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Contaminated Monkey meat!

Updated on November 16, 2009

Contaminated monkey meat??? ©-MFB II


Remember when....

The great,and wise phartiscist
Dr. George W. Bush
declared all drugs from Canada
such as blood pressure meds which
cost $432.00 here, and $186.00 there
for a three month supply as bad stuff.

That former educated fizz-hyician plainly stated
that all those foreign drugs are
CON-taminated and unsafe to buy
or import or use in the U.S. of A.

BUTT....then when asked in a debate
on what he planned on doing about the
incredible, and life threatening
shortage of flu shots in the U.S.

The distinguished Lying-tist
Dumbya promptly declared
"We have contacted Canada to help
us out with the shortages by sending
some of their flu shots????!!!!!"

_ _

. .      "say what!!

 >       /


Is this not a drug, a preventative
such as Lipitor, and other meds?
is it not CON-taminated? or was it
just the orifice and the office
of the great buffoon who was totally
contaminated and should have been dumped
on that November second with the whole
republican package purchased by
big business and drug companies
four years ago...they were and still are

at best
expired and obsolete.

And they have the audacity to question Obama's

swine flu plan.


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