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The Corruption of Anarchy 7

Updated on February 20, 2013

Symbolism of a movement….along with the degradation of an ideology, along with the misconception, came the symbol of Anarchy…the capital A with the circle around it.

As mentioned on the original CA – The Punk movement is much to blame for the negative association of the Anarchy symbol. The circled A was profusely utilized in their outer garments and worn as medals in the form of buttons, patches, part of their war cry in the form of graffiti and signs. Due to the mannerism of the symbol’s display and the characters who flashed the symbol, people automatically assume the symbol has a negative meaning. So, as we have experienced in the prior versions of Corruption of Anarchy, the demonization of the ideology has been somewhat explained, as one would expect, the symbol of this ideology would automatically be dragged down as well. I would like to point out a difference….it has been brought to my attention that the circled A is not as commonly directly linked or associated with the Anarchy movement!! There is a GREAT number of us that do NOT link the circled A with Anarchy! So why would these same people associate the circled A with a negative tone…..I would have to say that I already answered that question above….So…now, we have the demonization of the ideology and in parallel, we have the negative influence of the symbol, and both have been bashed and labeled apocalyptic together and separately. That is the power of an image! As an example, I would like to note another image which has been utilized all over the planet and I’m not so sure everyone understands the image….I am referencing of course the frontal shot of Che Guevara….I will not attempt in try to idolize or crucify the actions of Che, and will leave that to each its own……but I must question the decision of newer generations and older who barely know their own country’s history, flashing a symbol which I must assume they know nothing about. Che was a Revolutionary and I can understand the symbolism of “fight the power”….but the choice of imagery is not the best one if you know and understand the history of Che. In Che’s case, “we” are utilizing a symbol to promote Revolution and change for the better and most people see the Anarchy symbol as chaos, lawlessness and sometimes even violent.

I have chosen these two symbols carefully due to the curious perception people who do not know the true meaning of both symbols have towards them. Che’s photo represents hope and change, and the end of oppression and freedom and people want this for themselves…….now….please read up on Che Guevara…the symbol of Anarchy is perceived as evil, chaotic, aggressive, offensive and the circled A is frowned upon by most….if you have followed one or all of the series for Corruption of Anarchy, hopefully you would agree that the ideology in itself, which should be attached permanently to the image is but all the opposites of the unfortunate perceptions mentioned above. The irony of this comparison may be blatant or maybe a bit of studying may be required or may not make any sense at all depending on one’s opinion/perception of Che Guevara….again; it’s all relative and subjective. One thing is for sure, Che was NOT an Anarchist, his symbol was a red star……which I’m sure most of you know what stands for….there’s no misconception or misperception there!


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