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Corbyn: Could Be Prime Minister - Robert Peston.

Updated on November 28, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn.

Robert Peston, ITV's political pundit, who hosts a show by the same name on ITV1, has said, Jeremy Corbyn, could become Prime Minister. Certainly, if you look at the latest 'YouGov' polls and others, it seems Boris, will romp home into No 10.

Robert Peston said, on 'Talk Radio', that because of the dire record of the Tories in office (also, their time in coalition with the LIb-Dems), Labour could shock everyone and win.

Peston, recalled, how polls seemed to get it badly wrong, not suspecting Labour and Corbyn would damage May's government in the 2017 general election. Labour didn't win, but destroyed May's majority, reducing her to hanging on in power by a thread. She had to bribe the DUP, to support her government, by a billion Pounds.

Again, polls are showing Corbyn will be wiped out by a strong Boris victory. However, in defiance of many polls, a ComRes poll, shows Labour gaining on the Tories. Many Labour supporters have taken heart from this one exceptional and possibly true, poll.

Certainly, for public reaction, Corbyn came out on top of the recent head to head with Boris. Corbyn came out according to public reaction, as the more genuine of the two men, who would be Prime Minister.

The Tories have attacked Labour over Brexit and not having a clear policy. However, on another night of politicians facing the public, hosted by Fiona Bruce, Corbyn said he would be neutral. Neutral, if in power, in which, they would put a new referendum to the people, over Brexit, with the questions tweaked for more clarity.

Labour has attacked the Tories over the NHS, which they see as their strong point. The National Health Service was founded by Labour, in 1945, when the government of Clement Atlee, defeated Winston Churchill's Tories. Labour like the Tories, have mixed privatisation with the NHS, however, Corbyn has said he will be true to the NHS being state-controlled only, free at the point of entry, just as it was, when it was set up.

Corbyn has banged on about Trump and a possible threat to the NHS, despite Boris saying this was nonsense. Now Corbyn has produced a redacted document saying there are government plans afoot, should the Tories come back to power, to make it at the mercy of deals done by them and Trump.

Looking at things right now then, it seems Boris the blond, will be back in Downing Street. Boris and his mantra, "Let's get Brexit done", will win support by Brexiteers, of whatever political hue.

Brexit will be a major player in this election, however, there are those who realise beyond Brexit, there are other issues.

The UK is suffering under almost 10 years of Tory austerity, and those who bore the brunt of these policies could tip the balance in this election, possibly in favour, in Corbyn.

Comres Poll.

No doubt, as many pundits have said, this general election may be a defining moment in British history. Not only because of Brexit but because of the very different visions, both major parties have for the future of the UK.

Once upon a time, there was no clear blue water between Labour and the Conservatives, now there is.

This election has become a dirty, vicious campaign by all the parties, and respect for one another, even if you disagree with your opponent's policies, has gone out of the window.

This disrespect and nastiness appear to have started from the day the Brexiteers won the referendum, back n 2016. Since then, pro and anti Brexiteers have joined this deadly game of threat and counter-threat.

However, this general election pans out, here are the findings of the ComRes poll and the parties standings with the electorate:

Conservative 41.

Labour 34,

Lib-Dem 13

Brexit Party 5


Greens 2.


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