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Boss not after 50 years

Updated on February 10, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My First Boss.[ Sits in Office ]

He never takes rounds of the plant,what goes on is his Deputy's Business.
He never takes rounds of the plant,what goes on is his Deputy's Business. | Source

My First Boss.

Those were the days when someone said I am the Boss.In today's system in the industry or organization the designation is more important than perks and Pay as no one asks for one's perks or pay.Working at the shop floor level and as a apprentice to me my designation was my dream.I was not concerned about other apprentices as they thought it was compulsory for them to continue their full term as apprentice and so they went on with their days not bothered about anything and taking things for granted.The industry that had taken me was thriving and the saying was that this Industry was making money out of mud.The owner of my leading Industry of its type had his manufacturing units in 18 locations.He stayed at one location and was visiting other units.All his units had a Manager who was in charge of the unit.He had a Japanese expert as consultant and would train graduates recruited to take charge of any departments of his plant and getting up to the position of Manager and they were those who were mainly from his community or persons recommended by his friends who were his trusted friends .I was studying his organization and was wondering how I could enter such community structured industry being on the top far from his community.Under the British rule our community was considered as persons of efficiency and integrity and all most all jobs we got priority over others.This Priority vanished slowly after our Independence. How am I to convey this to my MD who was so high like the Himalaya before me.This was my thinking when one day as I was visiting my parents on a festival holiday my my uncle visited us.He used to call me Kariya as I was the only one in my family who was not fair but brown.Brown is Black for one's body.He asked what are you doing.I told him that I was in a unit so famous in South East Asia.He asked me if I know Mr.X who was a Rotarian as my uncle,I was amazed he told me that he knew Mr.X.I said he was my MD's son and also in charge my unit.He wanted to know if I needed any help,I told him that a letter from him would get me elevated to the post of Supervisor.He gave me the letter and soon I was in my New Place the Manchester of South India,Coimbatore.All my other friends and senior colleges were astonished to know of my promotion However my Honeymoon ended and I was helped by my another uncle to get a Job in BOMBAY. Now I had a 4th Boss after I dumped my 2nd Boss and 3rd Boss at Coimbatore.

My 4th Boss.

If My Production Target was More the !% I had to meet  Mr.H.P.S.
If My Production Target was More the !% I had to meet Mr.H.P.S. | Source

High Power Shout.

Our Production was calculated on each machine called as Hank Meters.The set production depended on various settings and if it was for 100 machines and if each machine had to give a counter reading of 6 than the machine has worked at 100% efficiency.This is for 7 1/2 hours working.If the machine had to be stopped for taking out the filled packages it should be started with in the quickest possible time and that would be just for 4 1/2 minutes only as per set standards.Which means if the machine stops as per standards it would have worked at 99% efficiency.This is calculated by simple arithmetic 7 1/2 hours = 450 minutes = 100% machine efficiency and a stoppage of 4 1/2 minutes = 4.5 minutes = 1% loss.This is recorded manually at the beginning of the shift and end of the shift indicated by a Red light visible anywhere in the department.

Machine Counter Shows a Number.

Actual Machine Run for Production is shown in Numbers by the Machine as per Speed of the Machine.
Actual Machine Run for Production is shown in Numbers by the Machine as per Speed of the Machine. | Source

Go After Meter Reader.

As soon as the RED LIGHT flashes the incoming shift asst would go after the Meter Reading Clerk to see if he records the numbers correctly.I would have done that few minutes early and ready to see his efficiency calculations are as I expected.There will not be any unwanted actions as I would be in his place at the end of the month.I was a shift asst and we were 3 in number looking after 315 Machines and a Senior would be in-charge holding charge all the machines performance.The 1st Shift would be from 7.00 AM to 3.00 PM,2nd Shift from 3.00 to 11.00 PM and 3rd shift from 11.00 PM to 7.00 AM.All 3 shifts had 3 Shift In-charges and One Head of The Dept Over him would be OUR BOSS Me.H.P.S.1st shift would be DAY SHIFT when the plant works with every one from Top working up to 5.00PM sharp.All Top officials would go in their Big Cars at 5.00 PM sharp.

If I am in Day Shift - I would also go in the Van provided to us.

If I am in Second Shift I would be on 4th Floor looking at my Boss go and relax.

If I am in 3rd Shift I will pray to God to keep my Production as per Target.

Thus I spent 2 1/2 Years and was transferred to my Home State as the Management took over a closed unit.From than on it was just jump to any company that would give me a pay twice than what I was getting.

These Bosses Were Never Satisfied.

ExpanD | Source

I had to fall to Climb.

I left Bombay with a sad feeling ofter just 18 months of happy days that too with my friend who helped me in staying at a place like Bombay.He kept paying for my food till I had my first pay as all my money had gone in travel and finding a Job.My uncle was only for name sake.He had promised me a Job in his company was my feeling though he never said it.and when I went to his home all he said was stay here till with you get a Job.When I asked him where is my job he said go to one company per day and meet the General Manager and tell him my name that I sent you and he should give you a job if he has a vacancy.I went to one company after another for over 15 days and no one said there was no vacancy but one man refused to see me though I just wanted to see him as he was India's Cricket Captain and I was a cricket bug.I told his personal asst that I want to see him only but I need not be given a job he still refused to see me.I didn't like Cricket anymore from that day till now.He was not human.

From than on I had several Bosses and every one was just demanding performance and even if it was excellent I was hardly given any extra perk or pay.

They just wanted me to E x p a n D my performance.I got fed up with my bosses moral and corruption.I had to quit to be my own Boss.


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Oh well. What can be said about systems such as this where who you know is the only way to advance. It is irrelevant what you do, how well you do it or what you know, it is all about who you know.