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The Corruption of Anarchy 3

Updated on June 18, 2013

Anarchy in itself is a higher state of mind which involves the individual to become smarter and have the ability to rationalize. As mentioned on my first piece of Corruption of Anarchy, the understanding of what Anarchy is in itself requires an evolved mind which then transpires into actions. On this third attempt to clarify the demonization of a very distinct and even admirable movement, I will concentrate on the thought process and not actions. Actions don’t always reflect ones trail of thought…

Anarchism is for sure a state of mind which then is translated into a way of life. Before I go any further, it is obvious that in the world we live in, unless there is a collective miracle which would somehow transform the minds of 100% of a population, Anarchism is all together impossible. Ignorance, deception and stupidity rule the land….. has ruled, rules today and unfortunately it seems that it will continue to rule tomorrow. In an Anarchist community, no matter how large, all citizens think good, have common sense and are able to auto-analyze themselves before actions. I’m not trying to paint a society where everything is rainbows, ice cream and ribbons… truth is, good things happen and bad things happen, both have an effect on people, an emotion will arise based on events. When good things happen, positive emotions will result….unless, it generates negative emotions for someone in your surroundings. Let’s concentrate on the negative emotion and how an Anarchist mind would/should be able to handle it. This has directly to do with the “miracle” mentioned above, that would transform minds…. Negative thoughts include but are not limited to jealousy, anger, rage, hate, sadness, depression, stress etc etc.. I to this day have situations where I find myself suffering from one of these feelings for whatever reason, whether it’s triggered by someone around me, or a news article, or a television story, doesn’t matter…what I am able to do is to self-criticize and auto-analyze myself to the point where I convince myself that this is indeed a waste of time and energy. Granted that some circumstances are easier to circumvent than others, but it is possible. This essentially is how an Anarchist mind would work because some of these emotions can trigger violent actions or actions which would hurt others in one way or another. Since there is no government in place to “punish” against violent acts in an Anarchist society, each individual must be able to elevate mentally and not only demonstrate restrain, not like today, where most people restrain because there are severe repercussions to actions which can be labeled as criminal, but restrain because you are at ease with your mind and have control of your thoughts which essentially control your emotions. To bring your mind to this point takes some work because we do not live in a society where this happens regularly, au contraire, we live in a place where every action triggers an automatic reaction and it’s not always an equal one. This way of self-control is achievable by any human being, but requires practice and allot of conversations with yourself before, during and after any event. In theory, in an Anarchist society, one would not have to deal with many negative emotions or negative thoughts for that matter, because of this ability of being able to elevate the mind. Since we do not live in an Anarchist society, we are able to have plenty of practice with exercising, bending and twisting the mind to be able to achieve the elevated level of thought which can control emotion. This does not mean one should be able to become a “Vulcan”…with no emotion; it’s the ability to keep oneself from suffering due to negative emotions, to be able to rationalize and process organized thoughts when suffering from negative emotions. It is extremely easy to lose oneself in the “heat of the moment” of a negative emotion, feelings of despair, feeling lost, alone, desperate etc etc… all have been and continue to be reasons for desperate actions whether it be against oneself or others. Lawyers call it “Temporary Insanity”, and it does exist, and it exists due to the inability of the human mind to control itself through thought due to induced doses of negative emotions!

The Anarchy thought process is necessary to maintain the integrity of the whole movement. Without an elevated state of mind and thought control through earthquakes of emotion, an Anarchist society would not prevail. This is exactly the reason why there are no Anarchist societies on this planet. People are inadequately equipped to handle emotions. Including this opinionated writer….the good news though, is that even though there are no Anarchist societies to run to and learn how to live without government ant think on your own, anyone is able to benefit from the thought process of an Anarchist. The practice of auto-analysis and self-criticism….constructive self-criticism mind you…is available on a daily basis to all breathing rational beings.

Elevate the mind, talk to yourself, look at every situation from above and you will certainly get closer and closer to an Anarchists thought process which I guarantee, does not generate chaos!


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