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Corbyn faces resignations and rebellion

Updated on January 27, 2017
Theresa May
Theresa May | Source
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn | Source

Jeremy Corbyn who rebelled so many times in his 30 year career as a back bench MP is facing resignations and rebellions over invoking Article 50. Corbyn has ordered his party in the House of Commons to back the Tories in invoking Article 50 next week but there could be a rebellion of over 60 Labour MP's who feel they should be representing their constituents who voted to remain.

Tulip Siddiq a prominent MP in Corbyn's front bench resigned over this issue and another MP Jeff Smith told the Manchester Evening News that he would be one of the 60 MP's rebelling against Corbyn.

Mean while Theresa May meets Trump today and some say she is in a weakened position over Brexit and invoking Article 50. The reason being she is desperate to get a trade deal with the US so it can come into affect when the UK finally leaves the EU but will Trump make her his poodle because of this. A recent article said there is really no such thing as the special relationship between the US and UK and it means more to the UK than it does to the US.

Whether you look back at Churchill - Roosevelt/Truman, Thatcher - Reagan, Blair and Bush or Cameron and Obama all these leaders have got on in one form or another but none of the British leaders were quite facing anything like Brexit so how the May - Trump relationship will go remains to be seen.

The fact of Brits in the EU and EU migrants in the UK

With Article 50 being voted on next week the question arises what about the EU migrants living here and the Brits living in the EU territories. Theresa May in a keynote speech not long ago refused to say whether EU migrants would be allowed to remain after Brexit and then many Brits living in the EU where for example many Brits live in Spain must feel uncertain too.

It is possible some Brits living in the EU may able to get some kind of dual citizenship in a scheme called associate membership where they would still be Brits and be citizens of the EU country their in. Of course some of the Brits may already hold dual nationality such as the retired or those that have gone to live in EU countries permanently.

Many of the opposition parties like Labour, Lib - Dems and the SNP feel that EU nationals living here should not be used as pawns in any deal with the EU. They feel that these people who are living here and have put down roots and are paying taxes deserve to stay here.

Article 50, Brexit, the EU migrants living here and the British living in the EU is quite a tangled web and hopefully it will all be sorted where everyone is in a win win situation.


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