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Conservative vs. Liberal Progressives

Updated on January 26, 2018
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


I am summarizing the differences between conservatives and progressives when it comes to popular issues and hopefully offer solutions. I apologize up front if I miss-represent any positions. Use the comment below and I will correct them.

- Jan. 2018


Here are 12 areas of differences between the two parties.

  1. immigration
  2. government size
  3. government spending
  4. taxes
  5. National security
  6. guns
  7. privacy
  8. Unions
  9. climate change
  10. religion
  11. abortion
  12. Public schools


Conservatives wants immigration to be a legal process. We don’t want people crossing our borders and over staying their VISAs. We also want to determine who gets to come here. There are good reasons to be selective. We want healthy and people with skills that can help us. We want immigrants to support themselves and not become a burden to society, Our proposals are humane. We want a strong border enforcement, like a wall and we want to track who is hear.

Liberals believe in an open borders policy. They may not say it or admit it but all their actions support this. They don’t want a wall. They want people to come here legally and illegally. They treat the two equally with the same brush. They support a sanctuary city policy. They don’t want local enforcement officers helping ICE. They don’t want voter ID laws to prevent fraud. They are happy with the status quo with each year, more and more illegal or undocumented people come and stay and then take jobs that could have gone to citizens. They keep wages low among the low skilled workers. They commit crimes at a higher rate but liberals don’t want any report of this. Some even vote in our elections and liberals encourage it even though it is unlawful.

Size of Federal Government

Conservatives believe that the government should be limited in size as dictated by our Constitution. There are enumerated powers and all other functions are to be delegated to local and States. The other reason we think it should be restricted is because they are inefficient and wasteful. When a government agency gets involved, it is bureaucratic and cost more and the people get less.

Progressives on the other hand loves to expand government. It gives them power over individuals. They want to tax you more to spend on the projects they like. it is full of cronyism.


Conservatives believe government spending needs accountablility. We want to have a safety net to help the people in need and the disabled. we don't want a cradle to grave mentality where the government is the source of all services. First of all, the government cannot provide unlimited resources. Second, the efficiency is degraded when you add many layers of regulations. Spending is best provided at the local level where they understand the issues and can solve the problems at hand.

Progressives wants to divide our citizens and will claim income inequality as a source of contention. They want to tax the rich to level the playing field. They feel they are smarter than the American people and determine how best to spend our money. They will go as far as to spend money that we don't have and borrow from our kids and grandkids.


Conservatives believe in a fair tax or a flat tax. The tax is used to pay for common defense and common services that we all use and share. Everyone should have astake in the game. Even low income earners should pay a small token in taxes.

Progressives believe in a progressive tax structure. They want the rich to pay most of the share. However, you can do the math and the rich does not have enough money to carry the full load. It falls on the middle class who bears the bulk of the tax burden. What they fail to realize is that human nature dictates that we should be fair about taxation. When it becomes too lopsided some will either cheat or move away to avoid the heavy burden.

When it comes to taxes, I have a simple formula. I think no one should have to pay more than 25% of their income regardless of how much one makes. This will insure that the tax does not become punitive and some will stop productive work to avoid being taxed. You can argue what is that magic number, 25%, or 30% but no more.

Let's face it, however more one taxes its people, its never enough. There are endless programs that could be funded. That is why, unless there is a war or a national catastrophy, we should establish a maximum rate for personal taxes. This will provide enough funds, or a budget, that the administrators can use to do their job.


I have outlined these 12 areas of disagreement and possible solutions. Please take a moment and vote in the poll below. Thanks for your help.

Poll on which side do you agree with

How many of these issues do you agree with Conservatives?

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© 2018 Jack Lee


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 2 months ago

      The Progressives vision of America is very un-American!