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Corbyn lashes government's austerity

Updated on February 19, 2017
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn | Source
UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall
UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall | Source

Jeremy Corbyn is going to have an uphill struggle as his party faces by - elections in Stoke in Staffordshire and in Copeland Cumbria. The by - elections have come about because two Labour MP's namely Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed have resigned.

In Stoke where many voters including working class Labour voters voted out of the EU Labour face a massive challenge from UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall who has put himself up for election as its MP. Many Labour voters feel Jeremy Corbyn who is soft on immigration feel Labour has betrayed them and have fled to UKIP an anti EU party and anti - immigration party hence Labour's troubles which once would have been a shoe in for Labour.

In Copeland the problem is of a different nature where the Sellafield nuclear plant provides power and jobs for the local community. Corbyn has made no bones about the fact he is anti - nuclear whether that be for weapons or industry and so many voters are not sure to vote for Labour because of this.

Never the less this has not prevented Jeremy Corbyn making a speech on Saturday in Warwick at the Labour Party's conference on local government. Corbyn attacked May's austerity programme especially on the NHS (National Health Service) that according to a report he mentioned 'The Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine' have been linked in 2015 to 30,000 excess deaths. Corbyn urged voters in both by - elections taking place on 23 February to think what the Conservative government is doing to the country and its people before they went to vote in these upcoming elections.

Corbyn and Labour will certainly be facing a test of fire and whatever the results of these elections they may determine the future of the Labour party under Corbyn's watch.

Corbyn and Christians on The Left

Christians on The Left logo
Christians on The Left logo | Source

Jeremy Corbyn is no stranger to talking in churches and other religious establishments and though some describe him as far left or hard left in interviews he feels socialist ideals go hand in hand with the teachings of Jesus.

Indeed last Christmas his message was the mantra that Jesus Christ was a radical and his message chimed with the ideals of socialism for example for the poor and a more equal society.

One organisation with a Christian - Socialist agenda is a group called 'Christians on The Left' that Jeremy Corbyn has a lot to do with and has made speeches at many of their events.

1) Christians on the left formally known as Christian Socialist Movement

2) Famous members of the movement are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

3) Name changed by internal vote to reflect the variety of left wing Christians

4) Donald Soper chaired movement in 1975 before becoming its President

5) Was a voluntary organisation but now has paid members

6) Current Director Dr Andrew Flanagan

7) Has 40 members spread across the House of Commons and Lords

8) In early days was called Socialist Clergy and Socialist Christian League

9) Member of International League of Religious Socialists

10) Believes in direct action for the poor by speeches, gatherings, meetings etc as well as prayer


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