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Convicted Felons and the Job Market

Updated on December 26, 2014

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Felon Facts

It is a fact that many of America's most intelligent business persons are convicted felons, serving out life sentences behind bars. As many Americans realize, their current prison systems are extremely overpopulated. The Washington Post printed an article in February of 2008, addressing that very issue. It reported that; “More than one in 100 adults in the United States is in jail or prison, an all-time high that is costing state governments nearly $50 billion a year and the federal government $5 billion more…….”

It has also been stated that, "Almost 6,000 people with IQs below 70 are estimated to be in UK prisons at any one time - many of them with learning disabilities…....” reported by the BBC World News corporation back in 2007. Here in America that is not the case. Though many of America's convicted felons have little to no education, their IQ's are far above what was originally thought. The Little Hoover Commission found that when inmates do make it back home, they are ill-prepared, either by their stay in prison or parole programs, to hold down jobs or stay out of trouble. They also discovered that 10 percent of all male prisoners in the state of California are homeless, half are illiterate, as many as 80 percent are convicted drug users. But here in America, over one forth of those convicted drug users, are capable of running multi million dollars drug tracificking rings just standing on a corner or side street. Moreover, the sheer force of their brainpower solely wills their unique capabilities in production. Computers, board of directors or advisors, do not aid these common street criminals. It is a damn shame that their intelligence and money managing strategies is not put to better use.

Real Sites and Real Jobs for An American Felon

Fortunately with the advancement of the world wide web, the Internet has become a great place for finding resources, for ex-felons. Not only these sites geared towards job opportunities, their networking now spans out to include apartment leasing agencies, and vocational trade schools opportunities. Currently in America, there is an unprecedented number of ex-cons, coming out of American Federal and State prisons system, unlike anything ever witnessed before. Most of these past felons end up right back where they started, no matter how hard they try to stay out of trouble. Hopefully sites like, and articles like this hub can help these people have a real chance of getting out of a bad situation. Information is key to knowing where to look and what is expected of the ex-con when he/she are release back into society. Some folks say that it should be a no brainer..., that to behave properly is a moral issue and it comes with being human. Well, I do not believe that society should just assume that every prisoner knows how to behave and what it expected of them, just from being confined for time away from "free" moving people. If you know of someone coming out of prison, they best thing that any one can do including yourself, is to provide them with information on the where, when, and hows...!

A Matter of Symantics

It is a matter of fact that America's past president was no corporate genius. The former American president, George W. Bush had and including the United States Government, bankrupted every major corporation that he had currently been involved with running. So just out of curosity, I wonder why the American populace employed a man like W., but are not willing to take chances are a sure bet?

I don't personally know if there is a way to tapped into the positive productivity of some of America's best corporate minds. Our common street thug. But it seems to me that if these drug dealers are serving life sentences for doing such a fantastic job; then these life convicted Capitalist should be given a job.


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  • Joseph Vandyke profile image

    Joseph Vandyke 4 years ago

    It's difficult to get back on your feet with a conviction hanging over your head. Changes do need to be made.

  • RKHenry profile image

    RKHenry 7 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Alley, I'm real sorry to learn about your troubles. I feel for you.

  • profile image

    Alley 7 years ago

    I have so much anger towards our juctice system, here my ex husband got caught growing pot 3 years ago. No other crimes on him he took the money he made and spread it around to 5 different families He had a good paying job as a maintance worker plus he built houses for a living , they threw him in federal prison for 33 months and now he is at home he can not even get one company to look at his skills because he has a felony. Who ever came up with this law needs to sit down and look it over again because they ask why our crime rate is so high it is because our gov. could care less about the people in this world. lable them. I hope one day who ever came up with all these laws gets a taste of there own medicine. I agree rapist , killers and etc need to be hind bars and never let out but people like my ex husband should be giving another chance but our gov has made sure that he want be. The United state justice system needs to be look at so all the criminals inside of that system can get there punishment also....

  • profile image

    D Woods 8 years ago

    I think that your comments are on point. This country has

    a problem Many of the felons in prison are there erroneously. The charges are trumped up by racist prosecutors who are allowed to get away with this by racist judges. These convictions are also the result of incompetent

    attornies who hand our black males over without a defense.

  • profile image

    Eric 8 years ago

    There is a lot of good information for ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs as well as a large list of companies that hire ex-offenders.


  • profile image

    hendus74 8 years ago

    I am a convicted felon. In 1998 I was convicted of a class 1 felony for posession and intent to deliver a controlled substance. I had 50 hits of LSD, I sold 10 to an undercover cop, got raided by Task Force X, and they let me go. They wanted me to work for them, but I did not. 3 months later I was taken into custody and bonded out, a friend of the family hired a good attorney for me (Thank God)... I was 22 years of age at the time. I was dealing with drug addiction, and alcohol. I was hanging around the wrong crowd, the whole 9 yards. Anyway, I received 30 days in the county jail (served 14) 3 years intensive adult probation, $3000 in fines, 35 hours rehab, and completed everything sucessfully.

    Let me say this, if you get a .40 cal pistol shoved in your face and you don't learn a lesson, you deserve everything you get. I have not been in trouble since, I am off drugs, I do drink, but very lightly, and I am now majoring in computer science, going to become a web developer.

    This really brought a lot of shame to not just me, but to my family too. I am doing everything I can to make this right, and better myself. It's been 12 long years since that happened, people could learn a lot from me too.

    The thing is, the bad hardened criminals don't scare easy, and because of that they refuse to learn.

    Really good post man. Yes as a felon you end up living a second rate life no matter how hard you try, it can be frustrating at times, but one just has to never give up.

    Thanks for reading my comment.


  • RKHenry profile image

    RKHenry 8 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    shamelabboush, you hit the nail on the head.

  • shamelabboush profile image

    shamelabboush 8 years ago

    This is so true hub. I think the cons that you mentioned have brilliant minds and if they just direct this ability to something good, we will witness new possibilitis. Also, the environment where they were brought up plays a major role... thanks RKHenry.

  • fortunerep profile image

    fortunerep 8 years ago from North Carolina

    Good Hub and you are so correct about the statistics. Most people in jail also suffer some sort of mental illness. I guess they don't research the ADA while in jail, but then again they can't read. Who's fault would that be. The Parents.


  • ledefensetech profile image

    ledefensetech 8 years ago from Cape Girardeau, MO

    I'm not surprised that so many so-called "felons" do well after leaving prison. The only problem I would have with a felon is screening for violence. It's a shame we prosecurte victimless crimes and put what would otherwise be productive members of society in jail where they have an increased chance of becoming criminals for real, rather than dropping those useless laws.

    I would, however, exercise a little more caution in this day and age. Due to budget constraints, there is pressure among corrections and parole offices to let enfocement slide and concentrate on the offenders that really are violent. The problem is that one day they're going to slip up. It won't really be their fault, there's only so much one can do especially when you drop politics into the mix. So be careful out there, trust but verify.

  • RKHenry profile image

    RKHenry 8 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Thanks Tom! Hawkesdream! and IE!

    Tom, I loved you bit about the painters advertisement. I think that would've been great!

  • Tom Cornett profile image

    Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

    Cool Hub....I use to hire painters years ago for my crew. The ex-cons were always great painters. I thought once about putting an AD in the paper: "Wanted..Painters....must have at least 2 felonies....3 tattoos....1 ex-wife and be a 2 pack a day smoker....drinker a plus!" These guys always worked hard...were respectable to customers and showed up to work. Sometimes, all they need is a chance. hub! Thanks!

  • Hawkesdream profile image

    Hawkesdream 8 years ago from Cornwall

    interesting, intelligence from within, they certainly couldn't do a worse job, even if that were possible lol

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    oooooh, this is good RK. Love the George link. Touche Republicans, touche!!