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Conspiracy Theories of the World’s Richest: Debunking the Rothschild Myths

Updated on December 22, 2017

A shady elite family hell bent on world domination? Members of the Illuminati? The true face of the New World Order? For many years paranoid, off-the-grid, conspiracy theorists have divulged in an array of myths about the Rothschilds being the world’s richest and most secretive people who control everything without us even knowing about it. Interesting as these conspiracies are crazy these myths are usually rooted in deeply anti-semitic sentiments such as ideas like: “the Jews run the world” etc etc… Anyway here are five facts that put the idea of reptilian Rothschild aliens to bed:

The Rothschilds are not worth 500 trillion dollars

Are the Rothschilds super-rich? Yes. Do they own 500 trillion dollars? No. There isn’t even 500 trillion dollars in circulation or on the electronic balance sheets of the all the banks around the world combined. In fact there’s only 80 trillion dollars available. So the Rothschilds cannot possibly own 500 trillion dollars worth of money.

How much do the Rothschilds actually have?

Combined the family’s net worth is around $400 Billion according to This is a hefty sum of money and is a lot for one family to own so and it is true that the Rothschild family is the richest families around to date. I can sort of see why people would believe that the Rothschild’s run everything as they do have a lot of money between. However….

They’re not on the top 25 in the Bloomberg Billionaires list…

Sorry but not even one Rothschild is even in the top 25 people who are the richest in the world. The Bloomberg Billionaires boasts the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates as some of the highest ranking billionaires, but these guys didn’t inherit much, they’re mainly all self-made billionaires. So, although the Rothschilds do have the all time richest family around, it is their individual wealth that keeps them from being at the top of the Bloomberg Billionaires list.

Satan’s Pamphlet

After the battle of Waterloo, an anti-semitic pamphlet was distributed throughout Europe by a left wing controversialist and anti-semite called Georges Dairnvaell writing under the pseudonym of Satan. Lying about Nathan Rothschild’s observation of the battle of Waterloo, the pamphlet then details how Nathan paid a handsome figure to fishermen to ferry him back to England. When he arrived in England he allegedly made a killing on the stock exchange market now that the war had been won because he knew who won before anyone else did. The pamphlet has been proven to be a fabricated myth as Nathan never observed the battle of Waterloo and the pamphlet itself has been revised many times since.

Though there is something shady going on…

Like many aristocrats at the time, the Rothschilds wanted to keep their wealth in the family. This then led to many… consanguineal relationships. Thus out of 36 Rothschild cousins between 1824 and 1877, 30 of them married one another. It may not be the damning evidence you wanted to prove they were behind the New World Order, but it’s still pretty shady nonetheless…

So there you have it then, the Rothschilds aren’t nearly as relevant as people make them out to be. Have you found any credible source that suggest otherwise? Do you believe in the Illuminati? Comment your answers below and please share this article if you enjoyed it.


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