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Corbyn and May: Rejected in Local Elections.

Updated on May 3, 2019

Jezza and The Maybot.

Labour and the Conservatives paid the price, in local elections, last night. Results in some areas are still to be declared, but it would appear, voters turned away from the two main parties, with independents and smaller parties doing well, across England.

Other countries in the United Kingdom, such as Scotland, did not take part, in the local elections.

Jeremy Corbyn admitted, Brexit, had played a large part, in his party's failure to do better. However, he responded that the result, was something, to build on. Labour , lost control of 80 seats and lost ground in Hartlepool, Wirral and Bolsover. It wasn't all bad news for Labour, however, as they gained Amber Valley and Trafford. Sky News's political thoughts were that Jeremy Corbyn, had not gained enough results if come to a general election, he hoped to be the next resident, of 10 Downing Street.

Theresa May must have been relieved that to quote Sky News, the results, were not the disaster, they might have been. That said, the Conservatives night was not exactly 'Glory, glory Allelujah', either.

Some have said, come to the Euro elections, Labour and Conservatives will face a pounding and mass rejection from voters. Any general election is sure to deliver the same results too, for both main parties, unless somehow, a miracle saves them.

Voters, whether they are leavers or remainers, are obviously fed up, to the back teeth, that neither Labour or the Conservatives, seem able to make headway with Brexit. Whether its the thrice-defeated May plan, a no deal Brexit or a deal made with the EU Brexit. Our parliament seems paralysed, by its inability to agree on anything, whether that be Brexit, or anything else.

The Lib-Dems, did very well at last nights vote, compared to the last local elections, in 2015. Vince Cable, their leader, was beaming, after last nights good result, saying 3-way politics was back.

UKIP also managed to hold onto the seats they had in councils, across the country. The Greens and Independent potential, councillors, did well too.

Many ballot papers were spoilt, with the words,'Traitor' written across them, especially in the boxes, marked for voting Labour or Conservative. This was obviously a mark of anger from leave voters. Some even scribbled out Labour and Conservative, writing Brexit Party, instead.

It seems that Nigel Farage, with his Brexit party, did not stand in the local elections, however, Mr Farage has said, he and his party will be standing in the EU elections. Finally, if anyone thinks Farage and his party, are a one issue party, they should think again! Farage has announced, the Brexit party will stand in a general election too.

So, with most of the results in, it shows there is a rejection, of the main two parties and a turning to other parties. Whether this will continue into the EU elections and a possible general election remains to be seen, but it may do.

Two New Parties.

Brexit has split Britain down the middle, as nothing has for centuries. It has divided families, communities as well as politicians.

The hostility between leavers and remainers, is dangerous, to say the least, and just plain nasty. Leavers hurl insults at remainers calling them remoaners, whilst, remainers, call leave voters, losers.

The situation has been likened to the English civil war, of the 1600s, when Parliament faced off against Royals. This led to the English Civil War, Roundheads (parliamentary supporters) and Cavaliers (supporters of the king) fought many battles. The war though was eventually won by the Roundheads, led by Oliver Cromwell. King Charles I, was beheaded, and England became a republic, briefly.

Tales of riots and civil war have also been spoken about, over Brexit. However, this may not (and I say this cautiously) may not happen, but then again, the world we live in today, is a very unpredictable place, to be.

For the remainers, you have Change UK, made up of ex-Labour and Conservative MPs. For the leavers, there is Nigel Farage's Brexit party, obviously, come to the EU elections, these two parties will battle it out, for the lions share, of leave and remain votes.

Has UK politics, entered a new phase or is this just a false dawn, away from the traditional politics, we have all become accustomed to?


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