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Corruption, Chaos, Conspiracy Theories, And Culpability

Updated on January 3, 2021
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Political Independent, Author, Scholar, Veteran. 20+ years in politics and current educator.

To quote former VP and Usurper-And-Chief Dick Cheney — “We don’t know what we don’t know.” And this is the crux of any intellectually honest answer that you will be given upon the voting machine scandal where the facts continue to trickle down like a Whitewater investigation. But instead of hundreds of hours of taped conversations, its a daisy chain of sworn testimony, questionable campaign contributions, and ties reaching up to the White House. As somewhat of an aside, and impetus in me doing research upon this given controversial topic, in working upon an article about Mitch McConnell and why he has been consistently re-elected into office since his initial foray into the political sphere dating back to the 80’s, I kept inadvertently stumbling upon the same names over and over again — ES&S (Electronic Systems and Software), Dominion — and McConnell’s name perpetually affixed to one another.

Without offering wild speculation, nor dive down some inane conspiracy theory laden rabbit hole (which I loathe), from my initial research — being cursory at best in the immediacy of this present moment — raised a litany of factual inconsistencies regarding the three. Where this is true, I will only suggest as a starting point for research by others based off of some of the key points that I wandered into. I offer nothing as fact other than the sworn testimony of a Trump lawyer within a Georgia courtroom that remains on record. Understand that I haven’t found a definitive silver bullet, yet given the fact that I limited my search, due to expediency, to search results and more reputable sources in order to piecemeal together what I had found, further depth and other such documentation to be had should (in theory) lend far more insight into this historical and monumental malfeasance.

  1. Through some, but not all articles researched — one source leading to five where five led to ten and so on, it was purported that in an attempt at a monopoly of U.S. based voting machines, a South American based company (Dominion) bought out the proprietary rights of their, then, rival ES&S whose machines showed grave discrepancies in voter counts stemming from McConnell’s 2020 re-election and elsewhere such as Maine and South Carolina which also became a running theme that I stumbled over. The latter of which was a highly contested race for Lindsey Graham. So not only did Mitch’s approval rating go from being 38% the night before the election, but over 50% the day of where, coincidentally, there were more votes than actual people within a variety of the 120 counties within the state thus, giving him the win by roughly a whopping 19 percentage points. This, amid great adversity and wide speculation about McConnell’s ties to China banks through his second and current wife Elaine ChaoTransportation Secretary under Trump — his ties to Russian oligarchs, such repeated bills offering financial assistance that were repeatedly shot down attempting to revitalize America’s shipyards and shipping due to Elaine’s immediate ties to her sister, the president that runs the primary Chinese shipping magnate and sits on the board of at least one Chinese bank, and Mitch’s rampant obstructionism. But there too, were issues raised surrounding his wife of ethic violations leading into the November election. So it was an uphill slog for Mitch where McGrath was able to raise close to, if not more than McConnell in a highly contested race which hasn’t been a factor since he ran against Bruce Lunsford in 2007 who largely financed his own campaign.
  2. Similar to such unethical ties to Chinese shipping and banks, which has netted McConnell and wife financial gifts from her father, former president of the shipping company, of between five, ten, and upward twenty-five million dollars on various occassions, McConnell’s name kept coming up in my research regarding at least four different campaign donations averaging a thousand dollars per from four different ES&S employees which coincided with McConnell’s great efforts to quell the voting irregularities dating back years and preventing bills to be voted upon to remove said machines with a faulty algorithm from states where they were dispensed.
  3. Texas was one of the first states to notice the problem and summarily rejected the machines multiple times before ultimately caving to the pressure. So regardless of if the machines were either ES&S based, or Dominion based, the faulty algorithm that flipped votes from one candidate to the next 2.5% percent of the time purportedly, potentially didn’t matter what machines states chose as the result would be the same, or was it… It was speculated that various machines within a given state or across the country, in order to avoid suspension, could have had alternating algorithms creating a myriad of different results.
  4. If that wasn’t enough twists and turns, the plot thickens suggesting that due to ineptitude (of course), a Trump lawyer went before a judge in Georgia in early December arguing that somehow they knew about the algorithm discrepancy but stated that they only wanted the machines within such key states that Trump lost examined and disqualified which begs the question, if A. you didn’t know about the the depth and breath of such a discrepancy as it potentially played out nationally or, worse yet, preprogrammed machines within both key battleground states and such states that would benefit such co-conspirators (in theory, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and who knows how many of the other senators and/or congressmen were in on it. And then B. if not privy to such information as it potentially garnered far more votes in Trump’s favor, why only request for such machines in battleground states to be examine? It is important to note that where the preceding links to an ever growing daisy chain is largely speculative, the statement by a Trump lawyer is on the record and is readily available to be examined, where potentially… intrinsically, Trump and staff knew something, and whereas they attempted to manipulate said information to their advantage where the algorithm wrongly flipped votes toward Biden instead of Trump, admits culpability on some varying degree. Further culpability is cemented within Guiliani’s own podcast as he attempted to ineptly describe the voting machines’ flaws without completely and overtly divulging when they knew, and how much they knew at a given moment.

Admittedly, as previously stated, all facts and potential links to a much larger chain were done through such cursory research as I was investigating a wholly different subject matter for an upcoming article. That said, this isn’t one of those ‘there isn’t a there, there’ scenario. There are far too many ties with many a twist and turn to handily dismiss the ‘coincidences’ leading to a larger story. It is my sole intent to get this information out among the ether for others to pick up where I have temporarily left off in order to find out what the truth is, and how far up the chain it goes. The truth, regardless of political bias, needs to be fleshed out through investigative efforts and forensically. The latter of which might never happen which makes it all the more pressing, and as further impetus in doing so, to find the truth no matter where it leads.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 CivicsAndCritics


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