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Control Your Interpretation of Reality

Updated on November 24, 2010

Control Your Interpretation of Reality

      We have technology that can PULL your eyes to see certain things and THEN tell your mind how to interpret these things.  Unless you want to be a puppet that is told where to look and how to see things, you must WILLFULLY CHANGE YOUR INTERPRETATION OF REALITY BACK TO NORMAL.  Everyone in this country is constantly being told what to see and how to see it.  This isn't reality, this is mind-control technology. 

     With me, it was license plates.  They had me "trained" to look at license plates and then guided my interpretation of the three-letter messages to mean something that disturbed my consciousness.  Sometimes, they had frank messages fully written out and perfectly timed with a subliminally-introduced thought about something.  It took months to de-program myself so that I no longer felt compelled to look at license plates and then about a year to not care what subliminal thoughts I was bombarded with.  It's in that ringing in your ears that all of this stuff is carried out. I received license-plate-messages that read "listen to me".   I'm proud to say "I DON'T LISTEN TO BRAINWASHING". 

     This is how "gender re-programming" is being carried out.  People who have been brainwashed by this technology constantly use the word "she" around men(I like to call them She-ites).  At the same time, you get hit with a subliminal-message that this "conversation" is about you.  This will make you outraged at first.  Just know that these interpretations of reality are LIES and that they are woven into a mental-prison where you wind up thinking the most awful things about yourself.......UNTIL YOU LEARN TO SEIZE CONTROL OF YOUR "INNER EYE", THE PART OF YOUR MIND THAT INTERPRETS REALITY. 

     First, you must stay calm  .  Secondly, you must make yourself LESS SENSITIVE to horrific thoughts you might receive.  We live in a time where we cannot afford to be sensitive to disturbing thoughts.......this way, you short-circuit the strong emotional response that is necessary to get you confused enough to actually believe these "subliminally-introduced-false-realities".  They will call you "cold", which is a very good thing.  You've reached a point where their messages cannot dictate WHO you are anymore.  If you feel yourself getting upset, remember that these are LIES ABOUT YOU.  Don't let what amounts to "psychic-name-calling" get you going. 

     Now you have to REPLACE the false reality with a reality you KNOW is yours:  your favorite music, a memory, a thought that makes you feel good.  These things will remove the "stick" from your "masters'" hands, you won't emotionally respond or you'll ACTUALLY FEEL BETTER BECAUSE OF THE THOUGHT YOU GENERATED OR TAPPED INTO!  These people need you to feel awful and STRESSED-OUT so that they can re-shape your mind into what they want you to be.  Learning how to MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD is extremely important if you want to BEAT THE BRAINWASHING and retain (get back) your original personality. 

     In conclusion, we must learn to control what we see and THEN CONTROL HOW WE SEE REALITY.  You have the "eye within the eye" which interprets what your physical eyes are seeing.  Even if you create your own world and only retain superficial contact with your surroundings, it is better than being made into a toy-like THING that responds to ELECTRONIC STIMULATION instead of NORMAL REALITY (which has been sucked out of our country and replaced with a FAKE REALITY).  This is why I say:  "Better MY self-imposed reality than SOMEONE ELSE'S imposed reality"!


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    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

      OMG! this stuff is so true. You know, it is increasingly harder for kids to focus long enough to read books much anymore due to the fast paced rapid fire ideas behind all those electronic gadgets. Love this hub! Write on!