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The Corruption of Anarchy Six

Updated on February 20, 2013

Anarchy and other isms….the act of Anarchy can also be considered a state of mind. The Anarchy state of mind in actuality is our only option due to the act of Anarchy being an imaginary friend at this point. Which takes me directly towards version 6 of Corruption of Anarchy…..

One is able to have an Anarchy state of mind and continue to thrive even though all other isms exist. Catholicism, Islamism, Judaism, Capitalism(a form of religion), Communism, Socialism, Democracy-uh-ism…well you get the point… I believe that throughout my microscopic collection of Corruption of Anarchy articles I was able to make a point that Anarchy is impossible to achieve without major overhaul of the collective human mind. Since this is quite improbable, and sadly enough the truth is, right now it’s impossible, you can still benefit from being able to reach the Anarchy state of mind. The whole point which made me begin writing about the corruption and misconception of a whole ideology was to try in make people, as a small group as it may be, to think about all the digested information we are fed day in day out, day in day out….and the beginning of it all was the blatant misuse of the word Anarchy….although I can go off on a tangent and begin to rattle about all other misconceptions, I will continue on the path the of state of mind of Anarchy. So, you can consider yourself an Anarchist and be extremely comfortable living in the world we do today with Kings, Monarchs, Dictators, Rulers, Democratic governments, Oppressive regimes and even extremely friendly governments because it’s in the mind! The ideology is in the mind! Only a few will understand this because the majority of the population of this planet wants to be ruled, wants to be “taken care of”….what they don’t want is to suffer, have hardships and not be able to feed their families. Why does the majority of the people want to be taken care of?.....and no, I’m not going down the path of laziness or don’t want to work or believe they are entitled for one reason or another… although this sounds very close to what is happening in the USA, I assure you this is mere coincidence…the answer is : Because they don’t know! Not because of ignorance or lack of schooling, or because of bad parents….can’t blame the media, can’t blame the system, can’t blame the internet, can’t blame the terrorists, and can’t blame religion!!! I understand all of the above have some sort of effect on the lives we live today, absolutely, but I cannot blame any of these things….maybe all of them together? Sure! But the Anarchist ideology has been around for hundreds and hundreds of moons…prior to computers, prior to radio, prior to electricity….we have been stuck on a collective global Don’t Know and it is the fault of the human mind. We are flawed, we are damaged goods, we are not born that way…we are born to learn and we do….but somewhere down the line the majority of “we”, stop learning or continue to learn at a snail’s pace. Not sure why this happens, but it does, and this is the majority of the planet. The lack of thirst for knowledge is an epidemic and the medicine is in the mind and not in more reading or studying. It is well documented that the percentage a human uses of their brain is very small, which means that 500 years ago it is “probable” that we utilized even less…as we evolved as a race and our technology so did our minds, but this process is a slow one. Ok, I may have lost some of you….the Anarchy state of mind is an attempt to speed up this process! The ideology is so very far out of reach for most people who cannot or don’t want to grasp this way of life due to (fill in the blank) !! Whatever reason you “filled in the blank” is a good reason…as long as you understand that THAT reason is a road block you yourself have put on your brain in order to NOT elevate your mind. I know this can be perceived as a bunch of mambo jumbo but what the hey….whatever it takes to try in improve this simple minded race of homo sapiens where we judge someone’s smarts based on their ethnicity, place of birth or choice of religion. Or, in even worst cases, we actually judge people’s smarts based on what school name is written on the paper hanging on the wall.

There’s a big difference between book smart and state of mind smart….there’s also a big difference between street smart and state of mind smart…in no way shape or form am I implying that state of mind smart is better or worse, it is plainly different. In a Anarchy state of mind, there is no conflict within, or at least that is the whole idea….to rid one-self from any inner conflict because there is a self-understanding that if there is no self-governing you will reach inner chaos. Wow! How ironic!


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