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Control the Guns and Educate the People

Updated on December 10, 2015

Guns, the tools of war and death. In the 21st century they still have a place in our great nation. They are still terrorizing people and they are still the method of suicide that people result to the most. In the last year, there have been more mass shootings than there has been weeks in a year. Some people think guns are not responsible for the destruction, and that people who use them are. So why give these people the tools needed to wreak havoc. If we cannot all agree on some form of reform, what exactly are we doing the fix this major problem?

Gun Control

People have so much angst about the idea of guns being harder to obtain. It seems ludicrous that it can leave room for so much controversy when the issue seems very black and white. Everyone wants peace of mind and security, but it seems that some people feel more safe with guns and others think they represent danger and death. Does this represent the divide between the older generation and millennials? Is it a Democratic versus Republican issue? It is really difficult to pinpoint why there is such a combative separation in idea in progressive thinking. Slight changes in how we deal with the distribution of guns may or may not fix the issue, but doing nothing with result in the resolution of nothing. It is better to try to fix the matter at hand, instead of leaving it to sort itself out.

Education and Preemptive Actions

The nation needs to do more than just limit the amount of guns in circulation or make them harder to obtain. There has to be development in education of mass shootings and evaluation of how they happen. Taking mental health issues seriously and heeding the warnings and red flags. Guidance counselors, teachers, therapists and other professionals should be trained in spotting the signs and having a detailed action plan to move forward. Mass shootings should definitely not become considered a way of life and it is our duty as citizens to fight for change and move towards a future where we are not waiting for the other shoe to drop and the media to cover another senseless act of violence.

Which side are you on?

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      Celeb Scoops

      I didn't understand your comment in the last sentence.

      It isn't working because congress has not given it the resources or the funding needed to make it work.

      Remember, prohibition didn't work, tobacco is still here, and the war on drugs fizzled.

      The problem in these three cases is the people, as they are the willing customers, and their desires trump the law.

      And like Prohibition, when the government takes away something they want, then the gangs add another product to their illegal sales.

      Drunk Driving and Driving Under the Influence kills and injures people everyday, yet we don't stop selling Alcohol or Vehicles.

      Gun control is a Red Herring that prevents us from focusing on the real problem, and it isn't the majority of the gun owners. The bad guys will always have the guns, one way or another.

      Half of the gun deaths in this country are suicides, and what is the government doing about those deaths???

      Another faction of gun deaths is caused by gang violence, and what is the government doing about those deaths?

      During 911 there wasn't a single US military aircraft that was armed and could have engaged the terrorists. It is sad when, the US Government, and specifically Andrews Air Force Base couldn't even protect the Capitol.

      The entire US home defense was sleeping, and while it would be difficult for them to have stopped the first plane from hitting the target, there were three others out there with no one to stop them.

      That was a more serious threat that was successful because of the failure of the government to protect us, and yet no one even got fired over that failure.

    • Celeb Scoops profile image

      Celeb Scoops 2 years ago

      @wrenchBiscuit I wish that could be a bill to pass, instead of twenty hours of community service I would put in 20 hours of serving love education, but it sounds easier said than done.


      @bradmasterOCcal So you think we already have enough gun control laws? It doesn't seem to be working, and there are more than just terrorists involved in mass shooting with more than just bombs.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      This strategy has never worked, and it never will.

      Look at history and see how it didn't work for Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal drugs.

      We have more than adequate gun control laws today, but they are not been funded adequately by congress to be enforced properly.

      And if you haven't noticed the preferred terrorist weapon is a bomb, then what would be your solution, to ban bombs.

      The US wasn't even successful banning H bombs, now look what country has developed one.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 2 years ago

      Nice article! I am responding to your question in the Forum.

      Yes, there is a way to greatly reduce gun violence. It is very simple. It is a very old idea, but it is a made out of gold idea. The solution is Love. As a songwriter, I am familiar with the cliche that "You only hurt the one you love", and that plays well in the context of a song. But in reality, we do everything in our power not to hurt people we care about. Yes, there is such a thing as domestic violence. But if we truly love somebody, we do not shoot them with a gun, even if we catch them in bed with another. Jealousy, and the need to possess, have nothing to do with Love.

      The teaching of Love begins at home, and can be taught in elementary schools and high schools. We can practice Love by reaching out in our local communities to those who are in need. If we have money we can use it to help other people. If we are old, and have wisdom and knowledge, we can volunteer to tutor troubled children who are at risk. There are many things that Love can do. But as a nation, we generally confine acts of love to our immediate families, and this is where we have gone wrong.

      Just imagine if you suffered a catastrophic loss, or were diagnosed with a terrible illness, and the very next day, standing in line outside your front door were 20 strangers who had heard about your plight, and who had came to offer their help. That is what Love can do. Love, just like evil and fear, is contagious, and we can infect the world with Love.

      Love is not a magic pill, nor will it transform the world overnight. But until we seriously begin the process, and until we accept that Love is not an option, but a law of nature, nothing is going to change to any great degree. In fact, things will most likely get worse. Osiyo!