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Conspiracies Against Pakistan

Updated on January 19, 2017


Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has been victim of foreign and domestic conspiracies. In 2001 the war on terror brought to the Afghanistan, Iraq and some of the Middle Eastern countries like Libya etc.

Since 2001, main terrorist organizations and many offshoots of terrorist organizations have been in and around Pakistan, they have/had easy entry into Pakistan from neighbor country Afghanistan. Why the foreign and domestic anti Pakistan elements trying their best to destabilize Pakistan? according to analysts, because Pakistan is economically emerging country of the world, although the picture is being presented otherwise, and of course by those who do not want to see Pakistan prosper in every walk of life.

More than sixty thousand individuals i.e. civilian, law enforcement agencies personnel as well as personnel of armed forces have been killed in Pakistan's war against terrorism.

The Fruit of China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China and Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC) is the game changer not only for Pakistan-China but for the whole region. This project will bring prosperity, development and stability especially in Pakistan. Any person with the relevant knowledge of aforementioned project, can tell you that this project will change destinies of not only Pakistan-China but all stakeholders.

Prime Minister Secretariat
Prime Minister Secretariat
Gawadar Port
Gawadar Port
Islamabad City
Islamabad City

A Job Well Done

Pakistan's military and other security institutions are capable of the required defense of the country, however internal conspiracies funded by some foreign elements are not easy to unearth. That is why after a hard work and targeted operations against terrorists, Pakistan is still facing (Though minimal) terrorist attacks. In present time where no place in the world is being considered fully secured, Pakistan is doing very well in securing its parameters from terrorists.

Onus on All Concerned Quarters

Economy and security are need to be prioritized by the civilian incumbent government of Pakistan, big lavish development projects and huge infrastructures are good but not good enough at this time. The concentration should be towards reinstatement of peace and security in the country. Many fifth columnist sitting inside Pakistan are trying to prove the rift between civilian and military leadership of Pakistan, which is not healthy at all.

The Bigger Picture

People of Pakistan need peace, security, economic development and prosperity for them and their generations to come. The concentration of citizens of Pakistan is being diverted towards trivial issues, of course with a very well planned agenda. The grim picture of Pakistan is being presented throughout the world with an agenda to stop foreign investments and destroy the reputation of the country.

People of Pakistan are not terrorists neither they support terrorism. Pakistan has hundreds of thousands well qualified doctors, engineers, scientists, IT experts, security officers, managers, executives etc.

This psychological warfare to defame any certain country and/or region needs to be stopped immediately.The world has changed and so is the way of war, psychological warfare like the one which is being implemented on Pakistani nation is just a waste of money, manpower etc. The world should accept the facts and should make joint efforts for a better, safer and prosper world for our children.


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