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Control and Adversity

Updated on February 15, 2012
Peace...STOP WAR!! Source:
Peace...STOP WAR!! Source:

Control and Adversity

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Relentless is the human need to control, circumstance, environment and one another. This insidious drive has taken us to sad ends and continues to hinder aspirations for peace and cooperation in a world of mistrust and contention. In our blind undertakings, we as a race have become divisive and beyond the basic need for security and survival, have created segregation on every level.

Wanting control creates a struggle to both gain it and then maintain it, at the expense of others who then become the ‘controlled’. In politics, religion, race or determinations of class, the scenario is always the same: those with power and those controlled by that power in a state of contention. Because control requires some level of oppression, those affected by the power remain constantly dissatisfied because they are without control. The system of voting in a democratic society is fraught with inadequacies and is ultimately open to the sway and rhetoric of those clever enough to have placed themselves there in the first place.

War exists within our world because of men who seek to control, money, industry, and economies, by anything and everything at their disposal. If peace was what everyone wanted we would be enjoying it. Rather, we live in a world filled with competition and contention, religions, governments and individuals vying for power, money and control. We cannot complain about the state of our world and circumstance because we as a race have created it.

Nothing will change until control is replaced by the will to recognise, respect and share. Our world is a paradise with the capacity to provide enough food, water, shelter and a productive life for every living thing on earth. The only reason inequity exists is greed, personal greed.

If every human being decided to share their wealth, their time, their compassion and devote their lives to caring for one another, there would be no war, no hunger, no drought, little disease or unnatural death. This earth would be an absolute paradise.

So, is that worth fighting for? Is that worth consideration next time you flip the bird at some random driver who cut you off? Is that worth thinking about the next time you see a homeless person lying in the street? Is it worth considering when you watch another news broadcast about some political or religious war. Is it worth considering when your government is hurting honest citizens for some political gain?

Is it worth living in a world where no-one cares about one another? Only you and I can change it, with our attitudes, our will. Compassion, respect, acceptance, tolerance and above all love in our hearts can change the world. It is simply a decision.


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