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Corbyn And Labour.

Updated on January 17, 2016
Jeremy Corbyn:  The Man, His Policies And Supporters.
Jeremy Corbyn: The Man, His Policies And Supporters. | Source
Andy Burnham:  One Time Opponent Of Jeremy Corbyn In The Labour Leadership Battle Now Serving In His Shadow Cabinet.
Andy Burnham: One Time Opponent Of Jeremy Corbyn In The Labour Leadership Battle Now Serving In His Shadow Cabinet. | Source

Corbyn Is Leader Like It Or Not.

Jeremy Corbyn had a thumping victory in his election as Labour leader with 59.9 percent of the grass roots vote outside of Parliament. Many young people have joined the Labour party in their throngs and the Labour party membership went up when he became leader when from last May the membership went up from 301,000 to 338,000.

It was mainly and remains in the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) that Corbyn's detractors come from. They to be seem adding to the poisonous aura surrounding Corbyn and his supporters ever since to their nightmare he became the man at the helm.

Ever since the re - shuffle of his cabinet in the wake of the vote for Britain to bomb Islamic State in Syria when many of his MPs both in his cabinet and outside turned against his stance of not bombing IS in Syria his opponents have called it Corbyn's revenge re - shuffle as many MPs in the cabinet were either assigned other jobs within the Shadow Cabinet or were sacked or many resigned from their positions in protest at Corbyn. Some MPs have just about clung on to their jobs in the Shadow Cabinet like Hilary Benn who made an impassioned speech for bombing IS during the vote which went dead against his leader Jeremy Corbyn. It seems Corbyn has quietly told Benn to pipe down in future votes or else he too could find himself sacked and on the back benches out of the Shadow Cabinet.

Emily Thornberry has been appointed to oversee Labour's defence review and is very much an ally of Corbyn in the fact she like him wants to see the back of the Trident missile system the UK's nuclear deterrent.

One of Corbyn's most vociferous attackers in the Labour party is Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk and it seems he has made a tidy packet (a lot of money) from writing articles in the right wing press attacking Corbyn and all he stands for.

Many of Corbyn's opponents come from the Blairite right of the party and feel they are in a battle with Corbyn, his policies and supporters for the very soul of the Labour party.

They attack a group called Momentum which helped Corbyn scale the heights to become Labour leader as a load of loony left wing nutters.

Whatever you think of Corbyn whether you think he is the saviour of the Labour party and the working class and if elected will be more on ordinary peoples side than this current lot or think he has about as much chance of being elected Prime Minister as did his left wing predecessors in the 80s Foot and Kinnock does not really matter as I think the man is going to be around for a while yet.

Nukes:  Something Corbyn Does Not Think Are Necessary.
Nukes: Something Corbyn Does Not Think Are Necessary. | Source

What Is Momentum.

Momentum has been compared to the militant tendency of the 80s who were far left activists during the Foot and Kinnock leadership tenures of the Labour party.

Momentum is a group within the Labour party that grew out of the support Jeremy Corbyn campaign during the Labour leadership contest of last year that saw Corbyn whose inclusion on the ballot paper of contenders for the Labour leadership was only added to add a bit of difference to the other more or less same candidates who were also aspiring to be Labour Leader.

Now Corbyn is leader Momentum are the group influenced and inspired by the man Corbyn and what he stands for. They act with in the Labour party to promote what Corbyn stands for and want so they say a more fairer democratic society.

They organise in ways such as promoting what they stand for via rallies, meetings, marches, speeches and advertising.

They are in the process of getting together people who will govern them in a manner in accordance with left wing and Corbyn principles.

What the future of Momentum will be probably depends on what happens to Corbyn as Labour leader.


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