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Contain Artificial "Temptation" to Avoid Mental Invasion

Updated on December 15, 2010

Control Artificial "Temptation" to Escape Mental Invasion

There are many people being sucked into an enormous group-consciousness against their wills because they succumb to artificial stimulation of particularly nasty/disturbing thoughts or feelings. I have discovered that it is best to use imagery of a containment field that "keeps nasty intentions from getting into my head or "leaping out of my body". You will hear ringing in your ears when this "Bad Influencer - Sinner Trap" is at the "Max". It can also be very subtle, making you FEEL as though you want to do things that are "bad". If you allow these "bad ideas" to be mistaken for your own, then you are "found guilty" and subjected to greater levels of electronic torture. This phenomenon is something I call the "Electronic Devil" or "Wild People-Catcher". Just like the Devil, it can steer you down the path to being alienated, mentally-invaded and even dead. Some people have taken their own lives because they cannot stand this psychological torment.

You can receive feelings so revolting that you want to think: "get out of my mind!"(actually something more "obscene" like: "Well, F66k that idea!") Unfortunately, hostility towards the thought only FEEDS IT. The Bible calls Satan "The Accuser" and that is just what this kind of electronic manipulation does: at it's MOST SUBTLE it undermines your relationships by giving you "tempting", negative ideas/feelings that are not truly it's WORST, IT TRIES TO FORCE YOU TO THINK BAD THINGS WHEN YOU HONESTLY KNOW YOU DON'T TRULY FEEL LIKE THIS. When you feel yourself thinking ANYTHING BAD THAT SEEMS ODD, USE MENTAL IMAGERY TO KEEP THIS THOUGHT FROM BECOMING YOURS. I like to imagine a force-field around myself that protects me from bad thoughts AND others from any "bad sparks" that come from my mind IF I wasn't able to stop this "temptation". This is electronic "mind-reading"/demoralization/charachter assassination. Someone who keeps thinking these bad thoughts will think less and less of themselves. If you hate yourself enough, you won't have the strength to fight off this "external control" and it will dominate your every action.

There is an imagined "physical gate" through which these "synthetic bad deeds pass". You must either stop the thought at this perceived physical sensation (or location) or use a "containment sheild" to prevent this imagined action from reaching anyone around you. Focus on the initial sensation and will it to go away. This way, you begin to notice that something is trying to MANIPULATE YOU. It's always something very disturbing to your mind. Now, people will say "How do you know that these aren't your TRUE feelings?". In our position, we know that these JUST AREN'T. If you are shocked/angered by these things, that's the whole point: to stimulate you to become angry or frightened. Anger lashes out at the "bad suggestion" and fear runs away from the suggestion out of fear that it just might be the truth. You must NEITHER BE ANGRY OR FEARFUL. Calmly face these thoughts until they vanish. If you react with any emotion, you FEED THESE DISTURBING THOUGHTS. This is a trap designed to "catch" impulsive-thinkers.

It doesn't matter if you have let in these thoughts before and it doesn't matter if they contain a grain of truth.............these thoughts are poison and must be extinguished to the point that you KNOW YOU ARE GOOD. If you face the possibility that you are WEAK in this particular "SIN" (this is probably what scares you the most) then you can make yourself less vulnerable to it. You can simply not care, but the going eventually gets worse, because you are corrupting yourself as opposed to improving yourself. Think of your soul as something that EVERYONE CAN SEE. This way, you are working on yourself on the inside. This is why allowing these thoughts to "take over" is so bad - someone can tell everytime you are "Bad" ON THE INSIDE and you are "treated accordingly" by everyone around you and electronically-harassed to a greater/lesser degree. This is why milder, meeker, NICER PEOPLE now succeed where ambitious people once did.

Our souls are on some kind of "Public,Psychic Network". We must work on our "inner selves" like a Bodybuilder works on the outside of themselves. If you want to get ahead in the 21st Century, you must build your: patience, courage, Love, compassion. Any good deed or good thought can also be seen and will be counted in your favor.........your day becomes just a bit better, your mind becomes just a bit sharper and you INTERNALLY EVOLVE. We must put up with annoying feelings, annoying thoughts and at the worst OUR GREATEST FEAR and keep pushing forward to higher levels of "inner betterness". Doing this will: save you from becoming a slave to your fears, buy you time to avoid being forcibly brainwashed all at once AND possibly save your life.

See, if you grow inside bit by are ascending in the social heirarchy. If you insist on being: Angry, pushy, impatient (still a problem of mine) or sexually indiscriminate/driven by sex - all these "Sins" will be AMPLIFIED AND DISTORTED (the "deep, dark mirror effect). You might just be a guy or girl who "enjoys a good time" and this system will pervert your pecadillos into high crimes. Then you face HIGHER LEVELS OF PUNISHMENT, which drive the un-disciplined on a downward spiral to "total brainwashing" or death. If you experience a psychotic break from reality, you will be "re-programmed". You'll be "perfectionized internally by force". This will be a state of mind so far removed from your original state that you will seem/feel "fake-plastic-too-perfect-missing-something". I'm sure you have encountered such "mechanical people". They fought/ran until their mind got over-loaded, then were "re-trained" along overly-rigid/generic lines, leaving them "without a soul", so to speak.

I've been given the Ultimatum: "Evolve or Die" which might make you feel angry at first. I'll say this: better to gradually improve and be safe than simply fight/run and be enslaved. You may come to see that: wealth, power, sex, immediate gratification are all pretty much an illusion nowadays. It's like the more of you that becomes good goes to heaven, yet still exists within you on Earth. When you die, this is the part that will survive death. If you don't have enough internal-good, there won't be enough of you to save when you lose your life. That is why it pays to be good - your life IMMEDIATELY IMPROVES and you have the hope of eternal existence. That is what this system is for: teaching you how to reach a Higher Level of Being.

For those who want more time to think this over: I've listed means of "escaping" electronic prison . The system can be "beat".........but you may find that you really like improving yourself. There now exists a place where impulsive/"wild" people can exist on the physical plane alone.......but you always get cornered and then you must RIDE THE BENEVOLENT FREQUENCY (or suffer your way through the "madness frequency") for awhile OR BOTH. Keep in mind that this pain does not last forever, so stick it out like a case of the flu. For me, it's always a challenge to endure AND grow as all this energy flows through the body/mind. You feel better as long as you: REMAIN CALM NO MATTER WHAT. I've listed the medications that "make it easy", but eventually you'll have to change your medications or GO OFF THEM FOR AWHILE. This will strengthen you so you can again enjoy the benefits the medication provides. Keep in mind that all this is is going in an endless circle. If you don't mind "going nowhere", it's not that bad..........but you will probably tire of this and wish to "move up", so to speak. In either case, you are now aware of why everything is SO DIFFERENT NOW and you have MORE OPTIONS.


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    • profile image

      IMethuselah 7 years ago

      Thank you! :D

    • munirahmadmughal profile image

      munirahmadmughal 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "Contain Artificial Hostility to Avoid mental Invasion".

      The hub is informative and also thought provoking.

      We are. We were not. We will leave this world one day.

      Who is He who is controlling all this. He is the Creator. Hence for all peace of mind remeber Him. Beware! it is the remeberance of God which provides satisfaction to the heart.

      May God bless all.