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Corbyn and Sturgeon Join Forces.

Updated on November 23, 2018

Two Party Leaders On Common Ground.

SNP Leader and First Minister of Scotland:  Nicola Sturgeon.
SNP Leader and First Minister of Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon. | Source
Mural of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Mural of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

A Meeting of Minds.

It would seem that Theresa May's draft Brexit is already "dead in the water" in the words used by the Scottish Nationalist Party's representative at Westminster Ian Blackford. Michael Portillo an ex-Tory MP turned tv presenter has come out and said May's draft Brexit deal will not get enough votes in the Commons.

The 'Chequers' plan as it has come to be known appears to be a halfway house to appease both Brexiteers and Remainers in her party. However, neither side is happy with the proposed Brexit deal not in her party and certainly not in the country.

There are those in the House of Commons who do back Mrs May's plan and no doubt in the country at large but they must be few and far between. Both opponents and supporters of Mrs May admire her tenacity however if her draft Brexit deal is voted down in Parliament it will be for nothing. It would appear the draft Brexit deal will be put before the votes of MP's on December 10.

Labour leader and perhaps Prime Minister in waiting Jeremy Corbyn set out 6 tests for Mrs May's 'Chequers' plan. Corbyn has announced her deal does not meet with his six tests and so will vote against her plan. Had the 'Chequers' deal met with his 6 tests perhaps he and his party would have voted for it. There will be rebel Labour MP's who probably may vote for Mrs May's 'Chequers' deal along with others but it is expected they will be in the minority.

Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) met at Westminster in a delegation. The delegation also consisted of other like-minded party leaders like Vince Cable of the Lib Dems. Plaid Cymru (The Welsh Nationalist Party) and the Greens were also present at this event. Shadow Brexit Minister for Labour Keir Starmer was also present as was Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

The meeting went ahead on the premise that blocking Mrs May's 'Chequers' plan was their raison d'etre. Also blocking a 'no deal' Brexit was also something those present discussed.

At the end of the meeting, Nicola Sturgeon spoke to Sky News. It transpired that all present agreed with blocking a 'no deal' Brexit and voting down Mrs May's draft Brexit deal.

The question has been posed what will happen if (and it looks likely) May's deal is voted down. As if in answer to this question Ms Sturgeon discussed alternatives, for example, to stay in the single market and customs union. Also, another vote for the British public on where the UK should go with the EU. However, another vote annoys some remainers and leavers as they say the matter was decided in the 2016 referendum.

Labour is hoping Theresa May will hand in her notice should her deal fail. They also hope this government will fall and cause a general election. It seems anything can happen in this turbulent time in British politics so keep watching this space.

The Emperor With No Clothes.

Jacob Rees-Mogg.
Jacob Rees-Mogg. | Source

Although 20 letters have been dispatched to the 1922 Committee (the body in the Tory party at Westminister that decides if a leadership challenge is to be enacted) so far this seems to have stalled.

48 letters of no confidence in the Prime Minister are the total needed to call a leadership challenge. So far this has not happened and the reality is although a leadership challenge may still happen it is looking less and less likely.

Jacob Rees-Mogg the leader of the ERG of the Tory party (European Research Group) is starting to look like the Emperor with no clothes. In other words, Mr Rees-Mogg is looking slightly silly because as of yet the 1922 Committee as explained above has not received the required amount of letters from MP's to trigger a leadership challenge to Theresa May.

If this remains the case the ERG and Mr Rees-Mogg will look like paper tigers. It seems even if more Tory MP's wanted to write letters of no confidence in Theresa May they are not doing so. Why is the question and so far no answer seems forthcoming?

Mr Rees-Mogg has been touted along with others who would be one of the challengers to Theresa May if a leadership challenge happened. Of course, in such a leadership challenge featuring Rees-Mogg and May no one could be certain of the outcome. If Rees-Mogg lost that would almost certainly be the end of his dreams of becoming Prime Minister. That message too would also go out to other Prime Ministerial wannabes like Boris Johnson and David Davis. Leaving Theresa May looking more in power and enhanced as the political leader of the UK.

In fact, because the ERG have so far failed to gain the number of letters required to challenge May it is they right now who look weak. Despite May being beset with problems left, right and centre over Brexit for the moment she remains in charge.

The only way perhaps that May would go is if she lost the vote over her Brexit plans in the Commons (as she probably will). Even that is not guaranteed (her going) because if her government did fall and a general election was called she is so stubborn she would lead the Tories into that general election perhaps.

If May lost said general election the Tories would go back into opposition. Obviously, a new leader would be needed and perhaps then Jacob-Rees Mogg, Boris Johnson et al could throw their hats into the ring.


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