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Corbyn condemns high salaries

Updated on January 10, 2017
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn | Source
Manchester Utd and England footballer Wayne Rooney
Manchester Utd and England footballer Wayne Rooney | Source
One of Corbyn's pro NHS campaign posters
One of Corbyn's pro NHS campaign posters | Source

The gulf between the rich and the poor is astonishingly glaring in the UK of today where the super rich trumpet their wealth and lifestyle where others are just getting by on low wages and capped benefits. Can this really be a correct situation when the UK is the fifth wealthiest nation on the planet and yet there is such a immense gap between the population of the United Kingdom when it comes to wealth.

We send money in our overseas aid to countries that do have some of the worst grinding poverty on Earth. Yet India is a rich a country with a massive film industry, nuclear weapons and a growing economy. Africa is another example where nothing in most areas of the continent ever gets any better yet we keep throwing money at it while fat cat African government ministers line their own pockets while their people starve.

Jeremy Corbyn who earns £138,000 for being an MP has said in an interview with Sky News he would cap high earners such as fat cat executives and footballers who in many cases earn more money than what an MP does. Corbyn a football fan himself supporting Arsenal said the money footballers earn is "Grotesque" and said the money executives earn is wrong also.

Again speaking about Premiership footballers like Wayne Rooney and business owners like Richard Branson he said "Why does anyone need £50 million to live on"?

Some in the finance world have said Corbyn's cap on high earning salaries was complete "bananas" and would hurt many businesses. However Jeremy Corbyn has a point why can't the wealth be more evenly distributed and why do the rich need so much money while the poor go on suffering in grinding poverty.

Of course the answer to these questions is complex and thought provoking and not as simple as it seem. However there has to be a better way the UK manages its finances for the betterment of those on the lower rung of the finance ladder.

Mean while Corbyn will be doing speeches and interviews on immigration something Labour need to clarify as the UK goes through the motions of Brexit.

UK Foreign Aid

1) UK gives more in foreign aid than any other developed country apart from US

2) UK in top 5 of developed nations that give foreign aid

3) UK ahead of Germany, Japan and France when it comes to giving foreign aid

4) Arguments against foreign aid say money would better spent at home like flood barriers for those hit by floodings in the UK

5) UN has a target that countries must give 0,7 % of their national income for foreign aid

6) Countries that the UK gives foreign Aid to:

7) Pakistan £351.4 million

8) Ethiopia £334,1 million

9) Nigeria £253.5 million

10) Sierra Leone £213,8 million

11) South Sudan £205.2 million

12) Syria £201.6 million

13) Tanzania £199.7 million

14) Afghanistan £199.6 million

15) Bangladesh £157.5 million

16) India £150.4 million


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