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Convert Trump Voters to Bernie Sanders

Updated on May 12, 2016
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Changing the Mind of a Trump Supporter

If friends or family support Donald Trump for president, it's not easy to change their minds. It can be done, so take a look at the tips from Bernie Sanders' followers. It worked for them.

Here's a typical scenario in families across the country. This one happens to be from Washington state.

Renae B. - "Hey guys! So I have a issue. I'm driving my Facebook family bonkers!!! BUT I LOVE BERNIE SANDERS!!!!!!

My dad is a Drumpf follower and my mother is on the fence. I post Bernie Sanders posts and sometimes Anti-Trump posts. Nothing too mean, but always facts.


I'm going to start probably losing FB friends soon... But politics are important, more important now than in a very long time... So my question is, how do you pronounce your political views and not piss your family off?! Lol"

Tips for Converting a Trump Voter

  • Sarah W. - Ask them what issues are important to them. Then ask what their candidate's plan is for that issue if they even know. Then say, well this is why I like Bernie on that issue and go from there.
  • Mary T. - If you listen politely to their answer (find the common ground). Then you can explain why you like Bernie and leave it at that.
  • Mel N. - Take them to a Bernie rally. I just went to Bernies rally in Springfield, MO. There were soo many people there. We waited in line for two hours. I don't have a car so a friend of mine took me, she is a Drumpf supporter, Fifteen minutes in, she became a Bernie supporter!!

Have You Won Someone Over From Trump to Sanders?

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My dad, a die-hard democrat, posted last week that he would vote for Trump. He is an avid follower of CNN. He had never seen Trump through his true colors. Only through Media and hearsay. He believes everything any media news site is discussing. THAT is so much of the issue.

A night later he admitted after watching a Trump rally that he's absolutely delusional.

— Sammi Jo

Tune into the Issues That Are Important to Them

Amy M. - "My husband, has a coworker who was planning on voting for Trump; my husband talked to him about how Trump plans to cut taxes for the top 1% by defunding a lot of social services. The coworker has elderly parents and had no clue. My husband told him Bernie is our only hope. He said he was going to do some reading and said: "maybe I need to rethink things."

We live in Ohio; I hope he does change his mind. I'm really proud of my hubby for having the conversation."

"When you talk about me, try being nice to people, it works better," says Bernie
"When you talk about me, try being nice to people, it works better," says Bernie | Source

Keep Talking to Friends and Family and Sharing Information

‎Brandon N - "After months of debating a friend who has supported Carson, Cruz, and most recently Trump, I have talked him into voting for Bernie in Michigan on Tuesday.

Don't let anyone tell you that people can't change their minds or that you post about Bernie Sanders too often. People see it and learn, even if it's not acknowledged. This puts me at around 20 friends/family/acquaintances who've told me I've helped them convert."

Bernie Sanders Has Good Success Getting Republican Votes

Explanation of why even Republicans are switching to Bernie Sanders.
Explanation of why even Republicans are switching to Bernie Sanders. | Source

Understand Their Frustrations And Respond to Those

Karen S. - "One important thing to keep in mind, if someone is angry, tell them you understand their frustration and you are angry too (about income equality, racial inequality, whatever their beefs are). This will get you farther in particular with Drumpf supporters. Ask them questions about how their candidate will change things and interject some Bernie.

Treat them and their concerns with respect."

How One Daughter Converted Her Mother from Trump

Taylor S. of Michigan - "My mom honestly thought that Mexicans were bringing in a lot of drugs to the country and she liked how he "says what he is thinking."

  • I showed her statistics proving the first part to be false and showed her Bernie talking with Killer Mike. I told her that Bernie also says what he is thinking but not with hate.
  • She's also a nurse and I told her about all the nurse organizations that support Bernie.
  • I also told her facts about the cost of college now compared to 30 years ago and expressed to her my concerns. I said if she knew I was in so much debt from medical bills and student loans that I would think she would want to help her own daughter and people like me."

Here's why I was so frustrated by my family's support of Trump, I was raised to stand up to bullies. I was raised to treat others the way I want to be treated, I was raised to fight hard for things. Now, all I hear from my family is "you protested a Trump rally? That's embarrassing, you're like a hippie" or "Mexicans and Muslims are the problem, you have to be a white Christian" or "just give up, Bernie won't win" and I'm like, "WTF, you're basically taking back everything you told me to do during my childhood"

My mom says, don't tell your father, but I really like that Bernie guy. Tell me more about him.

— Rebecca H.

Unite All People with Bernie Sanders

The Republicans and Democrats, conservative and liberals, try to divide people. Bernie Sanders plans to bring them together.
The Republicans and Democrats, conservative and liberals, try to divide people. Bernie Sanders plans to bring them together. | Source

Listen First, Then Slip in Bernie's Ideas

‎Reid G. - "At this point, I've been able to sway Clinton supporters AND Trump supporters to Bernie's cause, and I thought I'd share with you the tactics for doing so...

It's pretty simple actually.

  • The first rule is, don't be mean. Don't call their ideas stupid, because to them, they're not stupid. And by saying they're ideas are dumb, you're basically calling them dumb and shutting down the conversation before it can even begin.
  • So what I do is I basically Trojan Horse my way in. I play dumb and ask them questions about their candidate and what they like about them. I try to engage and understand why certain aspects appeal to them about that person, and then I land the big bomb...
  • I ask questions. See, the best way to learn something is by teaching it. When someone doesn't understand and asks you about something, you may realize yourself that YOU don't fully understand. And that's basically what I do with their candidate.


"I like Hillary/Trump because... yada yada yada..."

"That's interesting. I can understand that... but wouldn't that cause... yada yada yada."

"...Huh. I mean. I guess. But still... I think..."

" I guess so. I'm just not sure... yada yada yada..." and so forth.

All you really have to do is plant little seeds of doubt, and then Bernie really does the rest for you. He's honestly the common sense candidate.

Anyway, just thought that might help alleviate some of the stress from trying to convert staunch Hillary/Trump supporters for Bernie."

The rich controlling our government is the problem and electing a millionaire or a billionaire is not going to solve that.
The rich controlling our government is the problem and electing a millionaire or a billionaire is not going to solve that. | Source

Don't Attack Trump When Trying to Talk Sense to His Supporters

Here's some advice from Sean Downing - "Please, be Kind to everyone. If you want them to understand why Bernie is the responsible choice for president and get their vote, this is how you do it.

Trump Supporters are the easiest to win over, the one thing you don't do is attack Trump. That is what Trump would want you to do. That way they defend him.

Remember they are viewing Trump as a role model. Which means they defend him if they think you're attacking Trump.

Explain to them that it's not in a millionaire or a billionaire's nature to oppose the current bad trade deals or risky banking practices they benefit from. These ultra-rich cause economic depression and we all suffer from their practices. Think about what is the most profitable for them. Keep in mind that it comes at our expense.

And yes, the banks are gambling with your money and the big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are gambling with your life.

Bernie Sanders will take on the big banks and big pharma and also stop the bad trade deals. Trump won't."

Stay Calm and Present Facts

Yrsa O. had success with this method: "I turned two Trump voters into Bernie supporters on a live chat forum today. Let me tell you my strategy.

Remain calm, NEVER resort to insults (people immediately stop listening) and educate with facts. Keep Berning! Every bit counts. Autism prevents me from the phone banking (gonna try again though and see how it goes), but it won't prevent me from helping anywhere I CAN. Those two Trump people then go tell their friends, and then the flame ignites in a chain reaction.

Don't Bash Republicans - Get Them to Vote for Bernie

Please, Bernie supporters, don't bash Republicans who may agree with and vote for Bernie. Bernie won 20% of the conservative vote in his senatorial election.
Please, Bernie supporters, don't bash Republicans who may agree with and vote for Bernie. Bernie won 20% of the conservative vote in his senatorial election. | Source

Why Some People Support Trump, But Will Love Bernie

This Facebook discussion gets to the root of that:

Barkley C. - I don't understand it, but there a segment of Trump supporters who are most closely aligned with Bernie if you inform them. Don't try too long as some aren't coming around no matter what you say.

Elizabeth K. M. - At the root of Trump supporters is the same level of disenchantment with politics as usual that Bernie's supporters feel. The difference is they believe they are powerless so they need a big voice that they believe will do something to change things. They are afraid of their futures and so eat-up the fear-based rhetoric.

On the Bernie side, we recognize via Bernie's leadership that WE are not powerless, and WE are the ones who will lead the changes we need. WE have hope and are fighting for the future for ALL Americans...even if they don't realize it. We Love our country, and so do Trump's fans but we are choosing Love and Bernie.

I Voted Graphic

Photo of the back of the sample ballot that the state of Florida mailed out to registered voters.
Photo of the back of the sample ballot that the state of Florida mailed out to registered voters. | Source

Success Stories - Trump Voters Flipped to Bernie Sanders

Jon Schnitzer - While phone banking, I FLIPPED A TRUMP SUPPORTER IN OHIO! How? He didn't realize the difference between personal and professional bankruptcy. With personal bankruptcy, you personally take a hit and lose money, but your employees keep their jobs. Trump chose professional bankruptcy which means he keeps his money while thousands lose their jobs. Trump did this 4 times!

How many thousands of people had to go without so he could keep his billions. I asked if that was a quality he was looking for in a leader. He said, "No sir. I had no idea. I'd hate to see that happen to America... And then I answered his questions about Bernie and he said,"Sounds like I'm a Bernie guy!" - END CALL.

Diana D. - I talked to a Trump supporter today, civilly (I KNOW, right?) She started telling me about the FREE college. I asked her if she knew how it was going to be paid for? Her explanation was that the kids were going to go to college, then when they graduated, poof, they were going to be debt free.

I explained the hedge fund fee. I could see the light go on in her mind. I went on to explain other aspects of Bernie's platform. I don't know if I got her transformed, but at least now when she hears all the false information, she's going to start questioning what they're saying.

I don't think they really like Trump, they just want something different than what we have. Have the hard talk, Berners!!! SPEAK BERNIE TO THEM!!!

To End on a Humorous Note - Check out the Donald Talking Pen

Donald Talking Pen, 8 Different Sayings, Trump's Real Voice, Just Click And Listen, Funny Gifts For Trump and Hillary Fans
Donald Talking Pen, 8 Different Sayings, Trump's Real Voice, Just Click And Listen, Funny Gifts For Trump and Hillary Fans

Need inspiration to keep you motivated to convert friends and family away from Trump? Keep this pen on your desk and listen a few times a day to Donald's voice saying his usual goofy things.

It will remind you why you must work harder to ensure that the man never becomes president of the United States.


© 2016 Virginia Allain

How Would You Persuade a Trump Supporter to Convert to Sanders? (comments don't appear immediately)

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    • profile image

      Stephen C 

      3 years ago

      Wonderful article. One key for Sanders converting Trump supporters is to remember we have time... but have to get started now. Many Trump supporters who will stay Trump supporters might still pick Sanders over the other Republicans if Trump isn't nominated. They're more likely to do this now, then after the Republican "Big Tent" machine reunites the party after their convention.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      3 years ago from Canada

      If I were in the US Bernie would definitely be my pick. Keep getting the word out. I would love to see him get in.


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