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Contributing to the Enemy

Updated on April 16, 2016

Map of Qatar

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Countries have used money to gain political strengths against other countries and organizations. Terrorism thrives on donations from political hungry entities. Though it would be politically dangerous to openly and bluntly admit to financially aiding terrorism, some countries have been open, yet discreet, about their contributions to such dangerously evil causes.

Qatar, the country I have previously written about when the country decided to "help" the U.S. by brokering an illegal prisoner exchange between the Taliban and the United States, has some guilt in being a vastly major contributor to the deaths of many innocent lives. Though Qatar has never directly killed in the act of terrorism, they financially stable country has open contracts and dealings with many well-known terrorist entities.

Image of Al Jazeera English Logo
Image of Al Jazeera English Logo | Source

On the Air: Al Jazeera Censored

Al Jazeera (pronounced in Arabic, الجزيرة or al-ǧazīrah, it means "The Island"-for the Arabian Peninsula) is a satellite broad-casted channel owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network. The Doha-based news outlet is funded by the House of Thani. They claim to be independent for the Qatari government but they only report what the government authorized, which is asserted to be politically biased. This would erase any transparency in the Qatari government. When a government dictates what can be broad-casted and what cannot be broad-casted, it can censor negatively promoted news from entering the public and policing countries like the United States.

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA!: Media Tells All

American news media has reported similarly of Qatar's unprecedented lack of humanitarianism the government claimed during the Taliban Five/Bergdahl exchange to adjudicate. As reported by the Washington Times in 2011, Qatar aided terrorist leader-Abdel hakim Belhadj(Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) with weapons and monetary funds. Later in December 2012, Qatar was accused of providing financial contributions to Al-Nusra Front by the New York Times. Just a month later French diplomats, made an accusation citing an anonymous source against the Qatar government. The accusation declared Islamic groups in Mali were supplied "material support".

What do you think?

You shouldn't read this and believe the words written. If you trust your instincts, do some personal research and be an informed reader. I do not claim to know everything but I do know a little bit about a lot. This makes us informed when we become aware of the entities that aid terrorism directly and/or indirectly.

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About the Author and this article:

*E Matt Howerton is an amateur writer with several unpublished, well researched opinion articles. All material in this article were gathered from and further researched from the sources cited by the Wikimedia group.

© 2014 E Matt Howerton


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