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Conspiracy Theories Overheard

Updated on October 14, 2015
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In addition to writing for Hubpages, Marc can also be found co-hosting Blogtalk Radio with Tie Jones and Writing for a local newspaper.

Was downtown talking to some of my peers, and they were telling me about how Timberlyne (the clothing chain and not sure about spelling) was owned by the Klan, and how some fast food restaurants were grinding up kids and putting them in fast food..

They also talked about how Sunkist, the drink was actually another word that dealt with evil, and how Pepsi Co was really Pepsi and Coke merged together, and of course some of the things they were talking about were based in reality. Like it is a known fact that there is a product out there now that has to do with Moonshine and that Coca Cola did originally have some elements of Cocaine in it..

This got me to wondering, what are some of the interesting conversations you have had about conspiracies, and which conspiracies theories do you actually believe.

What are your views on King's and Malcolm X's assassination? What are your views on the illumanati? Let's talk what we feel and believe....Might make for some interesting conversations...


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