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Conspiracy of Zoe Quinn

Updated on November 28, 2014
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who exactly is Zoe Quinn? Zoe Quinn is an Indie developer of a game on Steam called Depression Quest. Now that may not seem like anything important at the moment...until you actually play the game. Depression Quest, as most of the Steam community will agree, is not a game like any other on Steam, in fact it doesn't even seem like a game meant for Steam. So how exactly did this game get through Greenlight?

Fine Young Capitalist

Do you want to prove that women can make a great game but have no video game development skills? Well the Fine Young Capitalist can help you, all you need is a good idea and they will even make it for you, and you even get a percent of the money the game earns. However, according to Zoe this is oppression. Getting free concept art, programmers, and even giving a huge portion to charity. Wow, that sounds just like oppression to me and needs to abolished...not.

The Fine Young Capitalist even tried contacting "journalist" about this, all they said was "well, if Zoe says it's oppressive then it obviously is" instead, they wanted the Fine Young Capitalist to donate their money to Zoe's Rebel Jam, which had no start date but totally wasn't just a scam. All this group wanted to do was help people and Zoe just had to ruin it.

5 Guys

Nathan Grayson, Robin Arnott, Joshua Boggs, Brandon McCartin, Kyle Pulver. Let's start with Nathan. Nathan Grayson, vdieo game journalist who wrote for rock paper shotgun and currently works at kotaku. Nathan is another man Zoe had sex with, in exchange for him writing good reviews for Depression Quest. However it is not just Zoe having sex for good publicity she is also using to suppress bad publicity. Hell, these guys even attack anybody who even criticizes her on social media, for example MundaneMatt's video on YouTube which got taken down due to having a public photo of Depression Quest, which Zoe claims is her intellectual property, even though it was a public photo on Steam. Let's move over to Joshua Boggs, Joshua was Zoe's boss, who like everyone on this list she has sex with. At the time of their "relationship" Zoe was dating a man named Aron, and Josh was married. I find it odd that this did not cause her a crisis of conscience, even though she has made statements in the past about how wrong it is to have affairs and how awful it is to cheat on somebody when you are married, but then again she is a liar, which means she is going to say one thing and do another. Some of the other names on the last are Kyle Pulver and Robin Arnott both Indie game developers. Brandon McCartin, multi award winning game dev prodigy of Fez, and Aquaria

Streisand Effect

When all of this first came to light the corrupted gaming press first tried silence and hoped that it would go away. Next they tried censorship just like the Streisand effect and just like last time, this did not work. Now they are trying to attack people and once again it will not work.

Max Temkin is one of the developers of the multiplayer party game Cards Against humanity. Max was accused of rape, only accused yet these "journalist" were all over him, every website was after him. Zoe on the other hand actually admits to raping someone and no one even said a single word about it, because they were afraid of being attacked. it's unjust that these "feminist" and other followers of Zoe Quinn won't let anyone else get a word in, as soon as they try they will be halted and forced to back down.

When internet journalism appeared we truly believed that it would be different, that we would report to each other and not make corrupted decisions. However what took decades with regular journals only took a couple of years online. We are supposed to write the truth, it's what readers deserve, not conspiracies and false information.


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