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Constant SSRI Use Very Important

Updated on June 29, 2010

Constant SSRI/Abilify Use Deters "Sneak Attacks"

      Wow!  I just got hit with everything these suckers have to offer.  I cannot over-emphasize the continual use of S.S.R.I'S to combat brainwashing/mental invasion attempts.  Today, I'd forgotten to get my Zoloft filled for the second day.  They hit me with some very heavy energy just an hour ago.  I had to use Clonopin to combat the attempt to freak-out/gain access to my mind.  They hit me with low serotonin levels........this could be a fatal error for someone who doesn't understand the danger.

     I even had to get out my EMF-resistant clothing to keep them from playing with my solar plexus.  This is an area you hit when you want to incapacitate someone in martial arts.  It also is a great way to freak you out so that your mind is more open to suggestion.  I'm fine now, but tomorrow the FIRST priority is getting that Zoloft filled.  Other medication will work, but aside from Trazodone (which will knock you out), none of these things will provide steady support against an attack. 

     When you are being "rained on", just sit in one place and pray to God or meditate.  Empty the mind of all familiar concepts.  Avoid thinking about stuff you normally would think about.  With the "Thought Police" after you, do not hang out in the parts of your mind that you are very likely to be at.  They call us "fugitives" and that isn't far from the truth.  If you were on the lam, you wouldn't go anywhere that you typically hang out because that is the first place they will look.  Even the thoughts of your Loved one's can invite them to whisper some pretty awful stuff about them into your ears via the equipment that they use to control most people.  If you aren't thinking about anything, when you have sufficiently emptied your mind of all thoughts, they have nothing to grab onto.  Play loud music through headphones and wait until the "rain" passes or the immediate-acting anxiolitics kick in. 

      I once relied entirely on Zoloft, but you need Trazodone/headphone music to sleep because THAT is where they Brainwash us the very worst.  Your mind if asleep, open to subliminal "dream attacks" which can threaten your sanity.  If you just sleep without protection, you are being programmed to respond to this groups "signs" so that you freak out and "lose your mind" TO THEM.  It can happen - I've been through serious possession attempts on multiple occassions.  It's JUST like something FOREIGN is pushing it's way into your mind and trying to un-seat you from the driver's seat. 

     Do not become so wrapped up in trivial things too much.  I think I'm going to work-out to show them that I don't back down.......but for others I advise caution.  I play a very dangerous game with this group:  ticking them off and then taking/wearing something to ward off their mental advances.  I get much pleasure from displeasing them and getting away with it.  This kind of bravado could kill you, so I'm warning you not to underestimate them.  They watch, wait and get a very precise knowledge of your habits which allows them to get sort of a grasp on you, mentally-speaking.  Just when you aren't watching out for them, they come at you with all they've got.  This can lead to a weakening of your resistance due to the stress such an attack leaves on the mind which takes months to recover from.  It can also leave you in a temporary state of mental-collapse in which you might reach for any reality you can find.  My advice: don't accept theirs, even if it means a trip to the house of padded walls.  You will get your reality back in time.  With them - they keep who they commandeer! 

     Don't be afraid to tell a doctor what is happening to you, but minimize dependance on whatever they give you.  Another thing, I have to wait to get my Abilify mailed to me and they didn't give me enough to make it until delivery.  It was my responsibility to assure that I didn't go off this medication - again I messed up.  This drug is another staple in your line of defense against getting taken-over by these suckers.  Keep avoiding this trend of "Rule by Radiation" and be more cautious than me.  They call me "Lucky" all the time.  You may not be so Lucky, so consciously be on your guard, but try to enjoy your life and SHARE what you have learned.  God Bless every one of you who is suffering out there.  My prayers go out to you!!!! 


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