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Corbyn hits back at Obama

Updated on December 28, 2016
The Obama's in festive mood
The Obama's in festive mood | Source
Jeremy Corbyn always at odds with someone
Jeremy Corbyn always at odds with someone | Source

The Labour party in the UK and the Democratic party in the USA are supposed to be sister parties each standing for or at least they did the working man and woman of both countries. But at least for the British Labour party whenever they have had a far left leaning leader like the Labour party currently has with Jeremy Corbyn that party has lost general elections. The Democratic party on the other hand has always had centrist or right leaning leaders like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama who have ensured the party gets electoral success at the ballot box.

Bernie Sanders was probably as far left as the Democrats have got and according to Barack Obama Sanders is not as left wing as Jeremy Corbyn who many said was the US version of Jeremy Corbyn.

In a recent interview Barack Obama appeared to attack Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party. Obama said that in the wake of its defeat to Trump the Democratic party going far to the left was not the answer as the Labour party had done since losing the 2015 general election. Obama seemed to say that the British Labour party upon choosing and then re - choosing Jeremy Corbyn to be its leader was making the party un - electable just as it had been in the 80's and early 90's with leaders like Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock.

Obama and Corbyn are not strangers to each other, when Obama was in the UK presumably to back his "Bro" (as Obama called Cameron) over the UK staying in the EU in the recent referendum which the stay in campaign lost Obama and Corbyn met for 90 minutes. Obama and Corbyn would have done their homework on each other before the pair met and Corbyn said the meeting had been excellent.

A spokesman for Corbyn said Obama's chastisement of the Labour leader was plain wrong and that Labour's policies under Corbyn made sense to ordinary people in the UK and scared the establishment. Film director Ken Loach who recently made a film about what it is like to be living on welfare in the UK defended Jeremy Corbyn and attacked those on the right of the Labour party who had it in for Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn may not be everyone's cup of tea never the less Corbyn has made the Labour party the biggest political party in Europe. There has been a surge in the membership mainly from young people and the group Momentum is a hot bed of far left support for Corbyn.

With the election of populist Donald Trump in America as President some people see similarities between Trump and Corbyn. Although from diametrically opposed political camps Trump and Corbyn are roughly the same generation and have always been outsiders and never afraid to espouse what they believed. Corbyn himself said Trump won because Americans were sick of establishment politics and wanted something new but followed that up by saying shame it was a right wing populist. One of Corbyn's ministers Emily Thornberry has said if it can happen in the USA with a right wing populist like Trump who everyone said did not stand a chance of winning the Presidency why not with a left wing one like Corbyn?

Corbyn has even invited Trump to tour his constituency (though he said that before Trump was elected President but the offer as far as I am aware still stands) and to visit the various communities that make up his constituency and have a cup of tea and discuss issues. Could Corbyn pull off a victory in the 2020 general election well judging by past ultra - left leaders of the Labour party as mentioned in this piece probably not. However Corbyn has one thing going for him time up until the 2020 general election and with Brexit and the election of Trump politics has been turned on its head so it seems the unexpected can happen.

Short Bio of Jeremy Corbyn

1) Born in Chippenham, Wiltshire in May 1949

2) Attended Adams Grammar School

3) Attended North London Polytechnic

4) Worked as Rep for various Trade Unions

5) Has been anti - nuclear campaigner for years

6) Has a close friendship with Shadow Cabinet Colleague Diane Abbott

7) Has been married three times and his current wife is Laura Alvarez

8) Was elected as an MP for Islington North in 1983

9) Known for his back bench rebelliousness and disagreed with the Iraq War and currently the Syrian Campaign.

10) Is the arch nemesis of Tony Blair and recently said sorry on behalf of the Labour party for its involvement in the Iraq War

11) When asked what he thought about his standing for the Labour party leadership he said "Well everyone else has had a go" and followed that up by saying at his age he may not be around long enough to do anything else

12) At odds with the right wing of the Labour party from the get go of his leadership and was re - elected Labour leader beating contender Owen Smith who apparently his wife voted for

13) Describes himself as a Democratic Socialist and with his leadership apparently secure now although the Labour right will continue to groan he will lead his party into the 2020 General Election and hopes to pull off a repeat of the populist politician like Donald Trump and become Prime Minister

14) Is a keen vegetarian, lives in an ordinary house, can have a driver if he so desires but prefers to cycle to Parliament. Is also a keen environmentalist and animal rights supporter.

15) He has spoken out against Israel and its treatment of Palestinians where some have labelled him an Anti - Semite also accusing the Labour party on his watch of becoming a hotbed of Anti - Jewishness

16) Has three sons Benjamin Corbyn, Thomas Corbyn and Seb Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers Corbyn

Weather presenter brother of Jeremy Corbyn Piers Corbyn
Weather presenter brother of Jeremy Corbyn Piers Corbyn | Source


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