we used to believe in. What good are our principles if we don't live up to them when it is hard?

      Thanks for the comment.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home

      Dear Bgpoppa communist,

      This hub and all your little lefty communist Obama kool aid drinkers are all alike,Blame Bush for everythingblame rebublicans for everything when most if not all the countries issues are the democrats fault. lets start off with what you did

      America first - why was that a campaign slogan because Obama is so anti american- he is constantly bagging on our way of life, (how dare we as americans live well) our supposed greed- yes itzs so sad we want to live better than people in huts.

      As for death wishes on the president- we endured 8 years of that against Bush books were published, blogs written on how to do it. I blame democrats for 911 as much as i do Muslim Terrorist Extremeists, The Media which is all left leaning beside fox - limbaugh, Ingram, Coulter and Hannity constantly beset upon him with allegations of stupidity and ineptness, the terrorists all watch CNN and MESSNBC they get this idea and all of a sudden 911 happens. Although the terrorists hitting the US and all clinton that wuss did was lauch a few rockets- Years of Clinton letting the terrorists take it to the US Kobar towers, US African embassys WTC first bombs USS Cole. The lack of response emboldened the terrorists. WHY IS it there were no real successful or known attacks after 911 ? WHY because they knew Bush was coming aftewr them and would do so-

      Why have there been so many attacks with OBama- they know HE will- try them in court... oh no not another place for them to grandstand and denegrate the USA. They want to do us harm because now they get caught and get to indoctrinate more prisoners and they get to spout their anti-USa filth to the rest of the world televised in court.

      As for preachers... how dare you bring that up ta couple of them pray for Obama to die yet liberals everywhere prayed , put books out and openly asked for Bushes death check this page out on Bush Treats and this one when i googled death threats bush there were 1.8 million pages. While obama has 3.4 million, I wonder why????

      could it be everyone hates him more or is it because average americans didn't have to treaten Bush because the mefdia was so negative. I am not in favor of ANY prisident of the US being assassinated many of your lefty pals couldn't say the same I'm sure- Onward to more of your column. COUNTRY FIRST

      WHAT COUNTRY IS OBAMA TRYING TO HELP ? CHINA THE USSR ? He and his accomplices Reid and Pelosi are turning the US into Sweden , Greece or Germany and we see how well those socialistic relms are doing....We do NOT want the change he is bringing he ran a campaign of lies and deceit.

      As for McCain he was a good loser bad campaigner and did not play to win, he played and campaigned to be a footnote and thats what he will be Walter Mondale of the 2000's.Maybe we would have been nicer to Barry OHuessein Obama had the left given bush one shred of decency or cordial behavior after Seeptember 21 2001, the day bipartisan democrats sharpened their knives to plunge into W's back whenever they could. As for the olympics- they are a money loser and an open opportunity for terrorism, Chicago lost because their proposal was not as good and not even the all omnipotent Obama could pursuade them to come to Crime Central Chicago....Any Olympic city loses money during the olympics check out almost any site on olympic cities economics, crime, resident displacement , inconvenience, curfews, securiity issues/costs, reuse of venues and aftermath. The Olympics are nice but losing propositions. After the games are vgone the cities have the upkeep on the facilities- THE OLYMPICS a gift thagt keeps on taking.

      Next Point The nobel Peace Prize are you joling me what did tthe do nothing senator from Illinois do to deserve it?- Better yet what had he done to that point (or even now) to deserve anything??? A Nobel peace prize who gets the {eace Prize for what fleecing the american Public? Voting present 200 times?

      Saying a bunch of negative things about the USA.. not sur what your on but give me some....

      As for foreign policy Obama lives somewhere between Candyland and willy wonkas chocolate factory in the Land of misfit Toys- FANTASY land. If lil Barry Obama thinks he can ccharm terrorists who would just as soo n kill an american or Israli as talk to them.Why should we negotiate with terrorists whose motto is "IF YOUR NOT ISLAMIC YOUR DEAD!!!" How can you be freinds or negotiate with that = you think once they bwipe israel off the map they will just stop????? BUZZZZ Sorry NOPE Radical ISLAM is all about the destruction of infidels- those who are notIslamic, negotiate take another hit from the pipe!!! THE talibam\]n and HAMAS ARE RIGHT HE HAS DONE NOTHING... its sad but on occassion idiots like Hamas and Talibani are right he has done nothing.

      Lets get one thing straight I hate oBama because

      1. He has not proven to me or anyone else he is elligible to be president i.e. US born.

      2. He is a socialist despises corporations who make moneuy and will now punish them for being prosperous - spread the wealth

      33. I dont care what color thatr socialist is Republicans have many multicultural and racial members so your - Republicans atre racist comments are just sad and made to divide like typical liberals.

      4. I hate him because he is not living up to the protection of our country his weak stance on terrorism is abysmal.

      5. I hate his stance on trying and mirandizing terrorists.

      thank you for the opportunity to share my views I DO NOY HOLD YOU IN ANY RESENTMENT DESPITE MY GREAT OBJECTION TO YOUR VIEWS


    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Tucci78 profile image


      9 years ago from New Jersey

      The illusion that we have a "two-party system" (in other words, that there is in any way a significant difference between the Republican and Democrat wings of what we might as well consider the one big, permanently incumbent Boot On Your Neck Party that makes up our nation's political class) is worth discarding, don'tcha think?

      The people who currently call themselves "conservatives" have always been largely execrable. They wander through life longing for an ill-remembered set of "good old days" in a past that really never was, and are identifiable chiefly for their hostility to anything alien to their purblind and tremulous appreciation of "The Way Things Oughta Be" (to borrow a Limbaugh title).

      I've yet to meet a "conservative" who didn't demonstrate a rotten spot or six in his political make-up when you probed diligently. The conservative who goes along, for example, with repealing the Federal Reserve Act (and thus putting paid to the gadarene issue of counterfeit currency which is presently turning this nation into Zimbabwe writ large) is at the same time vehemently dedicated to continuing the utterly dead-from-the-neck-up "War on (Some) Drugs."

      Tsk. And when you point such a boob to a reliable and easily appreciable history of that latter issue (see as an instance) he plugs his ears, squinches his eyes shut, and starts chanting "Nurmee! Nurmee! Nurmee! I-can't-HEAR-you!"

      Dumb as a "Liberal," almost all of 'em.

      But it is not a dearth of patriotism for the conservative (or anybody else) to condemn our Marxist Messiah and his coterie of criminal conspirators currently infesting Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

      A rational patriotism (as opposed to blind chauvinism) motivates the individual to wish what is best for his polity, and given that these United States are supposed to be a federation served by a national government operating under the prescribed and explicitly limited powers of the Constitution, any politicians - whether occupying elective office or faunching for it - are to be assessed on the basis of their intentions and actions under the aegis of that Constitution.

      Given our present condition in both the Congress and the Executive, the announced policies and actions are uniformly violative of that Constitution, and therefore the patriotic impulse cannot be other than to vehemently oppose the current presidential administration, even to the ludicrous point of praying for old "Hairplug Joe" Biden to precipitously assume the leadership while we all enjoy a nice state funeral.

      I mean, if praying could really accomplish anything, d'you think that we'd have had that ludicrous choice between Manure Pile "A" and Manure Pile "B" a year ago?

      So much for that fellahin impulse of the conservatives. Reminds us entirely too much that the current crop are the philosophical heirs of the folks who brought us the bloody stupidity of Prohibition and the carnival delights of the Scopes Trial.

      As for the Republican Party....

      Well, Dr. Clyde Wilson put the matter perfectly a few years ago, in his essay "The Republican Charade: Lincoln and His Party."*

      From which I quote:

      "Apparently millions continue to harbor the strange delusion that the Republican party is the party of free enterprise, and, at least since the New Deal, the party of conservatism. In fact, the party is and always has been the party of state capitalism. That, along with the powers and perks it provides its leaders, is the whole reason for its creation and continued existence. By state capitalism I mean a regime of highly concentrated private ownership, subsidized and protected by government. The Republican party has never, ever opposed any government interference in the free market or any government expenditure except those that might favour labour unions or threaten Big Business. Consider that for a long time it was the party of high tariffs – when high tariffs benefited Northern big capital and oppressed the South and most of the population. Now it is the party of so-called 'free trade' – because that is the policy that benefits Northern big capital, whatever it might cost the rest of us. In succession, Republicans presented opposite policies idealistically as good for America, while carefully avoiding discussion of exactly who it was good for."

      In addition, I might recommend the works of Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, who takes a much sharper blade to the bloated belly of the Republican Party than bgpappa could ever wield. Some of his works are collected conveniently online at:

      In short, the conservatives suck almost as badly as do the "Liberals," and the Republican faction is the marginally better wing of the Boot On Your Neck Party only by dint of their not being Democrats.

      And that's not saying much, is it?


      * At

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Agreeable disagreement about issues, can that really happening? Shouldn't you call me a communist now? Shouldn't I play the race card?

      I thank you as well. Only if politicians took the take to actually debate, respectfully, perhaps big issues could find solutions.

    • mythological1 profile image


      9 years ago from Coastal Georgia

      You are welcome and I, too thank you for keeping this a friendly debate and an agreeable disagreement. so to speak. More to come I am sure.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California


      Hadn't heard Grayson's comments, nobody hears Grayson's comments, because nobody cares who he is. He is not the President giving a speech before a joint session of Congress with the world watching. Anyways, I think after the apologies that story should have died, but it does show a lack of respect for the President. despite how much Bush was hated, nobody treated him with that much disrespect in that forum. He was the President, and people treated him as such.

      As for the Olympics, we were going to lose them. He tried to change that. I don't see the problem. It didn't work. A majority of the IOC votes afterwards said their minds were already made up. South America gave a strong case.

      As for Afghanistan, that war was forgetten in order to fight in Iraq. The Iraq mistkae is the very reason Afghanistan is in the situation it is today. we can easily send more troops there now because of Iraq. The "Surge" came after five years of bad policy on two fronts. And all the surge does is make the Iraqi people more dependent on the United States, not less. But I hope you are right, and the Iraqi people can have their country back. I am not in favor of pulling out of either place; we broke it, we should fix it. Allowing Obama a few weeks to make sure the strategy is right is a good thing. Bush had seven years to get it right, and never did.

      and it was the government saying anyone who opposed the war was unamerican. It was Dick Cheney. It was Karl Rove. It wasn't just the right wing pundits. Maybe not Beck, I don't know, but Hannity and Rush for sure said those same things.

      As for the government report you refer to, it is the same type of report written for years. Nobody talked about it under a Conservative President. And please do not overgeneralze what it said. And by the way, the guy who shot up the Hololcaust Museum, fit the profile advanced in that report.

      Fun yes, but substantive too, and for that I thank you for your comments

    • mythological1 profile image


      9 years ago from Coastal Georgia

      Ok,back to the Limbagh statement. Once again, no where in that speech linked to above, did he say he wants the country to fail, he says he wants Obama to fail. He wants Obama's policies to fail. Which some people will argue is the same as meaning he wants the Country to fail. Negative. In the opinion of many conservatives, the saving and success of America is dependant on Obama and his policies to fail. For them to succeed would mean Bigger government, more government dependency more government regulation and control, thus the failure of the American way of life where failure is not only an option but it is guaranteed only if you give up. It would mean the end of Small business if Obama has his way with the Commerce Commission, which by the way represents 95% of all small business. Small business employ 80% of America's workforce. (small business being under 100 employees.) The failure of The American small business is the end of American business in general.

      Today is a prime example of Obama Politics at work. This Administration bails out GM then closes plant after plant. They re-tool a GM plant and Joe Biden cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony today. Did they do this in Detroit where, as of August, the Unemployment rate was at 17%? No they did it in Connecticut where the unemployment rate is 8% (August data). Not much sense in that.

      Your argument on withholding support in Afghanistan. Towards the end of the Bush administration the majority of U.S. forces were finishing up the surge in Iraq, a surge that was extremely successful. Since the announcement of the re-election coming up in Afghanistan, Taliban and insurgent attacks have increased in order to intimidate the Afghan people. It was tried in Iraq as well, however the troop surge convinced the Iraqi people that we were committed. We are not showing that in Afghanistan. We are showing hesitation and fear. So much so, that to date Oct 2009 has been the deadliest month of the war and the month isn't over yet. It is not a coincidence. The Taliban is telling the people " we are still here and not going anywhere, the Americans are getting tired and weak. We will remember what side you were on when they leave."

      The fact of the matter on the Olympics is that President Obama didn't have to go. Michelle Obama went to represent the Nation. The Nation was poorly represented by all parties there. It was not represented as a Nation worthy of the Olympics but rather as a charity case. As for taking time off, all well and good as long as the job gets done, every one needs a break now and again. the key being that the job still gets done. The difference of opinion seems to be whether that is the case.

      As for the liberals being un-American- that is coming from talk show hosts not the Government unlike when the Government report came out stating that people that had different views than the Government on taxes, the economy and other important issues, were a threat to the Government and easy recruits for home grown terrorist organizations, especially Military Vets since they had the training and skills. BTW Beck was always telling people that if they opposed the war that was thier right, but regardless they needed to support the troops.

      Just a little add on to the Wilson screaming match. He was condemned for his words yet no Democrat is speaking out against Dem. Representative Alan Grayson for calling the Assistant to Fed Chairman Bernanke, Linda Robertson, "a k street whore" during a live radio interview. You can read it and listen to the audio of it here. personally I think that deserves a reprimand just as much if not more than Wilson's comments.

      Anyway, this is still fun. shall we continue?

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Persoanlly, I think the whole Wilson thing was overdone, but he did get a whole lot of campaign money afterwards.

      I look forward to your points.

    • mythological1 profile image


      9 years ago from Coastal Georgia

      Pressed for time will comment more later but I have to quickly dispute the last paragraph. They cheer against the Preidents policies, ONE REPUBLICAN made the outburst and was quickly condemned for it by both sides of the aisle. Haven't heard the whole evening out/play thing but have heard about how much he spends to throw lavish parties every wednesday at the White House. Hannity, beck and Limbaugh have quit with the whole birthplace crap. Their listeners may bring it up and they are quick to tell their listeners that that point is dead.

      I will comment more later after I have had time to look over the link and have more time to make valid points against your points against my point etc.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      I believe it was the spin machine, I will post here for your ease when I have a moment.

      As for Afghan, where was the surge of allied troops at the end of the Bush Administraion? England was already pulling troops out as was the rest of the "coalition." Afghanistan is our fight whether we like it or not, and taking time to figure out a strategy is appropriate. And if the Afghan people don't trust their own government, they will turn to the people who fill that leadership void, which will be the Taliban. Withholding support is the only thing that brought about a re-election.

      As for the Olympics, I remember people defending George Bush vacation for a month or so every few months by stating that he can run the Country from a ranch in Texas. Really, a less than a day trip to promote America on Air Force One and he is ignoring his duties? 25 mintues face to face is a good use of time.

      As for the surge, The General is a good soldier. of course he wants more troops, they always want more troops. But to do what? That is the question. Bush ignored this war for five years and conservatives are angry over a few weeks to decide the right strategy? Just politics. Even McCain said over the weekend that Obama is is right in thinking it out (in reaction to Cheney's remark re dithering)

      Thanks again for your comment

      Here is the link

      If that doesn't work it is one his website.

      The point with Rush, Glenn and Sean is that for eight years liberals were told if they didn't agree with Bush's politics, they didn't support the troops and were unpatriotic. If they opposed a war, they wanted terrorists to win (Max Cleland) If they opposed torture, they didn't care about the troops. If they oppososed wiretapping, they didn't care about terrorism.

      I disagreed with President. I never hated him. I hated his policies. I hated the war in Iraq, Wiretapping and torture. Does that make me unamerican.

      According to conservatives, yes it did. Now conservatives openly cheer against the President. Scream at his during joint sessions of Congress. Hate him when he takees an evening to take his wife to a play. Attack his birthplace. These aren't policies, these are personal. This is not putting country first.

    • mythological1 profile image


      9 years ago from Coastal Georgia

      Obama' IN-action in Afghanistan has led to our so-called aliies delaying in their sending of more troops as promised. The re-election should have no bearing on whether we send in more troops, however a continued show of support by the newly elect president of the United States might very well have bearing on the out come of the elections. War is not a wait and see game. Waiting allows the opposition time to regroup and strategize. Anything less than a troop surge will be ineffective and show weakness to those we do not need to show weakness to, our enemies. It may show strength and compassion for peace to our so-called allies, but then again they won't be the ones with the most to lose if things turn out badly in Afghanistan.

      The republican heath care plan proposed under Bush was shot to pieces by the democrats and a few moderate republicans. It was the health care savings and investment plan that allowed people to invest in their own retirement and health care plans. The Dems shot it down saying that it would take too much money out of Federal Government control and that people didn't know how to properly invest in thier own well being and future.

      As for the Olympics, had the 3 O's presented the case in the proper manner we may have gotten it. The main issue that most people had with the bid was the fact that Obama sent the First lady and the First lady of daytime television over to do the bidding. Instead of taking care of the Afghan issue and other issues here at home he had to waste time and money and go try to make himnself look better and got shot in the a$$ for his trouble. Granted he did spend a whole 25 minutes talking with Gen McChrystal but considering the situation in Afghanistan 25 minutes is a token jesture that rates right above a "talk to the hand".

      Granted Bush pushed for the olympics, but that was when the spending of billions of dollars on it would not have been so much of a strain on the economy as it is now. According to the Vancouver Sun it will cost Canada over $6 Billion dollars to host the Winter Olympics this winter. A price tag that the taxpayers will have to meet and the Government will reap all the profits if there are any.

      Which post had the Rush speech. I don't listen to him every day so I missed that speech. ( isn't this fun?)

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Well I appreciate your comments and your point of view, even though I disagree.

      I disagree that Rush and Hannity have offered plans, saying let the market work is not a plan. Of course, they are not politicians so they don't need a plan.

      George Bush gave a speech last September talking about the need of the Olympics in Chicago. Republicans applauded his ambition. Now they celebrate when they don't come. What changed? Only they are no longer in power.

      Limbaugh says he wants the country to fail to prove how bad liberalism is? I have the speech posted on another hub.

      Obama probably has not done enough to get the Nobel Prize. I concede that. He got it because he was not George Bush. But an American President is respected around the world. What is wrong with that? Yes, America has made mistakes, what is wrong with admitting them. It rids the people who hate of the arguments against us. It reminds the world why America is great. To not ackowledge mistakes is a sign of weakness in the long run, not strength. We are in a better position today then we were under George Bush. Our allies no longer hate us. Our enemies see that we have credibility again. They can only point to George Bush as evidence now and the world reacts with the new image. What is wrong with that.

      The fact of the matter is that conservatives oppose Obama just to oppose him. They are not putting country first. No matter what he says on Afghanistan, they will say why it wrong. Republicans first pushed cap and trade, now they oppose it. Where was the Republican Healthcare plans under George Bush? They had none. Now they oppose any change and are fighting for medicare? since when does the right support medicare?

      But again, I appreciate your comment and your willingness to debate. I don't care about a comment's length, as long as something is brought to the table. You surely did that in a logical and respectful way. We just disagree, nothing wrong with that.

    • mythological1 profile image


      9 years ago from Coastal Georgia

      BG I usually enjoy reading your posts and this one was not much different. I just never expected that you would fall for all the media hype. I must point out some discrepancies, I tried this earlier but it might have been too big so it may take more than one comment. I will apologize in advance for the length.

      First and foremost, none of the three major Conservative Talk show hosts, (Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck) have ever said that they wish this Country to fail. They have on numerous occasions expressed their desire for the Policies and agenda of the Liberals in Congress and Obama to fail. They feel that if these policies succeed that it would cost this Country too much, both in monetary terms and restriction on the people and industry. There is a big difference between wanting the Country to fail and wanting the agendas of those in power to fail.

      They all agree that health care needs reform in this country, however they disagree with the proposed changes. Each has offered their own views on the changes needed. The cash for clunkers program was a huge success for the people that got the new cars but that is it. The tax payers lost their a&&es as did many dealers that still have not received their Government guaranteed reimbursement.

      Obama’s “bid” for the 2016 Olympics was a joke, Have you actually heard the speeches that were made? Michelle O. spoke of her father and his dreams. Barack O. spoke of his childhood dreams and his desires for his children to have it better than he did. About how he pulled himself up and what HE has done. The Big O talked about how run down and impoverished the neighborhoods are and how poor the people are. Shouldn’t they have talked about what the City of Chicago had to offer the IOC instead of what the IOC had to offer them? You are right, Conservatives rejoiced, not at the loss of the Olympics, but at the slap down that the Obama’s got through the exact same arrogance that they have repeatedly criticized ‘America’ for having.

      Of course the fact that after preaching Climate Change and energy responsibility they take not one but 2 airliners and, at a bare minimum, 2 C-5 Galaxy heavy transport planes to this bidding. Not to mention that the cost to the taxpayers for the trip for those two aircraft (Support aircraft and personnel not included) has been estimated by Pentagon figures at between $1.1M and $2.1M for fuel and Maint.

      Obama goes in front of the world and apologizes for the way that America has acted. World leaders such as Chavez, Ghadafi, Achmedinijad and Castro applaud him and adore him, yet they have all expressed that Obama does not deserve the Nobel Prize. Obama himself said he did nothing to deserve it, yet he gives the appearance of being the schoolyard bully and accepts in anyway.

      I think we can agree on one thing. Both sides think they know what is best for the way they want this country to be. The dilemma lies in figuring out what the majority if the American people want this country to be and how to make it work for everyone. (Figure that one out smarty pants lol j/k)

      To use Obama’s own words to describe Wiley and Anderson. JACKASS.(es)

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      I agree that many of the Republicans, the more extreme conservative wing have done this, but I am cautious not to paint to broad a brush. I was watching Joe Scarborough this morning, who is a Reagan Republican, and he was echoing some of the same thoughts I wrote here. But I agree, the Limbaughs and Becks certainly are not putting country first and should be ashamed.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      With their celebration of the US losing our Olympics bid, the right wing Republicans have proven once and for all that they are in no way "patriotic." They simply do not care about this country. They only care about their own power & money.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      No worries, OD, you opinions are always welcomed here.

    • profile image

      opinion duck 

      9 years ago

      Thanks bgp, I might have misread your hub.

      Your comment was succinct and accurate, especially the special interests.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Opinion Duck,

      I very much agree with you statement. People should vote for the person, not just a party. And I agree that the "two" party system is currently failing us. Both sides are bought and sold by special interests.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      opinion duck 

      9 years ago

      I am neither Democrat nor Republican but you Democrats whine all the time. You whine when you win and you whine when you lose.

      Didn't the Democrats do the same thing when the Republicans were the majority?

      The problem with the country is the two party system. Loyal robot voters for both parties allow their party to have Carte Blanche with their vote.

      The parties rarely agree and spend most of their time in office wasting time. They fight, argue and procrastinate on doing work for the people. The act like unruly siblings and they would rather better the other party than do something good for the country.

      The loyal party voters are the blame for the problem. Voters should vote for the best person for the job without regard for their party.

      For example, the Presidents and Congress had the last forty years to prevent the current energy crisis and they chose to just pee on each other.

      Remember, that oil and energy is not just an economic problem, it is also more importantly a defense issue.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Thanks for the comment.

      I believe there are many Republicans who disagree with Obama and his policies but do not root for the Country to fail. They are the few who are giving ideas on a number of topics. Some they have found compromise, some they haven't. But they are trying.

      Then there are the others. Who say no for the sake of saying no. Who root when the Country fails. These are only the wackos unless you consider Beck and Limbaugh wackos. They are the base of the Republican party. But notice that I did not call this Republican Patriotism, because there are good hearted Republicans out there who disagree with Obama but don't cheer when people are hurt or the Country is embarrassed.

    • profile image


      9 years ago from The Planet Earth

      so according to you we have to blindly follow the democratic platform or we are being mean spirited and hateful and we want the country to fail. thats the message im getting from this hub. making an example of a bunch of wackos on the right and grouping them in with the large body of Americans who disagree with our countries current direction based on rational disagreement.

      your just building a straw man so you can attack it. that or you honestly believe that anyone who disagrees with Obama and his reckless and ruinous spending spree on the taxpayers is out to destroy the country.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Seems to the definition these days.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about. You make some valid points. Peace, CC


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