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Cope With Job Loss

Updated on June 26, 2014


Current unemployment and the foreclosures and bankruptcies that follow job loss continue to plague the economy. If you are one of the millions of Americans currently unemployed, emotions of fear, despair and uncertainty have most likely become a part of your life. It is extremely important that you keep everything in perspective. Do not dwell on why you were the one to lose your job, not someone else. In the current economy, financial considerations are the employers major consideration.

Spend some time restoring and reinforcing your self-confidence and self-esteem. Job loss for any reason is guaranteed to dent or shatter your feelings of self-worth.

While it is natural and important to take time to grieve the loss, it is even more important that you not remain in the depressed state of grief. If you need professional counseling, get it. There are ministers and counselors available to listen and offer advice.

One of the first action steps should be filing for unemployment or any other benefits available to you. As you regain some measure of control over the situation, you have taken a giant step toward coping and recovering from the loss of your job. This is a good time to evaluate your new reduced income and your expenses. As you develop a new budget, you will reduce living expenses where you can and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

While you determine reductions in expenses, keep in mind that you must continue to take time to rest and relax. However, instead of dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie, consider eating in, rent a movie and make some popcorn. We know that there is usually an enormous difference between needs and wants. As you take control over the finances, you will find the coping process smoother.



If you have strong coping skills, facing the loss of a job will be much easier. On the other hand, if your coping skills are weak, this book is an excellent helpful resource.

LIVING THROUGH JOB LOSS: Coping with the Emotional Effects of Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Future
LIVING THROUGH JOB LOSS: Coping with the Emotional Effects of Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Future

If you are faced with job loss and you lack strong coping skills, this is an excellent resource. You'll be back on track faster with the ability to ope.




Part of coping with job loss is the act of focusing on the rebuilding process. The current economy is unlike anything ever experienced by most Americans. It is time to take inventory of your strengths, your weaknesses and your options. This may be the ideal time to reevaluate and reinvent yourself. While some of the basics of job hunting still apply, many things have changed and you need to be flexible and adapt to the changes. The biggest challenge may be the initial change in your attitude and approach. A positive attitude and a planned approach during difficult situations will help in the coping process. A job generally occupies a majority of your time. Now you must develop a new schedule that fills that time slot. In most cases, your job search will be your new job. Allocate full time to this endeavor by seeking career counseling, resume' preparation, net working, completing applications and scheduling interviews. Take time to eat a healthy lunch, exercise and learn some stress management skills. There are numerous helpful books on this topic.

COPING WITH JOB LOSS - Learn how to recover from job loss

Life After Loss 3rd Ed
Life After Loss 3rd Ed

After the loss of a job, it is essential that you take time to grieve the loss and take steps tp heal. This book is an excellent guide.

LIVING THROUGH JOB LOSS: Coping with the Emotional Effects of Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Future
LIVING THROUGH JOB LOSS: Coping with the Emotional Effects of Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Future

Learn how to get through job loss and restore your self-esteem. This will prepare you for a new and brighter future.

Fired to Hired: Bouncing Back from Job Loss to Get to Work Right Now
Fired to Hired: Bouncing Back from Job Loss to Get to Work Right Now

This is an excellent book for anyone that has suffered job loss, Look forward to a great future.

The Healing Journey Through Job Loss: Your Journal for Reflection and Revitalization (The Healing Journey Series)
The Healing Journey Through Job Loss: Your Journal for Reflection and Revitalization (The Healing Journey Series)

Journaling can be extremely helpful, especially when dealing with the loss of a job. Get the guidance you need.

The Job Loss Recovery Guide: A Proven Program for Getting Back to Work -- Fast!
The Job Loss Recovery Guide: A Proven Program for Getting Back to Work -- Fast!

This book and CD will reallt help in your recovery from job loss. A great tool.




With the holiday season approaching, the task of coping may be especially stressful and difficult. Focus on your plan of action for your future, not on the loss. While it may not make sense, this is a great time to direct your attention on someone less fortunate. Volunteer to help out at a homeless shelter, visit the elderly in a nursing home, or help a neighbor with a chore. Do something that takes the focus off your problem. Make something to give someone during the holidays or offer to provide a simple service for someone. Also, be sure you limit your use of alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine and do everything you can to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Of course, if you have the opportunity to take a temporary job or attend a job interview, this may lead to your next position. Otherwise, look for ways you can help someone else. When you return to your job search, you will be amazed at the new sense of peace. Creative ideas will begin to flow as you take a fresh look at your own situation.


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Once you have sent out your resumes, made followup calls and, hopefully, scheduled some interviews, you made find yourself with nothing constructive to do. This is a great time to do some volunteer work.

This will serve more than one purpose. You will be helping others, getting your focus off of your own situation and it gives you something to add to your resume. Some companies are impressed by those that volunteer.

Selfishly volunteer work (depending on what you're doing) can lead to real job opportunities. So, give it some serious thought.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is a simple but good lens, good details.

    • adamfrypierce profile image


      5 years ago

      The best part about this is the opportunity to regrow and restart. Sometimes these end up being blessings in disguise. Great lens, nonetheless!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      its awful when this happens, good details

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Unemployment is just like the curse for the individual who is suffering from this.It is due to the lesser job opportunities and increment in the population etc. I have also suffered a lot due to unemployment.


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