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Contempt for Congress

Updated on May 5, 2019

Bug is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, May 5, 2019. Our friend, Bug, is at the stove preparing Orange Maple French Toast for our enjoyment. I am beside Bug mixing up Triple Expresso Martinis to add to the fun. Bug is as annoyed as I have ever seem him. The Mueller fiasco should have ended when the Mueller probe ended. The Democrats, who can't accept anything that doesn't go their way, have continued to attack the findings. No one should be surprised by their reluctance to give up the witch hunt. They have nothing else going for them, and doing their job is just not on the horizon. The American people should hold Congress in contempt. They have failed all of us, and it is time to hold them accountable. Please join us this morning for breakfast and a chat. We'll leave the door open.


They Refuse

Thanks so much for joining Bug and me this morning. President Trump told the nation that there was no collusion from day one of the bogus Mueller probe. He also assured all of us that he did not obstruct the investigation. Obviously, that is true, as well. The agonizing investigation went on uninterrupted by the administration. In the normal course of events, the hideous Mueller ordeal would be over. If the Democrats have their way, it will never be over. They refuse to accept Mueller's findings. They refuse to accept Attorney General Barr's reports. They refuse, they refuse, they refuse. They are practiced at refusing. In their stunted minds, the election wasn't decided fairly. Because of their dementia, the people of the United States have been put through hell on earth. Their collective madness and off the charts anger must be curbed. Their actions from day one of the investigation must be accounted for. They have impeded progress in the nation. If not for the determination of President Trump, we would have accomplished nothing in the last two years. Despite massive obstruction. President Trump has accomplished a great deal. Congress has failed us completely and, although the Democrats own the lion's share of all the wasted time, the Republicans are not blameless. Now is the time to set the record straight and force Congress to get to work or get out.


Break Out the Cuffs!

Although the investigation into collusion is over in the minds of sane people, there is still important work to be done. This nation won't be able to heal if we don't root out the inventors of this farce and punish them. Faith in our system of justice will not be restored if we allow the "bad guys" to walk free. The American people are owed a House cleaning and a Senate cleaning. Those at the highest levels of the FBI, like James Comey, must be brought to justice. The Obama administration is culpable, as well. Obama unleashed one of the ugliest periods in American history. There was a concerted effort to stage a soft coup in America. It s almost impossible to digest that reality. People in high places plotted and planned to unseat a duly elected president. The only thing missing from the scenario was the military, and we can be very thankful for that. Nevertheless, it was a coup, and in order to restore our faith in our government, there must be accountability. The Jerry Nadlers of this world have had their moment in the sun. He, and so many others, should be censored for bad, deceitful behavior and sent out to pasture. Their presence in Washington is corrosive and devisive.


Unanswered Questions

There are plenty of bad actors in Congress. Some of them are newly elected. Some of them shouldn't be there at all. We have pressing issues that must be dealt with. The crisis at our border is just one of them. It is inconceivable to believe that Congress is unable and unwilling to deal with the crisis at our borders. We are being invaded by good and bad people from all over the world. Our country, which is so often vilified, is a beacon of hope and opportunity for millions of people. The truth is, we have no idea who this people are and what they really want of our nation. Another truth is that we cannot, as the Dems would want, open our borders to anyone who wants in. If the Dems had their way, America would cease to exist. Saner minds have to prevail, but Congress doesn't have the very minds we need. For Congress to refuse to deal with this problem is utterly contemptible. They should be charged with dereliction of duty. They should not be paid for refusing to do the nation's work. They were elected to represent us, and in reality they are representing their own selfish desires to obstruct progress and the president. They are wasting time and money pushing for insanities like reparations for slavery. They behave like Junior High kids promising a soda machine in every classroom if they are elected. We need to demand that they do their jobs. And then we need to remember who didn't act in good faith.


Exert the Powers We Have

We need to step up to the plate and make our feelings known. We need to demand better representation. We need to expect accountability. Let's begin by going on a letter writing campaign. If each of us writes to our reps and anyone else we can reach to demand that they get to work, it can have an impact. It is certainly worth a try. Then we need to remember who had our best interests in mind when it is time to vote. We need to banish the long time hacks and the new ones. We need the best people representing us. We certainly deserve better than what we have now.

Bug's Song

The bugs crawl in

The bugs crawl out

They go to work

They work things out

We need more bugs in Congress!


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