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Controlling The African American Population

Updated on October 30, 2014

What To Do About The Violence Among Our Teenagers and Young Adults

Someone asked me what do I think needs to be done about the recent uprising of violence among our teenagers and young adults. Our teenagers are ganging up and beating innocent people until they are almost dead. The young adults are shooting and killing people for the fun of it, seems like. I told them, I think the lawmakers need to change the laws allowing the judge to impose a sentence that will allow someone on the police force to cane the teenagers like the laws in China. I think they need to change the laws for the young adults that kill someone because of gang violence to legislature that will allow them to be sent to basic training for the army, and from there to fight ISIS. They want act right here, terrorizing and killing innocent people, send them to fight other people that want to do the same thing. What do you think? Even though it is not the fault of our children they are the way they are, they must be stopped someway.

Whose Fault Is It?

I think it is the fault of the lawmakers. I think, when the lawmakers changed the laws in late sixties and early seventies after the order came down for the schools to be integrated, this is what gave the children the freedom to do what they are doing today. I believe the laws were changed in order to insure that white students would not be paddled or anything by black teachers. Today teachers or parents cannot legally discipline the children. I was talking to a woman who told me she whipped her daughter for doing something she told her not to do for her own safety, but she did anyway. The girl called 911 and reported her for her actions and the police came and took the mother to jail. What can a parent do in order to keep their children safe and out of trouble? Time out and go to your room clearly is not working. Maybe they want us to let our children grow up and get gunned down in the streets by the police or kill each other. This is a good way to keep the black population down.

The Plan To Control The Black Population

Just for the sake of argument, I believe a plan was derived several years ago to keep the black population down. First of all, I believe the Mexicans were allowed to come in to replace blacks. I think this plan is one of the most ingenious plans to control a race of people in the history of mankind, teach the young people that it is OK to kill each other. I think the plan reversed the teaching of James Brown, Martin Luther King and others, who taught our young people that we are black and proud and have a lot to live for. In order to do this, you use young black people to tell other young people that they do not amount to anything and there is nothing wrong with killing each other. Why not use the young black people and there new and popular music crave (rapping) to teach the other young black that it is OK and even cool to form gangs and kill each other. The plan is really working, because today black people are killing each other at an alarming rate. What made me realize just how alarming this rate is, I was listening to one of the people on CNN talking about the Michael Brown case. I believe he said there are about 10 young black people killed in one of the large cities in one day, this is alarming! After hearing this alarming news, someone came and told me that 3 young black men were shot in the small town of Batesville, which is only 18 miles from the town I live in. This brings the total for Batesville 3 dead and 3 injured in about a 3 week span of time.

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley discussed the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson by saying: " Let's not pretend that our morgues and cemeteries are full of young black men because cops are shooting them". Riley went on to assert that, " we need to talk about black criminality because blacks make up 50 percent of homicide victims in this country, and 90 percent of those victims are killed by other black people." [NBC, Meet the Press, 8/17/14]

Something must be done about this senseless killing of our young men, but the question is who will do it? Some believe members of the African American elite, along with many white liberals, have said we don't put enough value on the lives of young black men. They certainly don't. Or they would have a lot more to say when a black kid gets shot in the street- by another kid who is black. [National Review Online, 8/18/14] Maybe I am not that far off base with my scenario about the plan to control the black population. I believe the so called African American elite spend to much time preparing for the after life to do anything about our children killing each other.

We spend most of our resources and time signing, talking, discussing and arguing over events that happened thousands of years ago. Black people were taught by white people that the most important thing to do on earth is to prepare for the after life. They taught blacks that the way to prepare for the after life is by signing, dancing, and talking. I call it, entertaining each other. I think most of it is done for local fame and money instead of worshiping the Lord. This is why the plan to control the black population is working so well, they got most of the older blacks jumping, dancing and faking while the young blacks are killing each other.

The Reason Our Children Turn To Crime and Violence

I think one of the reasons our young blacks turn to a life of crime and violence is because we do not do anything to provide jobs for them. We teach them, go to school and get an education in order to get a good job. We need to tell them, go to school, get an education and create jobs. Whenever we need a job we have to go to all the other races of people in the country and beg for one. We African Americans have plenty of people that make real money, why can't we team up and form large corporations and provide jobs for ourselves. Willie Lynch told the slave owners that what they teach us would last 300 years. I believe the man knew what he was talking about. Since this is the case, maybe the better thing to do is spend most of our time and resources preparing for the after life.


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